Paypal Money Adder: 8 Best Apps That Give You Real Paypal Money (2020)

Check Out These Ultimate Paypal Money Adder Apps 2020 To Get Unlimited Paypal Money By Doing Simple Tasks Including Filing Surveys, Watching Videos, Downloading Apps & More.

Paypal Money Adder: 8 Best Apps That Give You Real Paypal Money (2020)

Have you been looking for ways to meet your financial responsibilities while sitting comfortably in your home? 

Of course, you could always ask your family members for free money or trade some of your belongings, but nobody I know likes doing that.

You could also try taking out a loan or a salary advance but that strategy is even worse.

Fun fact! The average smartphone user spends no less than four hours each day on their mobile devices – and approximately ninety percent of that period is spent using applications.

You should start looking for ways to convert all that tedious scrolling into some cool cash.

Fortunately, there are lots of side hustle applications that reward users through PayPal.

With the best side hustle apps installed on your smartphone, you can earn paypal money to meet most of your financial responsibilities.

We’ve gone ahead to round-up 8 of the most legitimate and reliable apps that will reward you with PayPal funds.

You only have to perform simple tasks like filling out surveys, shop online, watch videos, complete bargain offers and many other things we already enjoy doing.

Keep scrolling for details: 

Top Paypal Money Adder Apps That Give You Paypal Money Legally:

  1. Big Time Cash
  2. Money App
  3. Appstation
  4. Observa
  5. Easy Money
  6. Make Money
  7. Poll Pay
  8. Make Money - Free Cash App

1. Big Time Cash

Big Time can be the best Paypal Money Adder app that give you the opportunity to win or earn some prizes, dollars, sweepstakes, and giveaways.

Download the Big Time app today and proceed to unlock loads of amazing online games that will help you earn cash rewards at zero cost!

That’s right; you can earn money from playing video games for free.

All you have to do after installing the app is play any of the recommended in-app games and then gather as many tickets as possible to be eligible for the regular cash prize draws. 

You can increase your chances of claiming the cash prize by accumulating more tickets. 

You should check back during the draws to find out if your name appears on the winning coupon! The winnings are usually paid out via transfer of PayPal funds. 

2. Money App

This next entry on our list of paypal money adder apps is known for rewarding its users with cash for performing uncomplicated tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, product endorsements, playing free games, free trials, testing free services, and giving their opinions.

The Money app is also updated daily with new features and tasks so you can never exhaust your money-making options here.

You can receive cash rewards from anywhere, as long as you dedicate enough time to completing as many straightforward missions as possible.

It’s basically a quick, fun, and reliable way to earn a few extra bucks! 

3. AppStation

AppStation; yet another free reward app on this listicle that allows you to earn money from playing online games.

All you have to do here is select, download, install, and play your preferred games from the available list.

You will then be rewarded for each minute spent playing those games.

Appstation regularly rewards its users with virtual coins that can be redeemed for their favorite gift cards or other awesome rewards such as Amazon, PayPal, PlayStation, Google Play and Steam gift cards, coupons, vouchers, and lots more. 

4. Observa

Let’s introduce you to Observa a reward app with a community of over 100,000 users called Observers who double as secret shoppers.

All you have to do here as an Observer is visit recommended local stores, capture a few photos, and then answer some questions.

Sometimes, you’ll also be required to speak with an associate at the store. That’s about it! Download Observa now to earn PayPal funds or Bitcoin quickly, and effortlessly.

Completed gigs here payout between $4 and $20 through PayPal or Coinbase transfer. This side hustle app provides the perfect system to make money for movie nights, dinner dates, and other extraordinary occasions. 

5. Easy Money

Easy Money is a top reward app that comes with an effective payment system for earning money on the internet and then cashing out.

You only have to download and install it to begin completing new offers and watching videos daily.

You can make at least $10 each week from using this app. You can even make use of multiple devices to earn more money easily.

This app pays out rewards in the form of PayPal funds, Amazon, Steam, Skrill, Google Play & App Store gift cards, as well as WebMoney. 

6. Make Money

Free Cash Rewards: Perhaps you’re constantly on the lookout for reliable reward apps; you can download Make Money and find out firsthand why it has ranked among top rewards apps so far in 2020.

With Make Money you can earn actual money by collecting credits and sampling free apps, testing services, completing surveys, and giving your opinion.

You can use the Make Money app to accumulate several thousands in credit rewards, while lots of other reward apps can only offer you a thousand.

The credit points you have gathered can be withdrawn as cash directly into your PayPal account. 

7. Poll Pay

Poll Pay enables you to quickly earn your second salary in the form of cash and free voucher rewards after taking simple polls and surveys on your mobile device.

Because the perfect side hustle nowadays is on your mobile phone, Poll Pay has become a leading survey application that pays out cash rewards.

You can make money from your home while you wait for that alternative job to come through. Clever gift vouchers won't earn themselves; the process has been made easier than before with Poll Pay. 

8. Free Cash App

You can earn actual money anytime & from anywhere by performing uncomplicated chores on this reward app.

Besides sampling recommended free apps, watching videos, completing surveys, and other such easy tasks, there are no complicated missions here for you to carry out before being rewarded.

The system allows you to accumulate credit rewards and later redeem them for cash through PayPal transfer. 

The Takeaway

That’s it for our latest round-up of side hustle apps 2020.

Feel free to try out as many of paypal money adder apps as you can to increase your money-making opportunities.