Xbox One X Vs. Xbox One S - Which Should You Pick?

In this article we will compare Xbox One X Vs. Xbox One S. This will help you in understand which one is better for you to buy. Comparision of XBOX ONE X Vs. XBOX ONE S for Hardware, Performance & Price.

Xbox One X Vs. Xbox One S - Which Should You Pick?

Those days when big game companies would launch a brand new console and wait a few years before bringing out another one are long gone.

Nowadays the top producers in the gaming industry tend to introduce consoles intended for certain users with specific needs. 
In this post, we will be talking about the different Xbox consoles from Microsoft.

Because there are so many of them in today’s gaming marketplace how do you figure out which one is ideal for you?

For those of us thinking about making a transition to the latest models of Xbox gaming consoles, there have always been 2 bonafide entry points: the original Xbox One platform and its more robust kin, the Xbox One S console.

However, yet another powerful, native-4K alternative has been introduced - the Xbox One X.

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Keep scrolling for details on our comparison between performance, hardware specifications, and features. In the end, we will determine which console performs better.

XBOX One S vs. XBOX One X – The Hardware

Ultimately, the argument on which is better between the Xbox One S & the Xbox One X consoles is dependent on whether you own a 4K TV or not.

With a 4K TV or monitor, your Xbox One X console can serve up the best imagery possible in the video gaming industry; surpassed only by high-end gaming CPUs.

The XBOX One X Gaming System comes with 12GB of DDR5 storage as well as an extreme 6 Teraflop GPU.

Apart from running native 4K UHD games seamlessly, – a task that no other gaming console can currently perform – it also enables you to play your favorite games in HDR imagery and most of them can run at higher framerates.

In a nutshell, XBOX One X is one of the best hardware items the Microsoft Corporation has ever made.

Even though it is a costly console when compared to the Xbox One S, (at about 200 USD) you can expect some massive benefits.

With the Xbox One X console, you can enjoy playing more than 130 visually improved games with many more in the pipeline.
You can also harness the monstrous 6 TF (teraflops) GPU available on the console.

In contrast, the Xbox One S features about 1.2 TF, which frequently struggles to cope with games on 1080p resolution.

You’ll also be pleased to discover an AMD 8-core Jaguar Evolved CPU, 12 GB GDDR5 RAM, and a 2.3 GHz CPU clock rate.
Its storage capacity is 1 TB and there’s an integrated 384-bit memory bus.

The Xbox One S also comes with an AMD Jaguar 8-core CPU although it is less evolved. Just like the original Xbox One, it does pack an 8 GB DDR3 RAM and a CPU Clock rate of 1.75 GHz.

You’ll be happy to discover a 1.40 TF GPU which is an upgrade on the 1.31 TF available on the original Xbox One console.
It has a storage capacity that ranges between 500 GB to 2 TB and a 256-bit memory bus.

In theory, there are minimal differences between the innovative Xbox One console & the Xbox One S.

The latter features slightly improved graphics and more storage capacity options. Also, it costs a lot less than the original Xbox One release, which is partly due to the omission of the Kinect device.

The most eye-catching feature of the Xbox One X console is its design.

Pitch Black is trending again and all the heat generated within the console now exits through the back, instead of a top & back arrangement.

The Xbox One X console also looks like a totally different Microsoft platform on paper. It features an enhanced AMD Jaguar CPU model which also performs well at increased frequencies.

However, the biggest improvements can be found in the area of graphics.

The Xbox One X GPU has a processing power of 6 TFS, which gives it 4 times more graphics power than the Xbox One S.

Besides that, the difference in RAM capacity is quite significant. Also, it uses GDDR5 memory rather than the obsolete DDR3 technology.

Moreover, the capacity of the memory bus has been increased from 256 to 384-bit, which has boosted the memory’s bandwidth.

There’s also an integrated 4K Blu-Ray player which is probably the reason for the high price tag on the Xbox One X console.    

XBOX One S vs. XBOX One X – The Performance

Everybody knows that you can’t really trust hardware specifications because what might look good on paper may not eventually be an adequate representation of its performance.

We will now proceed to evaluate the performance levels of both Xbox consoles in terms of Full HD & Ultra HD resolutions.
The Xbox One X console was created explicitly for 4K gaming - as earlier stated in the introductory section of this post.

It performs admirably well in this regard since it was the first gaming platform that could run Xbox games in their native 4K resolution at playable FPS rates.

Now, 4K resolution has become quite challenging and there are precious few game titles currently supporting it. 
In general, the Xbox One X performs well at a stable FPS rate of 30.

The Xbox One S platform was made to run games using HD & Full HD resolutions only. It does not support 4K resolutions.
Its overall performance may vary depending on the game.

Sports and combat games are less demanding and will typically run at a steady 60 FPS rate in 1080p resolution.

While the more difficult action games and first-person shooters usually run well at 30 FPS; occasionally plummeting to 900p or even 720p so it can maintain a steady FPS rate of 30.

XBOX One S vs. XBOX One X – The Price

Clearly, there is a considerable price difference between both Xbox consoles.

The Xbox One S can be purchased for as low as 250 USD or for 350 USD if you require the extra storage capacity, to place it on level terms with its closest competition - the PlayStation 4 Slim.

The Xbox One X, however, is rated among the most expensive gaming consoles in its generation.

It commands a hefty asking price of 500 USD, which is 100 USD above that of the PlayStation 4 Pro console that can also offer a similar 4K resolution experience while gaming.

Still, the high asking price is warranted since the Xbox One X features more powerful gaming hardware coupled with the fact that you’re also getting a remarkable 4K Blu-Ray player.

The Wrap-Up

As we’ve mentioned earlier, your choice mostly depends on whether you own a 4K TV or not. 
From our standpoint, spending an additional 150 – 250 USD on performance enhancements and a marginal increase in graphics quality simply isn’t worthwhile.
After making up your mind, feel free to visit a trusted retailer and grab your preferred gaming console.