8 Best Places To Sell Used Clothes For Cash Online (August 2020)

Want to make some extra cash for your used clothing & accessories by reselling them? Here we listed the best places (websites & apps) to resell your used clothing & apparel for more money & store credits.

8 Best Places To Sell Used Clothes For Cash Online (August 2020)

Selling clothes online will help you make money, your closet will help you achieve this. If you are a fan of fashion trends flipping clothes will be your hobby. These are several places you may find clothes to sell;

Despite the places you find the clothes to sell, there are places you may sell your clothes online too. For the new sellers you need to look for free shipping sites;

8 Best Places To Sell Used Clothes & Accessories Online

  1. ThreaduP (Best Overall)
  2. Tradesy
  3. Poshmark
  4. Shopify
  5. Cafepress
  6. Craigslist
  7. Facebook Marketplace
  8. Instagram

1. ThredUP

threadup - sell your used clothes online

This is the largest online consignment store that accepts women and children's clothing, shoes, and handbags. It gives out a "clean out" bag for you to ship your dress for free, once they receive the bag you are paid up to 80%of the resale value per item.

The unsellable items are given out to a charity partner.

Before shipping your items, you are required to use the online calculator to estimate the income potential; to keep any things ThredUP rejects, you will have to pay a $10.99 return fee.ThredUP will help you to sell quickly; they might not pay out most but have to sell the item for profits.

2. Tradesy

tradesy - sell clothes online

This is another online brand clothing marketplace that allows the sale of accessories, shoes, wedding accessories, and bags. You are supposed to create a listing for your items based on their brand name, rate the condition of the quality than to upload the pictures of every article.

After this tradesy optimizes the image to increase all the items, then ships for free.after sell off the elements, Tradesy offers payment either through PayPal cash, store credit, direct bank deposit, or through a prepaid debit card. The highest paying option is the Tradesy store credit that fits in if you want to replace your wardrobe.

3. Poshmark

poshmark - sell used clothing online

Poshmark is one of the fewest best online sites where you can sell your clothes online, mostly men's clothes. You can as well sell children and women clothes, shoes, and bags. Poshmark takes only a few minutes to get a startup. Users are capable of following and searching you as well as browsing you with eas at your closet. It takes less than a minute to list an item. To attract many buyers' interests in your product, you will be required to add a few images and upload a brief product description. Poshmarks permit you to upload seven images per item. The app will let you do all these listing processes.

Upon the sale of your items, Poshmark sents a prepaid shipping label to you as your payment. If the item can't fit the mailbox, you can arrange of home pick up schedule. To place the home schedule pick, you will be needed to visit the US postal service website. Scheduling a pick up is done free of charge, which at a time is faster than driving to the post office. As a way of boosting your sales, you should share the item on Posh Party in your closet.

4. Shopify

shopify - sell used clothes online

The exchange of clothes for money is an excellent idea. This is called retail arbitrage. Shopify allows you to sell your used clothes either online or locally. Also, you can make a partnership with the brand to drop ship new items. To use dropship, you're required to create a website that will as well list your items on social media. The Shopify platform creates a store for you as well as handling payments. Your partner on dropship will ship the sold items from the website to you. The coordinative sale will let you earn a commission.

Owning your website will grant you numerous benefits like;

  • Accumulation of high profit
  • You can publicize your brand
  • 'Hands-off' retail strategy

Having these Shopify ideas permits you to have choices to sell both owned and not owned clothes. You can create a website to attract more traffic, as this will let you spend less time or money on building the inventory idea. Dropshipping allows you to spend less time to gain more profit.

5. CafePress

cafepress - sell clothes online

Are you in need of designing your clothing store? Then CafePress can be of great help. You will not be required for printing clothes for yourself, CafePress will do all for you. Graphic design software is all that you need to get a go-ahead of uploading your designs to CafePress.

Upon purchase of the item, CafePress will send the topic to the buyer. Once shipment od the thing is done, payment is made, and you receive it shortly. You can sell your customized clothes like fashion accessories, sweaters, hats, among others.

6. Craigslist

craigslist - sell used stuffs

Here is Craigslist, it is free to make listing and sell will this platform. Whether it is textbooks, used dvds & cds, furnitures or any other items to sell online locally. You will be required to plan a meet up with the seller to make the sales. Nearly all local Craigslist local-based boards consist of accessories section, thus allowing you to post any of your preferred items.

You will not be required to make any payments to ship your items; this makes your profit to accumulate to a higher value. As a way of reaching more potential buyers, you can consider selling your clothes through craigslist. It is advisable to give a trail to both Craigslist and Facebook at the same time.

7. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

With massive followers on Facebook, you can sell clothes online through the Facebook platform. Facebook ranks top as the best social media site worldwide; thus, you can reach more audiences in making your sales. The use of Facebook ads permits you to access the desired target shoppers. The shoppers are capable of visiting your online clothing store.

You can as well sell through Facebook using the local buys and trade groups. You can either sell your clothes either as single or in bulk packs. Here at Facebook, no payment of commission for items sold; thus, local selling is 100% free. To drive more traffic to your store, you should upload high-quality pictures and a brief description of the particular item. Confusing description, ads, and photos will lead to low sales or even making no sales.

8. Instagram

This site serves a great hotspot if in need of selling your clothes online. Most consumers use social media to do shopping, either consumable and non-consumable items like clothes. Teens and young people will be keenly looking for clothes fashions online and, firstly, on Instagram. Therefore it is possible to sell your clothing brands online with ease. However, Instagram won't allow you to sell your clothes directly; There are different approaches that you will follow. They include;

  • Take clear pictures of the clothes design
  • Build a good profile since it will be mostly visited by buyers to ascertain your worthiness. 
  • Exchange of contact information with the buyers.

It is free to use Instagram; thus, it can be an excellent opportunity to grow your business of selling clothes online. Do you need to sell your clothes online? Give a trial to Instagram.


In conclusion, you can sell your clothes at ease online; this will let you earn extra cash. The high places to sell your used clothes can be a great side-hustle idea. However, there is an infinite number of sites offering similar sites offering the same platform. There is no shipping fee needed, thus making it possible to sell both new and used clothes online. You can gain much profit from the sale of types of equipment on these platforms. Give them a trial. Best of luck!