Is Proton VPN Safe? An Expert Review

is ProtonVPN safe to use? How does it measure up in terms of streaming, speed, and overall user experience? Read in-depth expert review about ProtonVPN.

Is Proton VPN Safe? An Expert Review


There are so many VPN services out there nowadays all claiming to be expert providers of internet privacy; however, not all of them have the evidence to back it up.

And even though ProtonVPN; the Swiss-based VPN provider, might not be the biggest or the most popular option, it has consistently ranked among the very best services available.

The company’s security track record is well known for emphasizing user privacy, and it features a remarkable client service that is quite easy-to-use.

ProtonVPN’s global user base has also grown considerably since it hit the software market and it can currently boast of at least seven hundred servers spread across forty-six different countries.

Most of the ProtonVPN servers are spread across North & South America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, and Japan.

This VPN provider is already a firm favorite among torrent fans and privacy-minded folks.

But is ProtonVPN safe to use? How does it measure up in terms of streaming, speed, and overall user experience?

After sampling ProtonVPN extensively, we came up with this detailed ProtonVPN review. Keep reading this post to find out what makes it tick. 

Is Proton VPN Safe For Streaming Netflix?

Perhaps you’re looking to use the ProtonVPN service to stream your favorite American TV shows on Netflix; you’ll be pleased to know that it will enable you to stream US Netflix content effortlessly on multiple servers.

ProtonVPN can also bypass any geo-restrictions to unblock youtube videos & your preferred Netflix libraries - US Netflix included.

ProtonVPN can even be used to view media from a wide range of trendy US streaming domains such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer.

But with its unimpressive speeds, you must be prepared to wait for a few minutes so that your preferred TV episodes can load. 

Proton VPN Server Network & Speeds

ProtonVPN can boast of 698 network servers spread across 44 countries.

After running numerous tests on ProtonVPN server speeds in different locations to discover if this VPN can actually back up its claims of offering incredible server speeds, here’s what we found out:

We started with an average download speed of 64 Mbps before connecting to the ProtonVPN service. 

Next, we used the Fast Connection feature on ProtonVPN to establish a connection with a US server nearby. Unfortunately, we experienced extremely slow download speeds for a server location that was meant to offer the fastest network connection. 

On the plus side, ProtonVPN’s server selection list typically displays the amount of traffic available on each of their servers, which makes it easier for you to locate and use the fastest servers.

During the next series of manual testing, we decided to connect to a US West Coast server that showed reduced traffic. This time, we experienced significantly better download speeds. 

Download speeds on the Germany server were not so great but they were functional at less than 20 Mbps: 

While using other servers located in Europe, the UK included, we got similar download speeds. Surprisingly, we also experienced similar network speeds in different worldwide locations like in Hong Kong for example. 

So, is ProtonVPN safe in terms of its network and server speed? Well, while it can boast of perfectly functional network server speeds which are adequate for most web-based activity in different worldwide locations, the ProtonVPN server speeds are really nothing special. You can definitely find faster competitors out there. 

Is ProtonVPN Safe For Torrenting?

We strongly recommend using the ProtonVPN service for your torrenting needs. It enables P2P file sharing across all its servers and helps to maintain your privacy while torrenting. It also observes a strict no-logging user policy. 

Is Proton VPN Safe In Terms Of Providing Security?

ProtonVPN features a wide range of security features designed to protect your network connection. It operates by masking your IP address and keeping you safe with its in-built DNS leak protection.

Moreover, no DNS leaks were detected during sampling.

Here are our findings on a DNS leak website we tested while connected to a Hong Kong based ProtonVPN server: 

Clearly, our actual US testing location was not leaked. 

Is ProtonVPN Safe for Data Encryption?

User data on ProtonVPN is protected with a 4096-bit RSA key exchange and secure AES-256 encryption which is well-known for its secure algorithm.

There is also a Perfect Forward Secrecy feature which works by generating a unique key for encryption designed to protect all your networks every time you establish a connection with a ProtonVPN server.

This way, all the data from your previous connections will remain safe even if your encryption key somehow becomes compromised.

There’s also a Secure Core feature for providing an additional layer of protection by routing your traffic automatically among multiple servers in countries that protect user privacy — including Sweden, Iceland, and Switzerland —before eventually arriving at your final destination.

So is ProtonVPN safe for providing data encrypted services? The direct answer is yes. 

