Top 5 Best YouTube Video Downloader Chrome Extensions 2020

Are you looking for the best youtube video downloader extensions for chrome browser? Here we've listed the top youtube video downloader chrome extensions to download youtube videos for free.

Top 5 Best YouTube Video Downloader Chrome Extensions 2020

You won’t be wrong for calling YouTube the most-visited video streaming platform on Earth.

It has become synonymous with video-based information and entertainment for billions of users.

You can expect to find an extensive collection of educational videos, movies, TV clips, gaming & music videos, and so much more content for everyone.

However, slow internet connectivity can cause problems for you while streaming videos on YouTube.

You’ll need a handy resource like the Google Chrome extension to download YouTube videos.

This way, you get to stream your favorite on-demand videos without the annoying buffering icon showing up on your screen.

So what’s the best Chrome extension to download YouTube videos? We’ve provided you with a handpicked selection of 4 them.

You’ll find more details below: 

8 Best Google Chrome Extension to Download YouTube Videos (2020)

1. Video Downloader Professional

Let’s start by introducing you to the Video Downloader Professional software. Upon installation, you too can use this brilliant Chrome extension to download YouTube videos without any lags. Once you’ve added the plugin to your browser, you will notice a green toolbar icon right beside the address bar.

This professional video downloader tool was developed to help the user to download & save their favorite YouTube videos for playback from any Windows or Mac computer hard disk. You even get to view the video file name, format, and size before initiating the download process.

2. FastestTube

So you want to install a working Google Chrome extension to download YouTube videos?! With FastestTube, you too can enjoy an enhanced online media streaming experience. You even get to use this awesome download YouTube videos Chrome extension software to select your preferred video quality and format before saving them directly onto your PC.

Once you add this web browser extension, you will be presented with an option to download whenever a video is opened on your browser. You may then proceed to effortlessly download any video you want from YouTube. 

3. YouTube Video Downloader

This download YouTube videos Chrome extension comes highly recommended if you’re looking to stream & save videos seamlessly from almost any website. With the YouTube Video Downloader software, you also get to download audio streams and dash videos.

Although the installation process of this particular extension can be a little complex, it performs quickly and easily once it has been added to your browser. Moreover, this Chrome extension to download YouTube videos is available on the official Chrome web store and it is supported on Opera, Firefox, and many other top web browsers. 

4. Flash Video Downloader

Supported formats for this download YouTube videos chrome extension include mp4, WebM, fly, mov, Facebook live streams, and so much more. Apart from using this Chrome extension to download YouTube videos, you may proceed to visit any website to stream and save your desired videos.

Once you’ve added this extension to your web browser, you’ll notice that the Chrome toolbar icon remains gray by default but as soon as a downloadable video is detected on the active page, it will turn blue automatically.

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About Downloading YouTube Videos via Your Chrome Browser

Since we’re done with our top 4 YouTube video downloader Chrome extension recommendations, we will now proceed to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use the Flash Video Downloader extension to download YouTube videos via Chrome:

  1. Visit the official Google Chrome online store and proceed to browse for the “Flash Video Downloader” extension from the list available.
  2. When found, click on the “Add to Chrome” option and then add the Flash Video Downloader extension to your Chrome browser by selecting the “Add extension” feature from the pop-up menu.
  3. That’s it! You may now proceed to download YouTube videos as well as those from other media streaming websites.

Here Are The List Of Best Chrome Extensions To Download Youtube Videos:

  1. Video Downloader Professional
  2. FastestTube
  3. Youtube Video Downloader
  4. Flash Video Downloader
  5. Addoncrop
  6. YouTube ByClick
  7. Video Downloader professional
  8. Download YouTube Chrome

The Takeaway

Here ends our discussion on the best Chrome extension to download YouTube videos.

You can stay tuned to this web page for more PC tips, tricks, and hacks you can use to increase your overall productivity.