WhatsApp: How to Share Fake Live Location On The Messaging App

Here Is Step-By-Step Guide On How To Share Fake Live Location On Whatsapp For Android And iOS To Send Fake GPS Location To Your Friends Or Family.

WhatsApp: How to Share Fake Live Location On The Messaging App

Hi there! If you’re reading this post then it must be because you’d like to learn how to send fake live location on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp messaging app can provide you with some remarkable all-round communication features such as voice or video calling, media and contact sharing, forwarding labels, last seen highlights, among others.

This Facebook-owned ad-free messaging service also has a user-friendly interface and can come in handy for Android or iOS users who are looking to connect with other people or even just for letting your contacts know where you are.

Enabling the WhatsApp live location feature is entirely optional and its operation won’t affect the performance of any other app features.

And while a lot of people already use this real-time location sharing option, not too many of them are aware that it can also be used to send out fake coordinates in case you don’t want to be tracked.

However, the process is not as straightforward as sharing your correct location. You’ll need to exploit some loopholes for that.

Keep reading this post for hacks on how to send fake location on WhatsApp messenger.


  1. Why Share Fake WhatsApp Location?
  2. How to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp
  3. Send Fake Location For Android
  4. Send Fake Location For iOS

Why Share Fake WhatsApp Location?

Because WhatsApp tracks your real-time GPS location for optional, end-to-end encrypted sharing with your contacts, there are many common scenarios where users might want to send out fake coordinates. It could be for fun, to surprise your friends and loved ones, or just to prevent someone else from keeping tabs on you.

Whatever your reason, sending out fake real-time location on WhatsApp is doable but you’ll need to install certain third-party apps that were developed explicitly for this task.

Fortunately, there are now many of them legally available on the software market that Android users can use to manipulate their actual location. iOS users, on the other hand, have very limited options.

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How to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp

So you want to discover how to send fake location on WhatsApp?!

To do this, you’ll have to spoof your GPS location via a reliable third-party app. These apps were designed to assist the user in hiding their correct location by choosing a fake location to be displayed instead.

As a result, your WhatsApp contacts can be tricked into believing that you’re in a different location. 

In this guide, we’ll show Android users how to send fake location on WhatsApp with spoofing apps as well as describe creative workarounds for iOS users. 

Send Fake Location For Android

Here’s how to send fake location on WhatsApp via Android smartphones:

  • You can start by visiting the Google Play Store and searching for the Fake GPS App. Download and install it on your smart device.

  • After installing the app, you may proceed to launch it and follow the user guide by navigating to these menus: Developer Options > Enabling Mock Location > Choosing the app.  

  • This can also be done manually by navigating to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Select Mock Location App > Fake GPS. 

  • In case you have not yet enabled Developer Options, then you can do so by navigating to Settings > About > tap on Build Number multiple times. Wait until you receive the following notification ‘You are now a Developer of this phone. 

Next, return to the Fake GPS app interface and use the Pin-Pointer to select your preferred location.

Once you’ve placed the location marker, tap gently on the green-colored Play switch located on the lower right-hand corner of your display. 

  • You can now launch WhatsApp and then select the contact with whom you would like to share your real-time coordinates.
  • Select the 'Attach' button (the Paperclip icon). Next, tap on the Location option. Afterward, you will notice your current location is being displayed as the location you specified earlier on the Fake GPS software. Tap on Send to share it with the contact you’ve chosen.

Or, you could choose to use the same location by sharing your live location. Simply open the Fake GPS software and then move the marker across different locations while WhatsApp shares the changes in real-time.

Well done! You’ve learned how to send fake location on WhatsApp.

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Send Fake Location For iOS

Do you use a jailbroken iPhone? If yes, then you too can discover how to send fake location on WhatsApp.

All you have to do is install the Cydia third-party software and then you can proceed to download and install a suitable Fake GPS app for your device.

From here, the process becomes quite similar to the one described previously for Android systems.

However, if your iOS device isn’t jailbroken, you can still learn how to send fake location on WhatsApp by following the simple steps described in this section.

But for this method to work, you’ll first need to establish a connection between your PC and iOS device via an authentic lightning cable.

  • Next, launch the third-party Dr.fone (iOS) location tool and then select the Virtual Location feature.

  • You may now proceed to connect your iOS smartphone to your PC via your authentic lightning cable.
  • Afterward, select the Get Started icon on your computer display. 

  • This next step will involve you using the search bar to discover any preferable location, and then you can proceed by clicking on the Go button.

  • Go ahead and move the locator pin around as you like to any location and then mark your fake coordinates by clicking on the Move Here button. 

  • This is where you get to use WhatsApp to share your location with anyone directly via your iPhone.

You’ll discover that the coordinates you’re sharing now are the same as what you selected previously on the Fake Virtual Location software for iPhone.

That’s it! Apart from sharing fake coordinates, you can even use the Virtual Location tool to adjust your shared live location speed to that of a four-wheeler, a two-wheeler, or for walking. 

The Takeaway

Sending out spoof coordinates via the WhatsApp messenger could turn out to be useful in different circumstances.

You too can use any of the above methods to take charge of your privacy.