12 Best Places To Sell Used DVDs & CDs Online For Instant Cash (2020)

Here are the list of best websites & apps where you can sell your used DVDs & CDs Online For Instant Cash. Earn Easy Money By Selling Your dvds online & locally.

12 Best Places To Sell Used DVDs & CDs Online For Instant Cash (2020)

Trading of both used and new CDs and DVDs can be a great way of side hustle, thus allowing you to make money with ease. The sale of DVDs and CDs can be a way of maximizing your income and a way of cluttering your home. There are numerous platforms where you can sell all items inclusive of DVDs, among others.

These places offer the best services to market your CDs and DVDs with ease. It doesn't matter whether your listing consists of either a new collection or a timeless classic. You can make money without investing much time. Have a look!

Here Are The List Of Best Places To Sell Your Used DVDs & CDs Online Locally:

  1. Decluttr (Best Overall)
  2. Eagle Saver (Best With Local Presense)
  3. Sell DVDs Online (Best For Selling Game DVDs Online)
  4. SecondSpin (Best To Sell Any Kind Of DVDs)
  5. Bonavendi
  6. Amazon
  7. Ebay
  8. Facebook Marketplace
  9. Craigslist
  10. Pawnshops
  11. Bookstores
  12. Yard Sale Websites

1. Decluttr

decluttr - sell used dvds and cds

Decluttr platform lets you sell your used DVDs and CDs as well as Blu-ray, thus earning cash from the sales. Decluttr also buys all other electronics like cell phones, tablets, video game consoles, and textbooks, among others.

To get a go-ahead in selling your DVDs, you are required to key-in the barcode present in the items you want to sell. Shipping your items is done freely here at declutter. When you use PayPal or direct bank deposit a channel of payment, you will receive your money in the next 24 hours. A paper check will be mailed to you.

If you are interested in selling on the go, Decluttr mobile makes it possible to make sales of your CDs and DVDs. To get started, you need to scan the barcode that's attached to the item. The scanning of the barcode lets the listing process begin.

2. Eagle saver

eagle saver - sell cds, dvds blu-rays

Here at Eagle saver, you can sell both used and new DVDs and Blu-Rays. To start selling, all you need is to scan and enter the barcode that is present below the products UPC barcode. The scanning of the barcode will allow you to receive an instant price quote of your CDs or DVDs that you want to sell. With Eagle Saver, you can sell your items at ease.

Since Eagle accepts USPS and FedEx, the shipment of your DVDs will be free of charge. Upon receiving your items, payment is posted the next day, either through PayPal or paper check.

The best thing with Eagle saver is that they offer a free return delivery of items that they won't buy. Eagle savers may make returns of the items that they consider not to meet their standard quality, thus leading to the purchase failure.

3. Sell DVDs online

sell dvds online

Here at Sell DVDs Online, you can sell your DVDs, CDs, and video game consoles, Blu-Rays, among other items. To get started, you are required to scan and enter the barcode present below the UPC. Entering this code in the website box will let you receive a price quote of the item you are selling.

It is a requirement that CDs or DVDs should be in good condition. The discs shouldn't have scratches, chips, or even missing pieces. Shipping is done freely. The sale of DVDs and CDs will boost your income. Upon receiving the shipped package, the payment process starts, thus allowing you to receive your payment within 72 hours.

Payment is made either through PayPal or paper checks. New CDs or DVDs that are in their original package won't be accepted. Acceptance of brand new CDs fails because they can't be verified that they haven't been stolen, and the buyer is trying to make a quick sale to avoid being caught.

4. SecondSpin

secondspin - sell used cds and dvds online locally

Here at SecondSpin acceptance of kinds of DVDs title is guaranteed thus you can sell all CDs and DVDs of your choice. It is a must that the discs be in an excellent working condition, with no scratches or patches permitted. To get a go-ahead, you need to enter the items code into the website box the barcode under the UPC.

Once SecondSpin accepts your item, shipping is done free of charge. It is your choice to choose your best-preferred way of [payment between store credit, PayPal, and paper check. You can sell your DVDs or CDs personally at SecondSpin if you are living near the store.

5. Bonavendi

bonavenedi - sell dvds online

Here at Bonavendi, the selling process is quite different from most of the other vendors. Bonavendi is a search engine that you can use to obtain the best price quotation of your items; this makes Bonavendi a quick way of selling your DVDs and CDs, among other collection with ease.

A comparison of prices is made possible by entering each code independently by scanning the barcode using the Bonavendi mobile app. It is after you get your suitable price quote for the item you want to sell, you know, to choose the vendor whom you want to sell to. Once the DVDs or CDs are received, the vendor will post payment as per the policy requirement.

6. Amazon

amazon global selling

Amazon Global Selling makes it possible for you to have different selling options in your trading. The fantastic aspect is that you can list your items, mostly DVDs, as a third-party listing. Payment is only made when your CD or DVD sales and you mail it to the buyer.

Although amazon remits some commission from the transactions you make, there is the possibility to earn more money form items that don't meet the quality of other buyback vendors. Also, you can sell at a higher value than when using a trade-in price.

The second option to sell your DVDs at Amazon is by using the trade-in option. However, this isn't a cost-effective way since the trade-in value can be lower than when doing self-sale of your CDs and DVDs. Payment is posted instantly when Amazon receives your DVDs package.

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7. eBay

sell used dvds and cds on ebay

Are you in need of selling your DVD online to the best and highest bidder that you want? eBay can solve your need by auctioning your items off. To sell, you are required to add a brief product description, product pictures, and price, this can be ab excellent way of selling the items independently or as a bundle.

From there, the amount you quoted serves as a starting bid. The shipping fee is charged for the items you want to sell. For your items to sell more, you can include phrases like "Buy It Now."

8. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

Facebook market place allows you to sell your DVDs without dealing with the hassle of shipping. Listing is done free and no delay in receiving your payment since it is done instantly when you meet the person you want to trade with. You can sell through buy and sell groups too. You should read the group's guidelines to ensure that you sell your DVDs effectively.

9. Craigslist


Here at Craigslist, you can sell your used DVDs, whether single or bulk packs. Likewise to Facebook, listing in Craigslist is free remitting all profit you obtain from the sales. To sell your products, you have to arrange a meetup place with the buyer. Payment will be made instantly on the spot.

10. Pawnshops

Visiting pawn shops allow you to sell your DVDs locally. You just need to visit the shop's location with your items, whereby the staff gives a review and thus offer a price quotation for the collection. Once you accept the price offered, you receive payment instantly, thus selling your DVDs in their store.

Knowing the trade-in value will help you negotiate the best value. If the suggested price does not meet your expectations, you can sell your DVDs by yourself, thus earning more money.

one of the best example there for pawnshop is https://www.pawnamerica.com/

11. Bookstores

Used bookstores will buy not only books but also movie CDs, DVDs, and video games. The amount of payment you get depends on the demand for DVDs. As a way of maximizing your profit, it is advisable for you to consider selling your DVDs from the store credit; this is because most bookstores offer a better rate.

12. Yard sale

Do you wish to sell your DVDs without moving out of your home? A yard sale can be a great option to sell your items. To increase and attract more buyer's interests, you should advertise your items on a local or online yard sale app. You can also make a listing of your valuable DVDs as a way of generating more sales interests.


In conclusion, it is possible to sell your used DVDs or CDs online or locally. Most vendors will offer free shipping. Payment is made once the shipped package is received. Also, you advertise your DVDs and sell them locally from your comfort without making any shipping to the buyers. It doesn't matter the channel you follow in selling your DVDs; it is recommendable you make a price comparison from different vendors.