10 Best Websites for You to Download Korean Drama for Free 2020

Love Watching Korean Drama? Here We Have Compiled The List Of Best Websites To Watch Korean Drama With English Subtitles. Kdrama Sites From Where You Can Watch & Download Your Favorite Korean Drama Shows.

10 Best Websites for You to Download Korean Drama for Free 2020

Korean dramas (aka K-dramas) are a variety of South Korean TV dramas that have become very popular with millions of viewers watching from across the globe.

The popularity of these K-dramas stems mainly from their engaging content and near-perfect plots. 

Regardless of how much mainstream binge-watching you do online, you may likely be overlooking some of the trendiest and binge-able TV if you’re not into Korean TV shows.

So whether you’re looking for your next online thrill or have been watching K-dramas for a while, here’s our round-up of the most reliable and convenient Korean drama websites with plenty of binge-able Korean cinema content along with English subtitles.


Here Are The List Of Best Korean Drama Streaming Sites (2020)

  1. WeTV
  2. KissAsian
  3. FastDrama
  4. DramaFast
  5. Dramacool
  6. Viu
  7. Netflix
  8. Viki
  9. Kdramahood
  10. Asiancrush

1. WeTV

we tv

Let’s start by introducing you to one of the foremost Korean drama websites out there. The WeTV domain is a great place to find and binge-watch the most popular and original TV series and dramas along with various other shows.

On WeTV you’ll find an entertaining collection of curated hit Korean TV series & dramas. There’s also a WeTV mobile app you can download and use for your convenience. Moreover, there’s a lot of free content available on WeTV even though it runs a paid service. 

2. KissAsian


So you want to know what the best site to watch Korean drama legally is?! The KissAsian domain is already famous for being one of the finest Kdrama sites available on cyberspace. You won't be required to sign in or create an account before using KissAsian.

On KissAsian, you can watch your favorite drama series online in HD imagery. KissAsian visitors can also enjoy free high-quality drama downloads for offline viewing. The content here is available in universal resolutions such as 240p, 720p, and 1080p. There are even HTML5 video versions available for mobile users.

3. FastDrama


Are you into Korean TV dramas? Would you like to watch & download your favorite Kdramas from trusted online sources in HD quality for free? If yes, then you’ll be pleased to know that the FastDrama domain has ranked among top Korean drama websites that can meet your requirements both at home and on the go.

On FastDrama, you’ll have a decent amount of Kdrama series at your fingertips in top quality imagery. Moreover, FastDrama is a legitimate website that is accessible from almost all world regions.

4. DramaFast


This is DramaFast; your go-to source of all things Asian entertainment and one of the best Korean drama websites out there. The DramaFast domain can boast of an easy-to-use search program so visitors can find their favorite titles as quickly as possible.

Overall, you’re bound to appreciate the website’s aesthetics as well as the content & subtitle quality. DramaFast is also safe, secure, and available in many regions around the world.

5. DramaCool


You’ll enjoy watching and downloading your favorite Korean dramas, movies & TV Shows, along with other genres of Asian content with accurate English subtitles on DramaCool. The overall visual and sound quality on this website is quite exceptional. Moreover, it’s very easy for visitors to navigate across different episodes.

DramaCool is one of the trendiest Korean drama websites you’ll come across with very little interruption from sponsored ads despite being free-to-use. Furthermore, what makes it stand out among other websites on this list is its suitability for underage users. 

6. Viu


With Viu, you have one of the world’s foremost Kdrama sites that are into providing up-to-date premium Korean content and other Asian shows to its visitors anytime, anywhere, and at zero cost.

While sampling, we discovered many reasons why Viu has ranked among top quality Korean drama websites some of which include its premium content and an immense library of contemporary Asian drama. If you're looking to avoid watching illegal content online, the Viu service is a must-use.

7. Netflix


Clearly, the Netflix domain has the advantage when it comes to watching trending TV and movie content online these days so it’s hardly surprising to find it thriving on most listicles about the best Korean drama streaming sites.

Korean entertainment is also thriving right now across all genres so if you're in the mood for some romance, a few laughs or some thrills Korean drama websites like Netflix have everything you need. And apart from having tons of Korean cinema drama under its belt, Netflix also features easy-to-read English subtitles

8. Viki


Perhaps you’ve been scouring the internet for the best Korean drama websites where you can binge-watch & download your favorite Asian cinema genre online; your search ends here.

Viki is arguably the official home of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas. Apart from Netflix, Viki is the other streaming website on this list that owns copyrights which makes it 100% legal. Moreover, the Viki domain can boast of over 200 Asian drama series. 

9. Kdramahood


You can now visit and use the kdramahood domain to discover for yourself why it is one of the best Korean drama websites available online. This reliable and legal domain is also accessible from several countries.

Sadly, kdramahood lacks a genre-based search program which can make the process of browsing for your favorite shows rather tiresome. But you’ll be pleased with the audio & video quality offered up in high definition along with accurate subtitles that can be followed easily. 

10. AsianCrush


AsianCrush has been touted as the foremost digital destination for online Asian entertainment and other web content. Thanks to its collection of over 1,000 TV shows, movies, and web series accessible from many countries, the AsianCrush domain has ranked among the world’s foremost Kdrama sites.

Moreover, the video and sound quality of this legit and reliable website is quite impressive. 

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve finished our round-up of the best Korean drama streaming sites, you now know where to go to watch & download your preferred genre hassle-free.