Top 10 Best Indian (Hindi) Web Series To Watch Right Now

Are You Looking To Watch The Best Indian Web Series To Watch Right Now? Here We Have Listed The Top Hindi Web Series List For Indian Web Series Lovers For 2020.

Top 10 Best Indian (Hindi) Web Series To Watch Right Now

If you consider yourself to be a web series enthusiast then you must be aware of how an increasing number of commendable web-based Indian entertainment has caught the attention of audiences worldwide.

That’s right; the Indian web series industry has expanded to become a source of inspiration as well as entertainment for about 4 million viewers.

The emergence of internet streaming service providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime has also helped to transform the landscape by constantly enabling endless binge-watching sessions for their customers.

Nowadays, creators are always looking to provide top-quality content that will help their audience to enjoy and appreciate the cinema depth on offer.

So what are the best web series to watch right now? Keep reading this post to discover which ones are trending around the world.

List Of Top 10 Best Indian Web Series for 2020 & Beyond

  1. Hindi Web Series: Kota Factory
  2. Hindi Web Series: Permanent Roommates
  3. Hindi Web Series: Sacred Games
  4. Hindi Web Series: Made in Heaven
  5. Hindi Web Series: The Family Man
  6. Hindi Web Series: Little Things
  7. Hindi Web Series: Mirzapur
  8. Hindi Web Series: Yeh Meri Family
  9. Hindi Web Series: Pushpavalli
  10. Hindi Web Series: Special Ops

1. Indian Web Series: Kota Factory

Let’s get started with Kota Factory a top hindi web series that follows the story of Vaibhav a 16-year-old student who is trying to find his path to success. It provides intricate details about student life in the city of Kota, and Vaibhav's efforts to pass his IIT exams.

Kota Factory is also popular for being the first black & white Indian web series with Jeetu Bhaiya, the character played by Jitendra Kumar, receiving the adoration of viewers. Kota Factory is undoubtedly one of the best web series to watch right now on YouTube and TVF Play.

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2. Indian Web Series: Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates is the next entry on our listicle and it has also ranked among the best hindi web series to watch right now in India. The story revolves around Mikesh and Tanya a young couple looking to take their long-distance 3-year relationship to the next level by living together in the same apartment.

Permanent Roommates is also one of the first web-based room-com shows from India with the first season capturing the attention of millions of viewers on YouTube and TVF Play.

3. Indian Web Series: Sacred Games

You’ll find Sacred Games on most top 10 Indian web series listicles made this year. This engaging crime thriller was one of the original Netflix web series in India and it ran for 2 seasons only.

Sacred Games revolves around a dangerous cat-and-mouse game between Sartaj Singh a police officer and Ganesh Gaitonde a criminal overlord. The show’s first season attracted lots of praise from viewers while the second season was subjected to heavy criticism. A third season remains uncertain due to the cliffhanger ending from the second season of the show.

4. Indian Web Series: Made in Heaven

So you want to find out what's the best hindi web series to watch in India right now?! Made in Heaven is a must-watch story about Tara and Karan (played by Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur) two wedding planners based in Delhi who are trying to avoid getting overwhelmed by life’s issues.

The shows’ first season wowed viewers across the world as the pair tried to sort through each others’ problems and it’s not surprising to discover that a second season is currently in the pipelines.

5. Indian Web Series: The Family Man

Millions of web TV fanatics are already familiar with The Family Man one of the best web series to watch in India right now. This Indian action thriller comes with an 8.6 out of 10-star rating on IMDB with Manoj Bajpayee starring as the main character.

The plot revolves around a male middle-class intelligence officer working secretly for the T.A.S.C, a covert section of the government’s National Investigation Agency as he attempts to strike a balance between his work and normal life. Two more seasons are scheduled for release this year after the success of the first season.

6. Indian Web Series: Little Things

You too can check out Little Things right now to discover for yourself why it ranks among the best Hindi web series out there. It has an engaging plot that revolves around a young couple in their 20s cohabitating together as they navigate the ups & downs of contemporary life in modern-day Mumbai.

As the show progresses, their problems get bigger even as their relationship matures. The show’s flagship season is available on YouTube while subsequent seasons are available for Netflix subscribers exclusively.

7. Indian Web Series: Mirzapur

Mirzapur is yet another highly entertaining recommendation you’ll find on most top 10 Indian web series listicles made this year. The show is filmed primarily in Mirzapur, together with a few other scenes shot in Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Raebareli, Varanasi, Ghazipur, Gorakhpur, and Lucknow.

The storyline revolves around various acts of lawlessness including drugs, murders, and guns. Mirzapur’s first season created a strong impression among viewers and now the follow-up season is quite highly anticipated.

8. Indian Web Series: Yeh Meri Family

Have you been searching for the best web series to watch right now in India? Yeh Meri Family is a must-watch for avid fans of online entertainment. The storyline of this Indian comedy-drama revolves around the life of Harshu Gupta a teenage character played by Vishesh Bansal.

This brilliant family show plays out in the 90s era and altogether, the relationship between family members will generate a wide range of emotions in viewers. It is currently available for viewing on YouTube, Netflix, and TVF Play.

9. Indian Web Series: Pushpavalli

You'll enjoy the way the plot unfolds in Pushpavalli a charming comedy-drama and one of the best web series to watch out for in 2020. You get to follow the story of Pushpavalli as she falls in love with a boy at a convention for organic foods.

Because she can’t stop thinking about him, she secretly changes her career and moves to a different city in a courageous expression of love.

10. Indian Web Series: Special Ops

With Special Ops, you can enjoy watching a top hindi web series that features Kay Kay Menon as the main character. This Indian espionage thriller is very engaging and will keep you entertained for long hours.

You get to follow a special RAW unit as they bravely attempt to uncover the evil mastermind behind the recent terrorist attacks that shook the country.

Final Take

That’s it for our list of top 10 Indian web series you can binge-watch this year.

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