How To View Private Instagram Profiles With Private Instagram Viewer (2020)

In This Text & Video Article You Will Find The Exact Methods To View Private Instagram Accounts Anonymously. Including The Best Working Private Instagram Viewer Tools Like WatchInsta, Instalooker, Private Insta & More.

How To View Private Instagram Profiles With Private Instagram Viewer (2020)

Instagram is probably the most popular online photo and video sharing platform with a huge audience.

The platform’s developers seem to be aware of the importance of security in terms of preserving the users’ trust.

While Instagram promotes social sharing, it will not prevent its users from operating private accounts to shield information from any unwanted visitors.

When you open an account on Instagram, your videos and photos can be viewed by the public.

This simply means that, by default, everyone on Instagram can see your shared content and also follow you publicly.

Public IG profiles are also very easy to find and follow. Private Instagram accounts, on the other hand, have stricter restrictions.

The picture and video posts made on such accounts will only be seen by those users that the owner of the account approves their follow request which helps them to have control over who can and cannot view their shared content.

However, there are those among us who may still have reason to want to view private Instagram accounts.

From devoted parents trying to monitor their kid's social media activity to bosses who want to know what their employees are doing during their spare time, you’ll be surprised to find there are lots of people wondering how to view private Instagram profiles.

Well, there are quite a number of free tools and methods that will enable users to view private Instagram accounts without following them.

In this post, you will find the most straightforward options and viable processes to see private Instagram profiles.

How To View A Private Instagram Profiles & Photos in 2020 - Methods

  1. Send A Follow Request
  2. Create A Fake Instagram Profile - See Steps
  3. Use Private Instagram Profile Viewer Tools - See Inside

1. Send a Follow Request

We will begin by first recommending that you avoid using any strategy to view private Instagram accounts anonymously. 
The reason for this is because it really doesn’t speak well about your ethics if you’re looking to stalk another IG user on the social network.

However, if you cannot resist the urge to view private Instagram posts of someone else, you could always try sending a regular follow request to the IG user in question.

As soon as the other user accepts your request to follow them, you can then view all the IG posts they have shared. 
This is the foremost and best possible means to view a private Instagram account user’s posts.

Perhaps the IG user you have requested to follow doesn’t approve your request to follow them or maybe you don’t even want to send them a follow request for some personal reasons, you could always opt for some of the less direct (non-legitimate) approaches which could help you accomplish the task quite easily.

2. Create a Fake Instagram Profile

Here is probably the laziest approach to view private Instagram accounts that would have declined a direct follow request from you.

All you have to do here is generate a new IG account using a new e-mail id, and a fake name, and then use that bogus account to send a follow request to your target’s private IG account.

You could even try sending him/her a DM first introducing yourself – as a random admirer or a long lost pal – and that you would like to follow them on social media.

Moreover, by making use of an appealing username, you can increase the likelihood of the targeted IG user getting excited and granting your request to follow them – some may even request to follow you back.

So, if you’re looking to shadow someone on social media, then generating a fake IG ID is arguably the most legitimate and indirect way to see private Instagram profiles.

3. By Harnessing An Instagram Viewer Tool

Perhaps the methods described above don’t interest you; then this next method might tickle your fancy.

We will now direct your attention to a curated selection of some remarkable Instagram Profile viewer solutions which have been developed to help you view private Instagram posts of other users.

All the tools highlighted here violate the privacy terms and policies of Instagram. 

However, you need not bother about being detected or any other legal issues since each one of these gadgets were explicitly made to protect the user from exposure.

  • Instalooker

Let us introduce you to Insta Looker. This Instagram profile viewer software is an excellent tool for hackers who want to view private Instagram profiles.

Once you click on the URL link on the main interface, you will notice a “Spy Now” button which you can tap on to continue to the following page.

Next, you will observe a search box for entering the target profile’s username.

Immediately you tap on the “Submit” button, the Insta Looker app will look up the user profile you have specified to verify its existence.

If it does exist, you will then have to use the “Click Here to Continue” button available there.

After completing a brief survey, you can then easily see or download the picture posts of the targeted IG user account.

The Insta Looker developers claim that it is the best tool that you can use to view private Instagram accounts thanks to its effectiveness and ease-of-use.

  • Private Insta

Are you wondering how to view private Instagram profiles with the most suitable Instagram profile viewer tool?
Then Private Insta is probably your best option.

Download Private Insta now, to own an excellent tool for viewing posts made by Private Instagram accounts anonymously. 
All you have to do here is copy & paste the Instagram username of the targeted profile.

As soon as the username is entered, simply tap the “Submit” button to initiate the search and extraction process of the Instagram profiles’ picture posts.

After the app has completed the search, you only have to complete a few random survey questions after which, you can view private Instagram posts of your targeted IG user account. 

  • Insta DP

Here is yet another remarkable tool you can use to view private Instagram profiles.

This Instagram profile viewer comes with a user-friendly interface that enables you to accomplish this task effortlessly.

All you have to do here is copy & paste the targeted IG profile’s username and then tap the search button available there.

Just like the other apps on this list that enable you to view private Instagram accounts, you only have to answer a few short survey questions.

After you have aired your opinion, you will be granted access to every single post that the targeted user has made.

This app also features a quick and responsive customer support service for you to connect with and resolve all your issues and queries regarding the procedure. 

  • Watch Insta

This is Watch Insta; yet another note-worthy tool that lets you see private Instagram profiles.

The entire process will take approximately 5 minutes during which you will be required to enter the IG username of your targeted profile and then answer a few short survey questions to complete the procedure.

After you have finished taking the surveys, you can then view private Instagram picture and video posts of the targeted private IG account.

Moreover, you can save IG photos and videos effortlessly with this handy tool. 

  • Insta Spy

You can use this awesome Instagram profile viewer tool for spying on private Instagram user accounts.

Just like the other IG viewer tools, on this list, you will also be required to enter the Instagram username of your target so that the software can search for it and then extract all posts connected to the private profile in question.

This user-friendly tool is quite secure to use. It also has a simple user-interface which makes this one of the best Instagram profile viewer apps out there.

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How To View Private Instagram Profiles By Using Private Instagram Viewer

  1. Go To The Private Instagram Viewer By Instalooker & Click "Spy Now" To See Photos And Videos Of Private Instagram Accounts.
  2. It Will Now Ask You To Enter Your Private Instagram Account Profile.
  3. It Will Then Check Validity If The Account is Alive Or Not.
  4. After Proceeding To Next Step You Will Find The List Of Photos & Videos Of Choosen Private Account.
  5. Click On The Images & Videos You Want To See.

Video Tutorial (View Instagram Personal Account Pictures)

Last Words

We hope you enjoyed reading about our recommended methods to view private Instagram profiles.

Feel free to try out each approach identified above to increase your chances of success.

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