10 Best Free PC Game Download Sites List (2022)

Here are the list of best free PC game download sites to download PC games for your windows devices. These are free to download pc game downlod sites for 2020.

10 Best Free PC Game Download Sites List (2022)

Do you remember how exciting it was all those years ago when you’d obtain a free trial Playstation disc along with a new PC game? Even though it had just 5 brief minutes of game time.

Nowadays, you can escape the stress of everyday life by installing entire virtual gaming environments such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Lead of Legends for free along with in-game expansions and other exclusive upgrades.

There are loads of other exciting free game titles available out there for you to choose from that will offer you endless hours of fun and entertainment in your leisure time.

After using our gaming know-how to sample most of the finest free-to-play PC game titles 2020 has to offer, we decided to let you know the best places to find them.

So brace yourself for our latest handpicked selection of 10 of the very best free game download websites out there: 

Best Free PC Games Download Sites 2020:

  1. Skidrow Games
  2. Fitgirl Repacks
  3. Acid Play
  4. Origin Games
  5. AllGamesAtoZ
  6. Megagames
  7. Caiman.Us
  8. Blizzard
  9. Ocean Of Games
  10. Fullgames.Sk

1. Skidrow Games

Let’s introduce you to another one of the most popular free game download websites available on the web right now.

Apart from being a great place to find your favorite PS4 & Xbox game titles, it is also one of the top free game download sites for PC on this list.

The site can boast of thousands of gaming apps under different categories such as simulation, action, puzzle games, arcade, song games, adventure, and more.

Moreover, all the download links for games you’ll find here are working and this site can also be accessed on PC after scanning a QR code.

2. Fitgirl Repacks

We’re talking about one of the best free game download websites ever made.

The Fitgirl Repacks domain delivers free PC games download to its users anytime, anywhere.

Apart from being the go-to platform for PC games, you can also find lots of game titles available for PS3/PS4 & XBOX version.

Moreover, there’s a vast collection of exceptional games which are 100% working with less MBs of files. A Must visit PC game downloads site.

3. Acid Play

This first entry on our list of free game download websites for PC offers up a considerable collection of exciting game titles from almost every genre.

The Acid Play domain has offered its users the best in free game titles since 2002.

The different categories of free games you’ll find on Acid Play include action, RPG, board games, arcade, card games, simulation, driving games, puzzles, etc.

You’ll be pleased to find a customized search feature that saves you time by helping you to filter through the abundance of games to find the exact one you’re looking for.

Its compatible PC platforms include OS X and Windows. 

4. Origin Games

Origin Games has ranked among top PC games download sites where you can find reliable download links to awesome PC games while you network with other users for free.

However, these free download links are made available for a limited time.

The Origin Games domain can also boast of a considerable collection of premium games.

All the games here are playable on both OS X and Windows platforms.

Apart from the variety of games available on the Origin Games platform, there are lots of social features such as profile management, meeting new people through online chat rooms and video streams.

Moreover, this free game downloading site will enable you to share your community integration and game library across major social media and game networking websites such as Facebook, Nintendo Network, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. 

5. AllGamesAtoZ

Perhaps you’ve been scouring the web endlessly for top free game download websites to visit; your search ends here.

AllGamesAtoZ is one of the best PC games download sites where you can find and download the full versions of your favorite game titles free of charge.

And you will find an abundance of fun and addictive games spread across different genres such as arcade, RPG, action, FPS, adventure, simulation, racing, and many others.

The AllGamesAtoZ gaming domain can even boast of providing multiple download links for each game.

Moreover, the free games available here are playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. 

6. MegaGames

The MegaGames domain was established back in 1998 and has evolved to become one of the top PC games download sites available online today.

MegaGames.com is now an all-inclusive hardcore gaming online resource which caters to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U platforms. It’s also a great place to find the best mods, mobile games, trainers, the latest gaming news, and cheat codes all at zero cost.

The free games you’ll find here are supported by OS X and Windows platforms.

7. Caiman.us

Are you into playing quality freeware games: with awesome screenshots, and the occasional expansions?

Caiman.us has ranked among the best PC games download sites made for such purposes.

This digital distribution platform can boast of more than 20 free game categories - 2D & 3D games included.

You’ll find the customized search option available to allow for quick access to your favorite game titles.

8. Blizzard

From the name, you can tell that this is a dedicated gaming domain. yes it is.

But it can also double as one of the best free PC game download sites.

It is a platform that is already popular for its regular updates of handpicked games by their developers.

Moreover, the fact that there’s a Promote your App feature on this website which allows game developers to endorse their own software makes this one of the best PC games download sites out there. 

9. Ocean of Games

It is one of the most popular store that provides you with some of the easiest solutions for finding, downloading, and playing free PC games.

The Ocean Of Games platform can boast of more than 1 million PC games list.

It also receives regular interface design and game updates to allow for smoother performance every time you visit.

All the games and apps available here are free of charge. It even supports translations to different major languages such as English, French, Korean, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, and Spanish. 

10. Fullgames.sk

Fullgames.sk is one of the best PC games download sites for this year.

You can find the best free PC games to run on your smartphone as well as on PS2 & Xbox.

You'll be pleased to know that the fullgames.sk domain has been online for over 6 years now and it has been certified as virus and malware-free by thousands of users.

Here Are The List Of Best Websites To Download Free Games On 2020:

  1. Skidrow Games (Best Overall)
  2. Fitgirl Repacks
  3. Acid Play
  4. Origin Games
  5. AllGamesAtoZ
  6. Megagames
  7. Caiman.Us
  8. Blizzard
  9. Ocean Of Games
  10. Fullgames.Sk

The Wrap Up

That’s it for our latest round-up of top Android and PC games download sites.

They are all secure and free-to-use so let nothing stop you from sampling as many as possible.