Is Driver Easy Safe or Not? Detailed Review (2020)

Read Reviews And Know The Features Of Driver Easy Including Its tech details. is Driver Easy safe for your PC? Keep reading our Driver Easy review to find out! 

Is Driver Easy Safe or Not? Detailed Review (2020)

Lots of PC issues encountered in Windows-based systems are caused by problematic drivers.

These hardware drivers can best be described as a group of files that the Windows program uses to interface and communicate with your PC.

Your computer wouldn’t be able to send & receive data properly to other peripheral hardware devices like scanners or printers without working drivers.

These drivers are usually created by the device manufacturers and they can also be obtained directly from your device’s manufacturers.

Also, device manufacturers can submit their drivers to the Microsoft Corporation for testing & approval, so Windows users can download & install the latest drivers and their updates directly from Microsoft without having to search for them manually.

Even though updating the drivers on your PC is not always compulsory, you might sometimes be required to install the latest driver versions whenever something doesn’t work properly.

Enter Driver Easy.

Driver Easy was developed by Easeware. It is a handy software tool that can be used to update all your Windows PC drivers automatically.

Ever since it hit the software market in 2009, it has been helping millions of Windows PC users to simplify the process of driver search, identification, and updating.

With Driver Easy, you can update all the important drivers on your PC with just one click.

But while such functions can seem tempting, is Driver Easy safe for your PC? Keep reading our Driver Easy review to find out! 

About Driver Easy

Easeware Technology Ltd, developers of Driver Easy are well-known for conducting regular series of hands-on sampling by using popular OS/software/hardware combinations.

Their years of experience in the industry have honed their expertise in driver validation processes and also helped to ensure the accuracy and stability of all their products.

So, is Driver Easy Safe?

Driver Easy is supported by just about every Windows OS version from Windows 10 to XP and Vista as well as for both 32 & 62 Bit versions. It does an excellent job in terms of providing useful features for updating drivers.

It can also boast of a tidy and user-friendly interface, which enables quick navigation, and one-click driver updating processes. Driver Easy is available in both free & paid versions.

Below, we’ve highlighted some noteworthy Driver Easy features that have helped it to become such a popular software tool:

  • Driver Easy can be used to download & install the latest Windows driver updates at a fast pace.
  • It can be used to enable one-click updates of all your PC’s outdated drivers
  • Compatible with all Windows versions.
  • Displays comparisons between the drivers you have currently installed and the potential upgrades.
  • The free Driver Easy version comes with adequate features for newbies while power users can choose to upgrade to the paid edition to enjoy full-service benefits.
  • It can double as a system information device for monitoring your basic CPU, graphics card, and motherboard info.

Sure, all these features sound exciting but do you really need Driver Easy for your PC? 

Is Driver Easy Safe For Your PC?

In this section of our Driver Easy review, we are going to examine our thoughts on the main purpose of using Driver Easy to update your PC drivers automatically.

Note that if you can update your PC drivers manually from their official websites or via another reliable third-party device manager, you won’t have to install Driver Easy.

But perhaps updating drivers manually isn’t your thing; you might want to consider using Driver Easy to enable an effortless process.

So let’s go ahead and find out; is Driver Easy safe for your PC: 

Why Driver Easy?

The free Driver Easy version typically performs at reduced download speed levels which might be a deliberate ploy by the developers to encourage free users to upgrade to the premium software edition. Apart from this, everything else works fine.

And because this tool only uses certified drivers, it can be trusted to install all your required updates automatically.

Both the free and pro Driver Easy editions are safe-to-use, but, if you encounter certain limitations while using the free version, you may have to opt for the paid version of the software.

Moreover, we used proven maintenance tools like Google Software Reporter, Windows Defender, and antivirus to scan Driver Easy and we were given the green flag.

So, is Driver Easy safe to install on your Windows PC? The direct answer is yes! 

Performance-Wise: Is Driver Easy Safe for Your PC?

The Driver Easy program was developed to detect only those drivers that are outdated, corrupt, or were not configured properly on your PC and then offer to fix them.

Moreover, its lightweight size of 7.08 MB won’t have too much impact on the overall performance of your PC.

While active, the Driver Easy software tool will consume approximately 20 percent of your CPU and Disk space hence, you shouldn’t have any worries about your PC’s overall performance while it’s running. 

Sometimes, however, it may consume abnormally high amounts of Disk space. In such cases, you can solve the problem by simply terminating the driver update process, and then proceed to uninstall & re-install the Driver Easy software.

Is Driver Easy Really A Virus?

The direct answer to this sub titular question is No! The Driver Easy program cannot be classified as a virus. Neither does it contain any other form of Virus threats that can cause your PC to malfunction. 

Is the Official Driver Easy Website Safe?

The official DriverEasy domain is where you can purchase & download your own copy of the Driver Easy software.

You’ll be pleased to know that is also a well-known provider of Blue Screen and Black Screen solutions along with DIY tips for many other common PC issues.


The Round-Up

That’s it for our Driver Easy review.

The answer to our titular Is Driver Easy Safe question would be a resounding YES! It is a reliable software tool you too can use for easing driver update processes on any Windows PC.

You can also expect to encounter minimal performance issues while using this popular driver updater.