How To Watch Netflix For FREE (Movies And TV Shows)

Are You Looking The Best Methods To Watch Netflix For Free? Here In This Article We Will Tell You How You Can Get Netflix For Free With Verizon, T-Mobile And Other Methods.

How To Watch Netflix For FREE (Movies And TV Shows)

That’s right; Netflix the popular provider of movies and original TV series that you can't watch anywhere else is now offering a free content streaming preview for those of us who are still thinking twice about committing to a Netflix subscription.

This new Watch Free service from Netflix was introduced to enable visitors who have not yet been able to sign up for their new membership account to stream the first episode from selected TV shows along with a few popular movies.

With captivating movies and TV series such as Bird Box and Stranger Things, Netflix's collection of original content has consistently delivered high-quality entertainment programming to its users.

Would you like to discover how to watch Netflix for free in India? Keep reading this post for the inside scoop on proven methods you too can apply to get a peek at the variety of entertainment on offer. 

Supported Devices

Before we deep dive into the titular question of how to watch Netflix for free, let’s take a closer look at the type of hardware you’ll need.

This brilliant service that lets you watch Netflix shows for free is available only on PCs and Android-based devices. 

Sadly, iDevice users (iPhones and iPads) don’t get to access this free Netflix service. You can however use your smart TV to get in on the free streaming action but you must input a working website link in your web browser if you’re looking to stream free content. Visit

Here you get to watch the first episodes from some of the most popular TV series available on the list such as Stranger Things, Murder Mystery, Grace & Frankie, Love is Blind, Bird Box, The Two Popes, etc. Any one of them will keep you engaged for several hours every day which is exactly what Netflix has in store for its potential customers. 

Netflix Subscription Plans

There are currently four different monthly subscription plans available for Netflix smartphone subscribers in India.

The Rs 199 plan comes with single screen support and you get to stream content on mobile smartphones and tablets only.

With the Rs 499 plan, you can watch HD and SD content on a single PC, smart device, or smart TV screen.

Once you opt for the Rs 649 Netflix plan, you’ll be allowed to watch your preferred content simultaneously on two devices while the RS 700 plan gives you the option to enable multiple streaming on as much as four supported devices at the same time. 

About Sharing Free Netflix Accounts with Your Family or Friends

Next on our guide on how to watch Netflix for free, we will turn our attention to the multiple device streaming options.

While the basic subscription plan only allows for streaming one movie or TV series episode at a time, the premium and standard plans are available to enable you to stream multiple content on more than one device.

Also, the basic subscription plan on Netflix does not support streaming in HD visuals.

You get to stream from 2 different Netflix channels at once with the standard plan while the Netflix premium plan will let you watch as much as 4 different movies or TV shows simultaneously.

So if you know a standard or premium Netflix subscriber that trusts you with their free netflix account login details, you can feel free to binge-watch your favorite type of content without fear of interfering with their viewing sessions. 

How to Share Viewer Accounts on Netflix

That’s right; Netflix lets you create as much as 5 different viewer profiles with each of them having individual playlists & recommendations.

This way, you can avoid clogging up your list of recommended viewing channels with shows you have no interest in watching by simply sharing them with your family and friends.

Here's how to create & use separate Netflix profiles on a single account:

  1. Go to
  2. Once there, look to the upper right-sided corner of your display and then select the User icon found there. If a “Who's watching?” notification pops-up on your monitor, feel free to skip to the next step.
  3. Afterward, you can click on the “Manage Profiles” option.

    1. Next, select the “Add Profile” option.

    1. You must now name the new profile you have created and then click the CONTINUE button.

    1. To round up, click DONE. 

    Note that you must assign the same password to all the profiles you create. Any newly created profiles can also use the same email & password details to log in.

    You are also advised never to share your login info with strangers since Netflix subscribers are responsible for any actions performed on their accounts. 

    How to Watch Netflix for Free and Enjoy Other Perks Directly On Your Smartphone or Via Your Cable Service

    There’s more good news! Mobile network providers and cable companies nowadays are into offering promos to their subscribers that sometimes come along with free Netflix access.

    Although such offers are a proven method to watch Netflix shows for free, you will still incur some cost since you will likely be required to activate a service to get it.

    Perhaps you're already on the lookout for a new cable provider or considering a switch to a new smartphone model, you might want to consider using this approach.

    Feel free to contact your cable service provider or smartphone dealer for more information on any offers that include free access to Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, or other top media streaming services.

    Below, you’ll find a description of such offers from popular mobile network providers. 

    How to Get Netflix for Free Using T-Mobile

    T-Mobile throws in a free Netflix account for subscribers who activate any plan without requiring a prepaid option or a credit check. 

    Follow these simple steps to discover how to watch Netflix for free via T-Mobile:

    • Start by activating the T-Mobile One plan.
    • At this point, you must ensure that you don't select a credit check or a prepaid plan.
    • This next step will involve you adding an extra line to the plan you have chosen since the free Netflix/T-Mobile offer is only available for subscribers who have a minimum of 2 lines.
    • This is where you get to opt into the free Netflix On Us feature.
    • Afterward, you must wait for an SMS reply from the service operator along with instructions you must follow.

    How to Watch Netflix for Free Using Verizon

    That’s right; Verizon users also get to watch Netflix shows for free, however, this particular offer isn't available for cellular subscribers.

    You only get to benefit from this offer after activating a special Verizon FIOS TV plan. 

    Follow these simple steps if you wish to discover how to watch Netflix for free with Verizon:

    1. You can start by subscribing to FIOS TV.
    2. During the activation process, you must ensure that you opt for the triple-play package which consists of TV, smartphone, and internet features.
    3. Note that your FIOS TV account must have been active for at least a month before you can receive a qualification email from Verizon for claiming your Netflix reward.
    4. After your eligibility has been confirmed, you can proceed to sign in to the Verizon platform using your account and then follow the instructions provided. 

    In Conclusion

    Thank you for reading our guide on how to watch Netflix shows for free.

    Now you know what you have to do to optimize your web-based entertainment options.