Unblocked Music Sites 2020- Listen Music At School & College!

Are You Struggling Listening To Music At Your School Or College. Here We Listed The 8 Best & Free Unblocked Music Sites Which Will Let You Listen Music For Free At Your School Or College.

Unblocked Music Sites 2020- Listen Music At School & College!

There are several reasons why a website would be restricted especially for particular environments.

Schools or colleges might decide to block certain sites primarily because of their content.

It is important for schools & colleges to regulate what comes into their environment and there are no such restrictions on the internet.

As for music sites, we can all agree that lots of musical content nowadays adopt obscene languages and explicit visuals.

This is why most schools & colleges try to limit access to most sites even though the problem of limited bandwidth could also be a contributing factor.

However there are still many music websites that are unblocked and will grant access to search, find, listen and download of free music.

These sites are often called unblocked music sites. They are simply music websites not blocked by school.

Everyone needs music. The only difference could be the genre that we might all prefer so these sites make it easy if you want to unblock music at school.

The main purpose of this article is to reveal these unblocked music sites where you can download and listen to free music unblocked by these sites.

Some of the unblocked music sites that you can access include the following;

Unblocked Music Sites 2020 - Listen To Free Music At School!

1. Google Play Music

google play music

Google Music is a very popular part of the Google brand.

Being a Google service, it is not restricted or blocked by any college, school or environment.

This makes it one of the best media to use for listening to free music.

One can find almost any song that they are looking for on Google music, it is not even limited to any particular genre.

Any music at all regardless of the artist can be accessed via the Google music domain. You will not be barred by any restrictions and you can enjoy unblocked music.

You can also choose between the web version and the mobile application mode - which is free by the way.

The mobile app has an easy-to-use interface that can be navigated by anyone with basic knowledge of how to operate standalone software.

Google music works better when you subscribe to it at a monthly fee of ninety-nine dollars and some change.

With the paid subscription, you can enjoy access to premium features and you will not have to worry about sponsored ads.

You can still enjoy unblocked music if you want to use the app for free. The music is still free and unlimited.

Go online and register a Google account so you can have access to Google music. It is the only way to use both the app and the web version. 

2. GrooveShark


This is the perfect app for you if you’re looking to enjoy your favorite unblocked music anytime, anywhere.

You won’t even need to sign up before listening in on your type of free music from Grooveshark.

This musical web portal supports download of free songs as well as streaming of already uploaded audio files.

Moreover, its interface has been categorized in such a way that you can quickly find your preferred songs by simply searching for the artists’ name or song title.

It is a good site for good music so when people see you nodding away they will wonder how you got your music player unblocked.  

3. Slacker


The best thing about Slacker is that it is very easy-to-use and it is also a good platform to listen to free music unblocked since your school or workplace restrictions do not affect them.

There are countless songs that you can find on Slacker. These songs cut across different genres and artists.

You can listen to music by just visiting the sites’ homepage and choosing from the long list of available tracks.

The detailed arrangement of the music and artists along with their photos makes it easy to choose your songs correctly.

You can choose to pay a fee for the monthly subscription to enjoy added features and unlimited unblocked music or you could just enjoy the free mode.   

4. TuneIn


Your personal details are always safe with TuneIn because the site does not require you to provide any in the first place especially if you are using it for free.

There are so many songs to choose from and these unlimited songs are available for both free users and subscribers.

You can also access the internet radio by picking the region that you are in at the moment. Their radio options cover a lot of regions and languages.

You also do not necessarily have to download the application when you can simply use the website. The website is detailed and easy to navigate.

So if your school, college or workplace has restrictions on your music then you can listen to free music unblocked on TuneIn. 

5. SoundZaBound


The content on this site is as clean as it can be.

The website was created to cater to educational and research purposes so the problem of illicit content is solved already.

It is a safe space for students and teachers to enjoy the type of music they want yet not limiting them to monotony.

You can use the songs on this platform for learning, research or work purposes.

The license of the songs has already been paid off once and for all so they can be used at will since they are now royalty-free.

So it is safe to say Soundzabound never runs out of unblocked music.      

6. AccuRadio


If you like to listen to music that is in vogue at a particular time then AccuRadio is the place for you.

The genre options are limitless and you can pick from anyone at any time. You do not even need to sign up to use Accuradio.

Aside from popular songs, Accuradio also provides online radio services where you can not only enjoy listening to music but also stay abreast of the news.

It is not really easy to get up to date music from most websites but Accuradio provides trendy unblocked music that you can enjoy.   

7. SaavN

jio saavn

This website receives its musical content from every part of the world.

The songs here are not limited to the native Indian songs even though Saavn is an Indian site.

It is easy to find songs from very popular artists on the website and you can also use their internet radio.

Saavn is responsible for most of the music adopted by the Indian film industry; Bollywood so can also listen to their most popular songs on the platform.

Visit the web portal now to enjoy the free internet radio they provide as well as unblocked music that is not limited to the Indian populace.  

8. Hungama

hungama music

This free music site is not limited to songs alone as you can get current movies on there as well.

The musical collections here are as recent as the movies so you can enjoy both recent unblocked music & trending movies.

You can check out the Hungama website every week to get the latest updates on a variety of entertainment content.

Here Are The Complete List Of 20 Best Unblocked Music Sites

Here is a exhaustive list of unblocked music sites try to if you don’t like some of them.

  1. Google music
  2. Grooveshark
  3. Slacker
  4. TuneIn
  5. Soundzabound
  6. AccuRadio
  7. Saavn
  8. Hungama
  9. Free Music Archive
  10. CCTRAX
  11. AudioMack
  12. Live 365
  13. Spotify
  14. Bluebeat
  15. Digital Revolution Radio
  16. IncusTunes
  17. Dash Radio
  18. Deezer
  19. Tracks
  20. iHeart
  21. Musiclive

In Summary

The aforementioned websites deliver the best musical content that schools, colleges or workplaces have no restrictions on.

Go ahead and check them out now to maximize your unblocked music experience.