Spotify Premium Apk Download v8.5.51.942 (100% Working)

Spotify Premium Apk Download, Get The Modded Version Of Apotify Premium For Free To Unlock All The Features Of Spotify. Listen Ad-free Unlimited Music Today. Download Spotify Premium Mod APK Now!

Spotify Premium Apk Download v8.5.51.942 (100% Working)

Are you a music lover? If yes, then chances are you’ve heard about Spotify.

And if you’re anything like me I’m sure you’d also like to own a widespread free music collection available for you to listen to anytime, anywhere.

With Spotify Premium APK, you can listen in on a countless number of free songs and podcasts!

You even get to experience listening to songs in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, English, and other major languages. 

The Spotify Premium APK music library can also be categorized according to albums, genres, artists, and playlists, which gives you the option of having your favorite tracks ready to play.

The Spotify Premium APK is essentially the modified version of the official Spotify Android app which was developed to provide users with access to all the Premium Spotify features at zero cost.

Imagine being able to play millions of free tracks and podcasts from all over the world devoid of any sponsored advertisements.

Dear reader, have you been scouring cyberspace for the Spotify Premium mod APK built for listening to millions of free tracks ad-free online directly on your smartphone?

Then you’re in luck because you can find the download link right here in this post. 

What Exactly Is the Spotify Premium Mod APK?

Like we’ve said before, it’s basically a well-known online song streaming and listening Android platform.

But you must also know that the Spotify software comes in 2 different (free and paid) variants.

The paid Spotify edition is what is often referred to as Spotify Mod APK, or Spotify Premium APK

Although it has become extremely popular, this APK software pack is still not yet available for download in several countries.

The Spotify APK Premium app is also missing from the Google Play Store.

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But you’ll be pleased to know that there are lots of other proven methods to obtain both the PC and Android versions of the Spotify APK download for free.

In this post, we will be describing how to get the Spotify Premium mod otherwise known as the Spotify Premium APK currently circulating around the internet. 

Free & Premium Spotify Versions: Major Differences

Users of the free version of Spotify will already know that there aren’t very many features available on it for use.

You can’t download music, enjoy ad-free song streaming, skip tracks, listen offline, HD music, etc with the free Spotify.

On the other hand, the Premium Spotify version aka Spotify Premium APK serves up lots of enjoyable features that you must pay to access.

These premium features are as follows:

Spotify Premium Major Features:

1. HD – Music

Song quality is very important to any music lover.

Having to listen to your favorite music in poor audio quality will only make for a bad experience.

The Spotify Premium APK can boast of a superior audio quality to most other free online music streaming services. 

2. Download Free Music for Listening Offline

Being able to play your favorite downloaded playlists even when your smartphone is offline is arguably the best Spotify Premium APK account feature.

The free Spotify service is only able to play songs when your mobile device is online. However, network issues can sometimes occur during poor weather conditions in your area or whenever you are on the move. 

3. Ad-Free Premium Music

Even though users of the free Spotify variant can stream music online, they will feature sponsored ads.

With the free Spotify edition, you can expect to come across all kinds of video, audio, and display ads in a constant cycle.

These visual and voice ads typically run for about 30 seconds and can interfere with your music stream. 

If you wish to prevent the random advertising, you only have to install the Spotify APK download for use on your gadget. 

4. Stream, Download, & Play Unlimited Songs

 Are you looking to save all your favorite tracks from Spotify directly onto your smartphone?

This can only be done after you install the Spotify Premium mod APK.

All you have to do afterward is search for your favorite song and proceed to click on the Download button. 

How to Download & Install the Spotify Premium Mod APK for Free

Now we have arrived at the part you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re an Android user and wish to install and use the Spotify Premium APK on your smartphone, you only have to follow the simple steps we’ve described right here:

  • You can start by clicking on the free Spotify Premium APK download link provided below.
  • If this is your first time installing the Spotify Premium APK software on your smartphone, you might have to go to your device Settings > Security and then click on Enable Unknown Sources > Allow 3rd-party software installations.
  • You can now go back to the Spotify APK download file and launch the software to begin installing.
  • The entire process of installation usually lasts under a minute so you shouldn’t have to remain patient for too long. You can click on the Finish button as soon as the installation is complete.
  • After the installation, you can proceed to launch the Spotify Premium APK and start using it to fulfill your music listening ambitions. 

    Spotify Premium APK Version Info & Download Link:

    App Name Spotify Premium Apk [MOD]
    Size 32 MB
    Downloads 500M+
    Last Update 14 April 2020
    Offered By Spotify LTD.
    Installation Guide Read Here
    Download Link

    How to Download the Spotify Premium Mod APK on Your Windows Laptop or Desktop

    Everyone knows that the Spotify application is smartphone-based, so if you wish to use the Spotify APK Premium service free of charge on your Windows computer, you would first have to install a 3rd party Android emulator software.

    Afterward, you can click on the free Spotify APK download link we’ve provided below:

    Free Spotify Premium Accounts -


    Here’s hoping our guide on how to get the Spotify Premium mod APK was useful for you.

    You too can now experience one of the foremost premium music services on the planet for free.