What Song Is This? 10 Apps & Websites To Identify Songs (2020)

With a top song detection app installed on your mobile device, you can identify songs instantly anywhere, anytime! Check out the best apps & websites to itentify song now!

What Song Is This? 10 Apps & Websites To Identify Songs (2020)

This article is for music lovers who sometimes find themselves in Name That Tune situations where the tune of a particular song we heard briefly is stuck inside our heads.

Nowadays, the best way to pinpoint what song is playing - especially when you can’t recall the lyrics or don’t recognize the artist - is with song identification apps.

With a top song detection app installed on your mobile device, you can identify songs instantly anywhere, anytime!

Apart from song titles and artists, some of these apps that identify songs will even enable you to discover lyrics, stream music videos, and share the musical magic on social media platforms.

Out of the plethora of free song identification apps we’ve sampled recently, we have filtered the very best of them.

You can check out their details right here: 

Here Are The List Of Best Apps & Websites To Identify a Song (2020):

We have categorized our recommendations into various song identifying programs for easier navigation. 

Song identifying Virtual Assistants

1. Siri

You can integrate Siri's voice and music knowledge into your Android device for free.

With Siri, you have one of the best apps to find songs that come with constantly expanding capabilities.

Moreover, it can be used along with loads of awesome 3rd party applications.

Siri also has a remarkable ability to distinguish music and recognize random songs. 

Anytime you hear music playing that you wish to identify, all you have to do is launch Siri, and utter any of these sentences: “Name that song“,  “What song is playing right now?“, or “Which song is this?“.

Then, after listening to the song that is currently playing, the Siri voice assistant will provide you with the name of the track. 

2. Google Now

Are you Team Android? If yes, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Google Now program comes with an in-built virtual assistant for recognizing music which makes it one of the best apps to find songs playing nearby.

You only need to launch the Google Now software and speak any of these words: “Name this song“, “What is this song“, or “What song is this“, and then the Google Now program will present you with details of the results after listening in for a while. 

3. Cortana

Cortana has ranked among the most user-friendly and responsive software programs that can help to increase your personal and business productivity.

It’s not surprising to see Cortana on almost every listicle of top apps to find songs made in recent times.

You too can install Cortana now and discover firsthand why millions of Windows phone users use it as their go-to find the name of a song app.

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The Cortana virtual tool is also available for Windows laptop or desktop users, so you won’t have to install separate apps to figure out songs on your Windows-based gadgets.

Moreover, in terms of identifying songs, the Cortana assistant is quite responsive. You only need to ask it this question: “What song is playing?”, and wait for it to identify the track. 

Song Identification Apps

4. Shazam

This ‎Android-based entertainment software comes with a 4.4 out of 5-star Play Store rating and over a billion installs.

Shazam is one of the (if not THE) best apps to find songs playing nearby in seconds. It also lets you discover artists, music videos, lyrics, and playlists free of charge.

This find the name of a song app works seamlessly on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

In truth, the Siri assistant also makes use of the Shazam database to identify songs.

Download for AndroidiOS, or Windows

5. SoundHound

With a 4.6 out of 5 star Google Play Store rating, this free Android-based ‎entertainment software has also ranked among the best apps to find songs available on the software market.

Whether at home or on the go, discovering what song is playing near you has never been easier with SoundHound.

What makes this find the name of a song app stand out from others on this list – Shazam included – is the way it enables you to identify tunes by simply humming the song.

So even if you don’t remember the lyrics to a particular song, SoundHound can still identify it for you (almost every time) after you hum its tune.

Download for Android, iOS , or Windows

6. Musixmatch

Are you looking for top apps to find songs playing around you!

Musixmatch is one of the best apps to identify music you can find anywhere online.

Apart from being a song detection app, Musixmatch is also an excellent music player for your private playlists.

To activate song recognition, all you have to do is tap gently on the hamburger menu button and then choose the Identify Lyrics option.

Musixmatch will then attempt to identify the song that is playing, by searching its database for any song that corresponds with the audio fingerprint.

Download for Android, iOS, or Windows

7. Genius

This is Genius - another remarkable find the name of a song app developed to identify details of any songs playing nearby.

Also, Genius can boast of having one of the largest compilations of crowdsourced musical knowledge and music lyrics on the planet.

All you need to do here is tap gently on any of the available tracks to view their lyrics while playing them - if you wish.

Download for Android, or iOS

8. TrackID

You too can download the latest TrackID for Android software version and discover what song is playing anywhere and at any time.

This remarkable song detection app from Sony will instantly provide you with details of any musical track playing nearby.

Apart from displaying the music search results, TrackID will proceed to save the details under the History section of the app’s home page.

Download for Android

9. MusicID

Let’s introduce you to MusicID one of the best apps to find songs playing nearby.

This awesome software tool also lets you view authentic album art from your favorite singers in their original splendor.

Immediately the MusicID app identifies the song that’s playing, it displays all the similar search results, and also saves your search history for future reference.

Download for Android, or iOS

Song Identification Website

10. Midomi

The Midomi domain is an online song identifier that can recognize music from you simply whistling or humming the tune of a song into your PC’s microphone.

This feature is handy for those situations when you can’t seem to remember the name of a particular tune going around in your head.

Simply visit the official Midomi site, and then hum the tune of the song; the website program will then proceed to identify and supply details of that song.

Visit Website

The Takeaway

Any of the assistants, apps, and sites highlighted above is great for song detection and identification.

Your choice will ultimately depend on which one works best for you.