Paytm Wallet Add Money Offers November 2020 : New Promo Codes

Are You looking For Paytm Wallet Add Money Offers? Here We Will Share You All The New Working Promo Codes For Free Of Cost. Daily Paytm Promo Code For Add Money.

Paytm Wallet Add Money Offers November 2020 : New Promo Codes

The festive season is here again, and shoppers everywhere can start to expect various discounted offers while shopping from their favorite stores’ online portals.

Are you also looking to score some promo offer benefits? If yes, then you’ll be impressed by the additional cashback awards available with the Paytm add money offer.

That’s right your Paytm wallet balance can be used to enjoy precious shopping experiences. This digital wallet works like real cash and can be used for almost any kind of online transaction.

It gets better because you will be eligible for cashback offers on all bill payments, recharges, and purchases you make using your Paytm wallet.

You also get to find online posts (like this one) containing working Paytm add money promo code details for both new and existing customers.

Keep scrolling for more info on how this works! 

Paytm Add Money Promo Coupon Code Today

Paytm, the popular virtual payment platform, currently has an add money promo code offer for transactions made using your digital Paytm Wallet.

Would you like to get some Paytm add money promo code benefits? Below, we have provided a list of working coupon codes along with their validity. You can use them to add money to your Paytm wallet:

Add Money Offer Promo Code Users
10% Cashback GETNOW`0 All Users
Rs 50 Cashback GETNEW50 All Users
100% Cashback NEW5 New Users
Rs 10 Cashback GETFLAT10 New & Old Users
  • Customers who apply with the following voucher for Paytm mall: MAHASHOPAM will receive up to 6% (Rs. 1,000) cashback on all Paytm mall product purchases made.
  • Customers who make use of the following voucher code for Paytm First: PFADDMONEY125 will receive an Rs. 125 flat discount cashback for their Paytm First membership fees. Note that Rs. 750 is the minimum transaction offer value. 

Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code for 2020 [Expired]

Looks like you’ve decided to get in on the Paytm add money offer?!

Once you apply the MONEYFLY coupon code on Paytm add money you will be eligible to receive a 3% cashback flat rate on your flight bookings.

The maximum Rs. 1000 cashback offer applies to flight tickets only and this offer can be used just once. Your flight voucher also comes with a 30 day validity period.

If you wish to benefit from the offer, you’ll have to apply to add money via coupon code. You can expect to receive your flight voucher via email or SMS within 24 hours.

OLAONPAYTM is the second Paytm add money promo code you get to use for adding money to your wallet.

This particular promo code will earn you an Rs. 50 cashback reward for all your bookings made an Ola Cab via Paytm.

Note, however, that the offer will no longer be valid after the 31st of July this year. It can be activated on the official Ola Cab booking platform by using the Ola Mini application on Paytm. This offer is available once and for one person only during the period.

You can expect to be credited with your cashback reward within ten days after the transaction. 

Paytm Add Money Offer - [Expired] Get Up To Rs. 300 Cashback

You can receive up to Rs. 300 cashback reward when you add Rs. 200 or above into your Paytm wallet via credit card.

Also, you receive up to Rs. 75 when you use the Fastag voucher for your first transaction on add money. You can also receive as much as Rs. 75 when you use the Zomato voucher for your second add money transaction. 

If you go ahead to make a third add money transaction during the duration of the offer you will receive a movie voucher worth up to Rs. 75.

If you are able to add Rs. 2000 during the first add money transaction, you will receive a Zomato voucher worth up to Rs. 75. 

Paytm Add Money First Time Offer- [Expired]

Now we get to explain how to access the Paytm add money promo code offer for customers looking to add money to their digital wallet for the first time.

Using the NEW40 coupon code will get you Rs. 40 cashback rewards on your initial transaction. Note that the minimum transaction value here must be Rs. 40.

Perhaps the NEW40 coupon code is not working for you; you can try the NEW20 code which will deposit Rs. 20 into your digital wallet along with an Rs. 20 cashback reward on add money.

It’s really quite simple:

  • Use the NEW40 coupon code on add money.
  • Receive Rs. 40 cashback reward.
  • Only valid for new customers.

You could also, check out the savings account holders' service options on Paytm Payments bank application. 

Paytm Add Money Digital Wallet Offer for Existing Customers - [Expired]

How would you like to benefit from a Paytm add money promo code today?

You can receive up to 100% Paytm add money cashback rewards if you’re an existing user. In addition, there isn’t any minimum transaction requirement with this offer.

100 users are given a chance to get lucky every hour. Lucky winners will receive their cashback rewards within 24 hrs after the transaction.

It’s really quite simple:

  • 100 % cashback add money rewards.
  • Up to 100 users can win every hour.
  • You can use coupon codes multiple times.
  • This offer is available for both new & existing customers.
  • 100 is the maximum cashback.

How To Apply the Paytm Promo Code For Add Money

  • Launch the Paytm application,
  • Select Add money.
  • You can now input the amount you want to add to your digital wallet.
  • Look out for the “Have a promo code” option and then click on it when found.
  • Apply the working Paytm add money promo code.
  • You can now go ahead to add money to your account using any mode of payment that is applicable.
  • You will be credited with your cashback reward within the 24 hr period after the transaction. 

Get the Paytm Add Money Offer Using UPI - [Expired]

You can earn a cashback reward of Rs. 500 when you add money to your Paytm wallet with a Paytm UPI ID.

'LUCKYUPI500' is the add money promo code you should apply for this transaction. To use this particular promo code, you’ll have to pay via your Paytm UPI account.

Here, the minimum add money offer transaction amount is Rs. 250. As much as 250 lucky customers get to earn Rs. 500 cashback rewards daily with this offer.

In general:

  • 500 is the minimum add money transaction amount.
  • 500 is the maximum cashback.
  • Use the LUCKYUPI500 promo code.
  • Make payment via your Paytm UPI ID.

Get the Paytm Add Money Offer Using SBI Card - [Expired]

That’s right; you also get to earn add money cashback rewards by using different bank offers.

SBI Bank users have an excellent offer opportunity to receive extra value for their money by earning 4% cashback when they add money to their virtual wallet using their SBI credit or debit cards.

SBIADD is the working promo code to use for this transaction and then you can expect your cashback to be credited to your virtual wallet. 

Axis Bank Add Money on Paytm Offer - [Expired] 

The valid promo code Axis Bank cardholders can use to add money to their Paytm wallet is WLTAXIS. You will also receive a 5% cashback after applying this particular promo code.

Note also that this add money code is available only for a short period so you must apply it before it expires if you wish to receive the extra money value on offer. 

Paytm Add Money Promo Code Offer Today - [Expired]

Be sure to always look through the ‘Paytm add money offer today’ feature whenever you’re adding virtual money to your account.

This is where you get to discover the latest promo codes on offer that can give customers extra value for their money.

For example, there was a promo code available recently for UPI users where they were allowed to get an extra 1% value on add money cashback.

UPIFIFTY is the working promo code to apply and proceed to make payment via UPI. You can expect to be credited with your cashback reward within 24 hrs after the transaction.

An overview:

  • 50 is the Maximum cashback on offer.
  • Cashback is received after payment is made using UPI on Paytm 


Here ends our discussion on the latest add money to Paytm promocode offers.

You can stay tuned to this web page for all the latest Paytm transaction promo codes & offers.