Is ProtonVPN Safe For Your Privacy?

ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, a country with privacy-friendly laws and it operates a straightforward no-logging policy that is focused on safeguarding user anonymity.

The ProtonVPN operation doesn’t require the preservation of information regarding the user’s IP address, connection, online activity, or session bandwidth.

And because the service does not retain any such user logs, it cannot get involved in selling or handing over their identity info to third parties.

So yes, ProtonVPN can guarantee your anonymity while browsing the internet. 

ProtonVPN for Ad Blocking

Sadly, the ProtonVPN service does not feature adblocking. 

Is ProtonVPN Safe In India?

With ProtonVPN’s India servers now online, internet users living in Southern Asia can now avoid geo-restrictions with an Indian IP address and follow all the latest news and events via their favorite sites.

ProtonVPN users living in India will also notice a considerable reduction in latency while surfing the internet.

However, if you encounter some blocked server locations, you can always email the ProtonVPN support team and request for a recommended list of available Indian servers hence, avoiding any trial & error process. 

ProtonVPN Plans & Value for Money

ProtonVPN users can choose between one free plan and three paid plan options.

You can get to enjoy high-speed internet connections on all of ProtonVPN’s paid packages.

The Visionary and Plus subscriptions provide Secure Core server access, secure streaming, P2P support, and access to Tor servers. You can even subscribe to ProtonMail while on the Visionary plan.

And although the Visionary plan is quite pricey, ProtonVPN also has an affordable basic plan.

All these plans have both monthly & yearly subscription offers, with better discounts offered to annual subscribers.

Perhaps you’re seriously considering using the ProtonVPN service, we strongly recommend that you first consider your online requirements to help you decide better on which VPN tier or plan will offer the best value.

In the image below, we’ve highlighted the different features on offer with each ProtonVPN plan:

Note that there isn’t any free trial period on offer with any of the paid plans; however, the free tier option represents an excellent opportunity to sample the VPN interface firsthand.

If you’re more concerned about your online security and anonymity, we recommend trying the Plus plan if you wish to experience better monetary value.

While testing, we also discovered that all of the paid ProtonVPN subscription plans allow for a one-month money-back guarantee. 

Is Proton VPN Safe To Use On My Smart Device?

ProtonVPN users can enjoy compatibility on a wide range of smart devices along with open source native apps for Mac, Windows OS, Android, and iOS systems. 

Linux users also get detailed manual configuration instructions.

Furthermore, your ProtonVPN subscription plan will determine the number of supported devices you can use simultaneously.

The free plan allows for just one device, while the basic subscription caters to two devices at the same time.

The Plus plan can accommodate up to five different devices simultaneously, with the Visionary plan supporting ten simultaneous devices. 

Customer Care Service on ProtonVPN

A nonexistent live chat support was our biggest concern while using the ProtonVPN customer care service.

No one would want to have to wait an entire day before resolving any of their VPN service issues.

Sadly, however, you can only contact the customer service team for ProtonVPN via a support ticket or email and it typically takes about 24 hours for them to provide quality & helpful responses.

Besides, you can always find useful installation guides, a helpful knowledge base, along with answers to frequently asked questions on the official ProtonVPN website. 

Overall User Experience

We generally found the ProtonVPN app to be intuitively designed and easy to navigate. Its tidy and user-friendly app interface also helps it to score some major points.

Pop-up tips are also there to walk you through the process of using the most important features of the app when you launch it for the first time. 

You’ll find the VPN app displays your current network connection status on the upper part of your screen while all available server locations can be seen on the left side of your screen. 

Follow the three simple steps highlighted below to establish a secure VPN server connection:

  1. You can start the process of selecting any country from the available VPN server list by waiting for a Connect icon to appear while hovering your cursor over a particular country.Or you could just click on the arrow located right beside each listed country with a secure server location.
  2. Make use of the map. Wait for a Connect button to appear after hovering over any triangle located on the map.
  3. Next, you can make use of the Profiles tab where you’ll be given the option to locate and connect to the fastest VPN server available. 

ProtonVPN will also allow you to create convenient and personalized profile configurations so you can activate and use them at any time. 

All these excellent features are what make ProtonVPN incredibly user-friendly. 

Rounding Up

That’s it for our ProtonVPN review.

Overall, its robust security options and proven value for user privacy are what makes this a standout provider of online safety and anonymity.