Top 10 Most Strongest Pokémon List | Most Powerful Pokémons Ranked

Curious To Know About What Are The Best, Most Powerful Pokemon Charater Of All Time? Here We Have Compiled The List Of Most Strongest Pokemon Ranked.

Top 10 Most Strongest Pokémon List | Most Powerful Pokémons Ranked

Apparently, the Pokemon franchise is all about doing battle and the ever-expanding Pokemon universe is filled with all kinds of different creatures, continents, gods, dimensions, and realms.

Legendary and rare Pokemon monsters are usually regarded as the strongest creatures in the gaming franchise on account of their superior stats, abilities, and movesets.

Still, the question of which is the most powerful Pokemon is a difficult one to answer since the ideal Pokemon for any battle depends largely on situational factors.

Many of these unique beasts actually perform admirably hence, the reason why most players want to own them so badly.

Have you been wondering which one is the most powerful Pokemon you can use on the competitive scene? You’re welcome to the right place for that kind of info.

Behold our handpicked selection of the top 10 strongest Pokemon

Here Are The List Of Top 10 Most Powerful Pokémon List Of All Time:

  1. Mewtwo
  2. Rayquaza
  3. Growdon
  4. Kyogre
  5. Arceus
  6. Yveltal
  7. Ho-Oh
  8. LUGIA
  9. Kyurem White



We begin our list of top Pokemon with MewTwo; a legendary psychic-type Pokemon from Generation 1. Its powerful abilities are what make it more likely to emerge victorious during battles.

MewTwo can definitely dish out a lot of damage and even though they don’t typically evolve into other regular Pokemon forms, they are known to Mega-Evolve into two separate forms. MewTwo derives lots of versatility from its two Mega Evolutions.



So you want to discover the most powerful Pokemon?! The legendary Rayquaza Pokemon species are monsters that continually fly across the ozone layer, all the while eating meteoroids for sustenance. Rayquaza is still the strongest Gen III Pokemon that has Mega Evolutions.

The Mega Rayquaza can even withstand and challenge any permanent changes in weather from Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon. Moreover, it can dish out lots of damage, can counter many attacks, and has great coverage. The legendary Rayquaza Pokemon is perfect for use during competitive gameplay to either carry a whole team or to counter other Pokemon attacks.



According to famous legends, Groudon was one of the most powerful Pokemon during its first introduction. Groudon is often regarded as the embodiment of the earth itself. This ground-type legendary Pokemon makes it onto our list of top 10 strongest Pokemon on account of its ability to dish out dangerous ground-based attacks.

There are also tales of its memorable clashes against Kyogre, while they both sought to dominate the realm and gain more power. Make no mistake; Groudon can become an even larger threat especially because this Pokemon can harness the power of the sun during battles.



Next on our top 10 strongest Pokemon listicle is the Kyogre species which are considered to be a living embodiment of the oceans. There are famous stories about this legendary Pokemon’s many battles against Groudon, as both species sought to control Mother Nature’s raw power.

Kyogre (aka the Sea Basin Pokémon) is essentially a water-type Generation III Pokemon that was already extremely powerful before it evolved through a Primal Reversion. What makes the Primal Kyogre Pokemon stand out like a beast and an unpredictable advantage during battles is its ability to dish out serious attack damage.



Let’s introduce you to Arceus; a mythical normal-class Pokemon that has made it onto our top 10 strongest Pokemon list by virtue of its ability to transform into any type of Pokemon. Arceus can also boast of the highest non-Mega Pokemon base stats.

Arceus has every characteristic and ability you'd expect from a Pokemon god including flexibility along with an awesome moveset. Arceus is a beast that can be very difficult for many players to cope with.



You’re likely to find this legendary dual-type flying/dark Pokemon on every top 10 strongest Pokemon listicles made in recent times. Yveltal is a Generation VI Pokemon that has glowing red wings & tail feathers that can spread far & wide. Yveltal is also well-known for its ability to drain the life energy from other living creatures.

Sometimes referred to as the Destruction Pokemon, Yveltal is a harbinger of chaos. This flying wyvern has a wide pool of moves which include a potent flying attack which can also restore its user’s health.

7. HO-OH


Say hello to the legendary HO-OH; one of the most powerful Pokemon from Generation II. And even though it isn’t able to evolve or transform into other Pokemon types, it can be considered among the top 10 strongest Pokemon because of its ability to access the Regenerator - a very useful power any player could use for the entire game.

Moreover, the Ho-Oh Pokemon has the stats and moveset to perform well during both defensive and offensive combat. It can also boast of some of the strongest fire attacks for any Pokemon. 



Up next, we have the legendary psychic/flying Lugia. With Lugia, you have a Generation II Pokemon that makes it onto our list of top 10 strongest Pokemon on account of its powerful and devastating wings.

The Lugia Pokemon prefers to stay out of sight by living in deep uninhabited lands especially because one light flap of its vast wings can blow away regular buildings and structures. This diving Pokemon packs awesome tanky stats which ensure that it simply cannot be knocked out with a single hit. 


kyurem white

Kyurem White is a legendary dragon/ice-class Pokemon from Generation V. It is often called the Godzilla of the Pokemon franchise.

Kyurem makes it onto our top 10 strongest Pokemon listicle on account of its ability to wipe out almost any other Pokemon with a single hit. It also has a Turboblaze ability which can make most of its attacks immune to the abilities of other Pokemon. 


hoopa unbound

The legendary Hoopa Unbound is a staple on most top 10 strongest Pokemon listicles made in recent years. This huge bipedal Pokemon has six arms and a colorful appearance that is mostly bright blue along with purple hair and fur.

Hoopa Unbound has many strengths. They include the most powerful attack stats during battle which has helped it to develop a reputation for being a highly effective tankbuster.

What Are The Most Powerful Pokemon Of All Time?

Here Are Our Top Picks Of Best 5.

  1. Mewtwo
  2. Rayquaza
  3. Growdon
  4. Kyogre
  5. Arceus

The Takeaway

That’s it for our list of top Pokemon you can use to emerge victorious during battles.

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