10 Best Online Chat Games: Social Games With Chat Rooms (2022)

Check Out The The List Of Best Best Online Chat Games & Social Games With Chat Rooms For Fun Gameplay. These Online Chat Games Are Available With Avatars For Chat Rooms. Check Them Out Now.

10 Best Online Chat Games: Social Games With Chat Rooms (2022)

Have your online conversations gone stale? In this period of self-isolation and quarantine, we all have to find ways to perk up our spirits and social interactions.

Fortunately, Android-based chat room games have been trending lately, and they represent the ideal solution to get the proper mood flowing again.

From classic online social games like Would You Rather and Hangman to weird games such as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, there are loads of funs and thrilling chat room games available for you to try.

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In this post, you’ll find our curated selection of 10 free online chat games you can play on your smartphone: 

Here Are The List Of Best Best Online Chat Games: Social Games With Chat Rooms

1. Lady Popular

This first entry on our list of online social games is for the ladies and it comes with awesome graphics and an easily recognizable pink color.

This fun and challenging game will allow you to customize your own version of a supermodel and then start a career in the glamorous fashion industry.

Lady Popular has ranked among the best online chat games with avatars that are free and easy-to-play.

The distinct pink interface features a wide variety of mini-games each having malls, pets, the occasional duel, and boyfriends.

This isn't your average dress-up game. You can also customize the appearance of your lady. From hair, clothes, & skin, to makeup, and other accessories; any conceivable look is virtually doable.

You even get to customize your pets.

Moreover, Lady Popular is one of those online multiplayer games with chat where you can join millions of other players and play for free. 

2. Habbo

Introducing Habbo; one of the top online social games we’ve sampled this year.

Habbo is an epic pixelated virtual MMO game that comes with role-playing, chatting, trading, building, and crafting.

It is an awesome platform to play online games while you meet lots of people and make new friends.

You won’t have to pay subscription fees to join the Habbo community. However, you could decide to activate the premium plans at an affordable price.

Also, there are loads of personalization options available on the Habbo game.

This is one of the best chat room games on this list that can deliver different experiences such as Habbo Home, and Habbo Games along with a couple of additional extensions. 

3. Lucent Heart

Say hello to one of the finest online social games/chat rooms for meeting people and making new friends.

This highly customizable game will allow you to select and design your characters to suit your taste.

It has also ranked among the best online chat games with avatars and although its user base is mostly from Asia, it is rapidly becoming popular in Europe and America.

Lucent Heart comes with dating and matchmaking features in full detail to help you find your true soul mate.

You can join the online Lucent Heart community and start your adventure after completing the free sign up process. 

4. Planet Calypso

This is one of those online social games you can download and enter by completing the free sign up process.

You will love its amazing layout and graphics. The entire game is also characterized by scientific fantasy.

Also, Planet Calypso is one of the best chat room games that can boast of its own cash economy where you can invest and trade as an entrepreneur cum explorer.

Moreover, it provides players from all over the world with the opportunity to chat online while still enjoying their preferred MMO experience. 

5. Second Life

You can connect, communicate, and explore in Second Life; one of the best online social games on this list that offers Endless 3D Experiences.

This highly interactive game comes with lots of handy personalization tools to help players to select and create formidable characters. There’s also a job creation option.

Second Life gives players the opportunity to discover the world, while they socialize and make new friends.

You can create 3D content and discover unbelievable experiences in this game’s vibrant virtual communities of fascinating individuals from all walks of life. 

6. The Salem

The Salem is yet another highly interactive social platform on our list of top online social games in 2020.

If you enjoy playing online multiplayer games with chat, the Salem is one you must try this year.

The plot will involve players gathering as many resources and materials as possible, so you can endure to the next chapter in the conflict.

Anyone familiar with the colonial history of Salem will attest to the explicit detail of this social MMO.

It basically highlights a few of the historical scuffles humanity faced in the past while presenting an opportunity for endless socializing and creating fun moments with your online friends and associates. 

7. Roblox

Download the latest version of Roblox, sign up for free, and let the fun begin!

This is currently one of the most popular online social games and chatting platforms that lets players choose from a wide variety of characters, plugins, meshes, decals, plus thousands of other features to create a fully immersive experience.

On Roblox, you will get the opportunity to play games, create adventures, and role play, even as you learn and have a fun time with family and friends.

It can boast of an easy-to-use interface for quick navigation and engaging 3D gameplay.

Moreover, it has ranked among top online multiplayer games with chat that enjoys support from lots of devices and computer operating systems, which makes it possible for players to access the Roblox environment effortlessly on your Android device, iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, Xbox, as well as Amazon devices.

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8. The MapleStory2

So you want to play free online chat games?!

MapleStory 2 delivers epic MMORPG adventures along with boldly imaginative and iconic 2D appeal.

This fantasy RPG environment contains eye-catching virtual cities such as Henesys, Kerning, and Perion which you must explore to discover your story.

With MapleStory 2, you will be involved in knocking over buildings and cutting down forests; pretty much everything you can expect from a fast-paced multi-player combat game. 

9. The 5 Street

Welcome to The 5 Street a free-to-play multiplayer dance game that can boast of the latest in fashion & music.

The 5 Street online game is all about dressing up fashionably, socializing, and dancing to awesome musical hits.

Moreover, it will enable players to generate and personalize their own characters.

You must navigate the cityscape accompanied by a multitude of other players, to a foremost dance competition where you can showcase your fashion acumen and individuality. 

10. IMVU

Are you looking to hang out online and make new friends? 

Download IMVU now to own one of the best online social games that come with a 3D avatar chat environment.

The IMVU game will enable you to select a unique avatar that you can use to enjoy the gameplay.

You can easily tell from the inviting animations and graphics on the homepage, that the IMVU platform has a lot more to offer. 

The Wrap-Up

There are loads of entertaining online chat games available to keep you actively engaged.

Feel free to try as many of them as possible for maximum variety.