Best Places To Sell Used Furniture Online Locally (2020)

Read Reviews & Explore The Best Places To Sell Used Furniture Online Locally. Selling old furnitures can be an easy task with these websites & apps including Craigslist, Letgo, & More.

Best Places To Sell Used Furniture Online Locally (2020)

Furniture refers to household items that we regularly replace. The regular replacements result from family needs or changes in decor styles. Most of the replaceable furniture is in good condition. Thus selling it can be a simple way to supplement your income through earning a small sum of cash. You don't need to haul off your used furniture to the dumping site.

But instead, you can resell them at a low cost as a second-hand item. They are thus allowing you to earn cash to meet the budget of a new one. Are you skilled in furniture restoration? If yes, you can earn easy money online by sell it. The challenge is where to sell used furniture? However, this article serves as a guide to bring insight to you where you can sell furniture online. Check it out!

10 Best Places To Sell Used Furnitures Online Locally:



Local Newspaper

Facebook Marketplace

Consignment Stores




1. Craigslist

craigslist - sell used furniture

Craigslist ranks top among the best online places where you can sell your furniture online. This is due to it being the most visited online classified website. Thus in craigslist, listings are done freely, demanding only a few minutes to get it done. 
As a way of attracting many buyers into your sales, it is recommendable to include the piece(s) images and photos. Also, adding a brief and detailed description is of great advantage in increasing the buyer's interest. In deciding to make a purchase, buyers prioritize the product details.

With Craigslist, you can sell furniture online from your home. Or even when you have bought a rental property, and you require furniture model change. In both cases, Craigslist will serve you best to sell used furniture online.

2. Letgo

letgo - where to sell furniture

Letgo is a popular site serving as Craigslist alternative. To list your products, Letgo puts much emphasis on product pictures, and this makes it a colorful app to use. Unlike Craigslist, which is headline-oriented when buying furniture, buyers on Letgo are interested in seeing the picture of the product first. Therefore, it is most likely to attract more buyers when Using Letgo to sell your used furniture than on craigslist.

Letgo lets you sell furniture online or using their app; this app or online sell services are entirely free. As a result of image love, letgo app allows you to take a picture using your smartphone and then upload the snapped image within a fraction of seconds. After uploading the image, you now proceed to product description inclusive of the price.

Using the in-app chat icon, you can directly communicate with buyers. Are you in need of extra privacy, try using letgo it will serve you best? Additional security and privacy make the app more reliable than others. Last but not least, this site allows the buyers to view the other items and products you list. Although the buyer may click an item and not to buy it, this collective view may lead to him/her buy another product you are selling.

3. Local Newspaper

Although the circulation of newspapers may not necessarily be expanding in recent days, this should not quench your desire to sell your furniture. This is because there is a regular growing readership that shop locally.

Are you aware that most newspapers offer free prints and online ads? Although you have to sell items below a specific price. For instance, you can be required to sell the item at $100 or less to get a free listing. You can partner with newspapers to sell your used furniture online.

You can as well make payment to place a print ad for your high-value furniture. However, paid classifieds are expensive; thus, this should considering when selling antiques or new items since the cost will cut across the profit gained from the item sold.

4. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace - sell furniture online

Facebook ranks on top pages as one of the best apps where you can sell your items locally and even online. The astonishing part is that Facebook is free. All you need to do is to prepare a sales list locally of the buy and sell group page.

Facebook offers yard sale groups where you can sell your furniture online to other people with the group. To make sales in these Facebook groups, you are required to enter a detailed description of the items you are selling. To attract more buyers, try to highlight the key features and price of the product.

If you need to start a furniture restoration business, you can use paid Facebook ads in sponsoring your listings. These ads can be of high effectiveness in attracting local shoppers. The ads are displayed on the Facebook page between all status updates. However, you can project the ads to a specified geographical area or even a particular age group and gender.

5. Consignment stores

These stores let sell used furniture locally. Therefore they provide a side hustle strategy. You will only be paid when the item sells, allowing the store to keep some sales proportion. The part of sales remitted pays for renting their space as well as transaction fee. Renting for many months may lead you to pay a monthly rental fee. Some of the consignment stores include;

A. Route 66 Furniture

route66 furniture - selling old furnitures

Here at Route66 Furniture, you get your kicks whereby you can buy and sell used furniture online. All you need to start is to take of the products you need to sell and then email its details to Route 66. Route 66 will make a follow up in one business day whereby coordination for pickup time and venue may be discussed. Upon pick, the product goes to their warehouse, and once it sells, you earn 50% of the selling price.

The price for items that don't sell within 30 days is dropped. If your item doesn't sell after 60 days, it delists; thus, you can pay to have it shipped back to you or make a request to relist it.

B. Sothebyshome

Sothebyshome - how to sell furniture online

Sothebyshome is another consignment store though preferred for expensive items. The process of selling starts when an assessor visits your house, takes photographs, and finally prices your furniture. All the products should be new or not in bad condition and of a designer brand. You can also sell used furniture in good condition.

Upon analysis of your items, Sothebyshome creates a listing on their website and as well send it to social media and even to the email blast. Sothebyshome matches your listing with the perfect buyers. The listing is open to buyer’s offers whereby you can decline them when the suggested price is below your set price. Upon sales Sothebyshome ships, 60% of the selling price. Sothebyshome is a simple strategy to sell furniture online.

6. eBay

Using eBay lets you have options whether to sell your items at auction or sell at a fixed price. For small pieces, you can sip them at a little profit, while for big ones, you can choose a local pickup station since it may be too costly to ship.

Also, you can sell furniture online via eBay, where it is easy for furniture shoppers to shop. To find all relevant furniture results, buyers may click on the visual images provided, and this allows being the seller not to worry about the buyer's ability to have the exact match of keywords he/she keys in. With eBay, you can either sell used furniture or even new furniture online. eBay keeps 13% of the sales made on a particular item.

7. Shopify

shopify - selling furniture online

With Shopify can create our own business and a website. It is these your pre-made templates that you can use to build up an online storefront. Shopify allows online shopping carts that handle the processing of payments. When selling in-person, Shopify provides mobile card readers as well.

Here at Shopify, you can sell furniture online, among other items, since Shopify offers a non-paid stock of photos as a way of enhancing your website. When faced with any problem, Shopify is available 24/7; you can reach them for help. Shopify analytics tools help in recording details about your marketing set goals and the types of customers who visit your online store.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media outlet that allows you to list your furniture for sale. This platform lets you sell from your website. Pinterest can be used to publicize your items and products free of charge. You can as well pin your product listing on other marketplaces like on Trove Market, or pay to boost a pin for high-value items.

9. - best way to sell used furniture has been running since 1999, serving as an online commerce site. Here at, you generate a piece of local furniture listing inclusive of ads for $1. lets you sell with ease in other online sites like eBay, Google products, and Big-commerce, among others.

Here Are The List Of Best Places To Sell Used Furniture Online Locally:

  1. Craigslist (Best Overall)
  2. Letgo (Best App To Sell Furnitures)
  3. Local Newspaper (Costly But Effective)
  4. Facebook Marketplace (Best Free With Furniture Section)
  5. Consignment Stores 
  6. eBay 
  7. Shopify
  8. Pinterest


In conclusion, the reason you are selling your furniture doesn't matter, and thus you can sell furniture online or locally if you want to. You can either choose to sell it yourself or through consignment. Above have some of the places that you can sell both new and used furniture either locally or online.