12 Best Two Player Game Apps For Android & iOS (2020)

Check out the list of top 10 best and popular 2 player game apps for android & iOS devices. These two player game apps can be the best passtime with your friends online.

12 Best Two Player Game Apps For Android & iOS (2020)

Two-player games have become quite popular nowadays; which is good since they offer an excellent way to pass the time on boring plane rides, in hospital waiting rooms, and many other scenarios.

Also, most gamers are keen on one-on-one gaming, which they enjoy playing with family members or close friends.

The best 2 player game apps on Android and iOS are usually those with more engaging concepts.

There typically include fun word making and vocabulary challenges, racing games, farm games, fighting games, drawing games, and many other two-player game apps for your group enjoyment with pals.

We did the market survey for you and discovered the best 2 player apps for both Android and iOS devices in 2019.

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Go ahead to download and enjoy without any time-consuming online searches:

List Of Top 12 Two Player Game Apps For Android And iOS:

  1. Heads UP!
  2. Challenge Your Friends
  3. Hangman
  4. Red Hands - Fun 2 Player Gamesv
  5. Just Dance Now
  6. Chess Time
  7. Thumb Fighter
  8. 8 Ball Pool
  9. Bouncy Basketball
  10. Finger Fights
  11. Who Can’t Draw
  12. Word Scramble


Do you love 2 player game apps? This exciting game is worth trying.

The goal is to guess which word appears on a card within a specified timeframe.

From naming celebrities to silly accents and singing, Head’s Up is guaranteed to keep you amused.

This fascinating game app for 2 players can either be played with a single friend or up to a hundred friends at a time.

You can even record and save your gameplay videos for later viewing.

Featuring over forty themed decks, the Heads Up app is rated among the top 2 player game apps for iOS devices.

Download Heads Up!

2. Challenge Your Friends

Introducing one of the best 2 player game apps available for download on both Android an iOS platforms.

The Challenge Your Friends software allows you to enjoy interactive gaming sessions with your friends.

All you need is your smartphone, and one pal with you to begin enjoying this app.

The best part about this game app for 2 players is that it doesn't require an internet connection.

It contains several 2 person games such as pong, checkers, memory, and many others.

Players can give or accept random challenges to their friends to start gaming with this app.

Download Challenge Your Friends

3. Hangman

Do you fancy a thrilling game of bolster spelling?

The Hangman app offers the ideal gaming platform for players to improve their vocabulary.

This is arguably one of the best 2 player game apps supported by iOS devices.

You could either play this game with a friend or enable your device as your unseen adversary.

The in-app game design features a classroom board-chalk mode that is quite fascinating.

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Pick your word list and difficulty level and then begin your challenge.

Download Hangman

4. Red Hands - Fun 2 Player Games

This fun game app for 2 players from Peaksel was developed for both iOS and Android devices.

The Red Hands gaming app is essentially a speed-based challenge where your game playing tempo will be tested.

This is one of the best 2 player game apps developed to test your speed and reflexes, so if you are not attentive, you will develop hot hands.

Red Hands is an attack and defend oriented software where a player is an aggressor, and the other is a defender.

An assailant strikes with one tap, while the defender recoils by tapping once at the right moment.

The first player to reach 10 points will be acknowledged as the winner.

Players can even customize their hand type by selecting from several available options such as tattooed hands or Incredible Hulk hands.

Download Red Hands

5. Just Dance Now

Do you like dancing and partying? Then you will undoubtedly be interested in learning some cool dancing steps.

The Just Dance Now game is one of the most well-liked 2 player game apps for iOS devices.

It is an excellent source of lasting entertainment.

The game has a global following, and you can get to play with more than a thousand other players, with over three hundred awesome songs.

Payers are also allowed to create their personal playlist.

Coins must be earned during gameplay to unlock new tracks that can be added to the music database.

Download Just Dance Now

6. Chess Time

Introducing one of the top 2 player game apps on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

The Chess Time gaming app from Haptic Apps LLC is a free strategy board game software which can assist you with learning how to play the game and become a chess champion.

The single-player mode can also be enabled to play against the computer.

It’s an excellent artificial intelligence program that operates with interactive AI features.

Download Chess Time

7. Thumb Fighter

This game has become one of the most popular 2 player game apps thanks to its stimulating and interesting gameplay.

With this software, players can access sixteen different and interesting games on iPad and iPhone.

The game features an in-built automatic match feature, which can be used for finding new friends online to play this game app for 2 players.

Besides playing with your thumbs, this is one of few two player game apps that allow you to modify your entire gameplay.

It also features a beginners’ practice mode so that players can improve their skill level before they deep-dive into the game proper.

Download Thumb Fighter

8. 8 Ball Pool

Here is one of the best 2 player app games developed for pool players to enjoy on their iPhone or Android devices.

You can decide whether to play against pool legends or against your friends.

The 8 Ball Pool app has been touted as the number 1 pool game in the world.

Another cool feature of this game app for 2 players is that it allows you to play one-on-one or take part in tournaments where you could win trophies.

Players can use their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) to challenge other players anytime, anywhere.

You can even incorporate the 8 Ball Pool app with your iMessage application drawer and play with your pals.

Download 8 Ball Pool

9. Bouncy Basketball

This game is based primarily on physics.

The Bouncy Basketball gaming software from Dreamon Studios was developed for both iOS and Android devices.

It is one of the best 2 player apps for lovers of basketball.

Here, players can start basketball battles with their friends.

It also features both one and two player modes.

It is loaded with multiple character skin, beautiful graphics, and pixel art for you to choose from.

Download this fun game app for 2 players on your smartphones and tablets and enjoy the experience with your friends.

Download Bouncy Basketball

10. Finger Fights

This is one of few 2 player apps that comes in packs.

The Finger Fights game pack contains a variety of thrilling games.

Some of these games include twin strike, soccer fight, math reactor, spider bounty, toy race, bouncy tunes, and many more.

All of these games can be easily enjoyed with your friends and family.

This game app for 2 players also features a few single games that players can play to eliminate boredom.

Finger Fights can be downloaded for free; however, at some point, you will be required to make purchases to remove any limitations.

Download Finger Fights

11. Who Can’t Draw

Introducing one of the best 2 player game apps for drawing experts.

This software is ideal for providing entertainment during a party or a quiet evening between two close friends.

The objective is easy. Player one is asked to draw a word within a fixed timeframe, and then the other players must interpret and duplicate the image.

Player two must then guess the given word, and he/she can suggest the player who was right during that round.

Players may also customize game play by adding popular themes such as Pokémon Star Wars, Big Screen, etc.

You can view ads to upgrade the game to its premium version or buy it via an in-app purchase.

Download Who Can't Draw

12. Word Scramble

This is a delightful game app for 2 players to enjoy on iPad and iPhone.

The objective is to discover a word out of a jumbled mess of letters by sliding or swiping your screen in-between letters.

Players can accumulate points and trophies in their gaming accounts.

This game is playable in three different modes: Marathon, Play Classic, and Blitz.

The Play Classic mode allows players to browse multiple words within a two-minute time frame.

The Blitz mode will require players to spell quickly and accurately.

The Marathon mode is not time-based, and players can locate clusters of words at once.

Download Word Scramble

In Conclusion

Here ends our curated list of top-tier 2 person game apps for iOS and Android devices.

Download them now to play and have some cool fun.

Gamers love these 2 player app games because of their uniqueness, tidy interfaces, as well as user-friendliness.