10 Apps to Listen to Music Without Wifi or Data (2020)

Here are the compiled list of best free music apps to listen to free music without wi-fi or internet data. Top 10 Apps that don’t use WiFi or Internet including soundcloud, google play music & more.

10 Apps to Listen to Music Without Wifi or Data (2020)

Music is a form of soul food and it is all around us.

It keeps us entertained when we are bored and can even affect our emotions as well as dictate our mood while we go about our daily lives.

No wonder music apps have become a popular tool among smartphone users.

Whenever we wish to hear our favorite songs or other types of melody, we often turn to our music players.

While lots of people prefer to stream music online, there are still those of us who utilize offline music apps for playing downloaded songs.

However, it is almost impossible to own a compilation of all these free songs on one smartphone.

This is precisely where top quality music software can come in handy.

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A music app developed to let you stream, download, and store all the tracks you want, then you won’t need to experience any kind of internet connectivity hassles before soothing frayed nerves.

Best Music Apps to Use Without Wifi Or Internet In 2020

  1. Spotify
  2. Soundcloud
  3. Google Play Music
  4. Deezer Music
  5. Musicolet Music Player
  6. Music Player Offline
  7. JetAudio HD Music Player
  8. iHeartRadio
  9. Audiomack
  10. Pulsar Music Player

Today, we bring you a curated selection of the finest free music without internet apps you can use anytime, anywhere.

Due to their similar features, they might appear the same; but by paying close attention to the details, you’ll find that each one of them comes with something special.

Enjoy reading!

1. Spotify

spotify music

Even as the competition is now greater than ever, Spotify is still ranked among the best music apps to use without wifi.

It is arguably the coolest and most easy-to-use music player software available online.

The name “Spotify” has become synonymous with digital music, podcasts, and digital comics.

You can search for any song that is available on the app’s playlist and proceed to listen to it in great audio quality.

Besides the ability to download free music, the Spotify Premium app also allows you to create custom playlists so you can listen to all your favorite songs in sequence.

Get Free Spotify Premium APK

2. SoundCloud

soundcloud music

Did you know SoundCloud is now one of the largest online music sharing communities, with approximately 175 million music lovers listening each month?!

Its music collection features work from the best artists in the world and you’ll most likely find it on every best free music without internet listicle made this year.

Apart from being an awesome music player, SoundCloud has a few extra features, such as improved analytics, and allowing users to upload as much as six hours of audio.

SoundCloud even provides premium services for artists with the SoundCloud Pro feature.

3. Google Play Music

google play music

Of course, one should expect that the creators of the Android platform can develop one of the best free music without internet apps available on the planet.

Google Play Music offers free music, and ad-supported radio services, across different genres which have been categorized according to artist, album, generation, mood, and more.

Users can even save their music compilation and listen to them for free with this offline music player for Android systems.

4. Deezer Music

deezer music

Here is yet another commendable free music without internet app for Android devices.

You can download Deezer Music Player right now to own a smooth and user-friendly app that will enhance your music experience.

Deezer is a fun app that lets you save your favorite music directly onto your smartphone for your listening pleasure in offline mode.

Moreover, you will be impressed by its lightweight size and super quick file downloads. It also have an in-built karaoke singing app which will help you in singing with lyrics.

You’ll also love the custom themes, awesome layouts, and band equalizers available on this music app.

There are more than 53 million songs on Deezer for you to listen to and the program can even recommend new music based on your preferences.

5. Musicolet Music Player

musicolet music player

Let’s introduce you to Musicolet; another app on this list that lets users download free music without internet.

Musicolet music player is an excellent free app that is already quite popular among music lovers. With this app, you won’t even have to worry about sponsored advertisements popping up randomly.

Moreover, it can be used without any internet connectivity.

It shows lyrics, supports earphones & headsets, and also beautifies your phone with extraordinary widgets and lock screen.

6. Music Player Offline

music player offline

You can judge this particular music app by its name. Music Player App Offline is one of the best music apps that don t use wifi.

This app was developed to function by playing all the songs on your Android smartphone in offline mode.

Yet another noteworthy feature of this robust app is the way it can play practically any type of sound format; they include MP3, WMA, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, MIDI, OGG, APE, among many others.

It really doesn't matter which audio format, you can use this music player to play them in great sound quality.

You’ll also find a chic equalizer along with trendy themes and layouts on this offline music player.

7. JetAudio HD Music Player

jetaudio music player

Say hi to JetAudio HD Music Player; an awesome free music without internet app recommendation for Android users this year.

You can download an enormous amount of free tracks with this music app. You can also benefit from this entertaining app by sharing your personal music playlist among your friends via wifi.

Also, the audio quality is quite impressive. Plus, it has themes you can easily edit and customize.

Furthermore, JetAudio provides users with 14 widgets and 2 lock screens.

8. iHeartRadio

iheart radio

Download iHeartRadio right now to own one of the best music apps you can use without wifi.

This is a free music player that was explicitly designed to serve as a direct audio streaming gateway from radio stations, podcasts, and other available media channels on the internet.

The iHeartRadio app will even offer you access to a wide variety of local & international radio stations across the world. Is that cool or what?!

There are also numerous prearranged playlists on this app that you can choose from. Select songs according to mood, generation, genre, and activity, to allow for more fitting audio tracks that suit different moments.

This is one of the best free music without internet players you can install right now to play those songs you’ve stored on your smartphone.

9. Audiomack


This is Audiomack; a popular and free music without internet downloader app for Android devices.

Audiomack was made explicitly for streaming, saving, and playing songs offline for free.

This standalone offline music app is also the perfect tool that artists can use to share their work with the public.

Audiomack was also built to be compatible with other music software such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and Google Play to balance their features.

10. Pulsar Music Player

pulsar music player

This is Pulsar Music Player; yet another must-have free music without internet app option for your smartphone.

It comes loaded with lots of incredible features and a chic appearance. It was developed to create a memorable music listening experience for its users.

You won’t find any sponsored ads on this app to listen to music without wifi or data so you can play your favorite music without any interruption. 

The Takeaway

That’s it for our latest recommendations for music apps to use without wifi.

We’re sure you will no longer have any problems with finding out the ideal app you can use to listen to music without internet.