How To Unblur Coursehero Documents? Answers, Images (2022 Guide)

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How To Unblur Coursehero Documents? Answers, Images (2022 Guide)

Doing online research for your projects or assignments is no longer a difficult task.

One can easily search for appropriate material from a variety of websites, which generally provide related articles, documents, eBooks, and research papers.

Some of these sites offer up this material for free however, you’ll most likely obtain these documents after lots of careful browsing and research.

But, if you’re a regular CourseHero user, then you must be familiar with document locks.

CourseHero is a learning website that is based in Redwood City, California and its purpose is to facilitate access to a huge online library for students and educators alike.

Apart from finding books and research material, you can also access assignments and notes from other students and educators.

But you can only view the starting paragraphs or sentences of such documents.

To fully access CourseHero content, you will be required to purchase a membership; only then will you be able to see all the information clearly.

There are also a few questions that may appear blurry on CourseHero; this is simply because those questions don’t have answers written on them yet.

On the CourseHero platform, you can get reliable and accurate research material related to a wide range of subjects and courses.

Using a free CourseHero account will only allow you to access documents in its fairly extensive library but for unlimited access to all content and added services, you must own a premium account.

Have you been looking for ways to unblur CourseHero documents? You’ve come to the right place for such info.

Today, we will be sharing ways to obtain free CourseHero accounts and how you can see CourseHero documents for free.

Keep scrolling for details!


  1. CourseHero Subscription Packages
  2. CourseHero Account Features
  3. Proven Methods to Unblur CourseHero Documents
  4. Unblur CourseHero Documents, Images, and Answers through Creative Savants
  5. Get Your CourseHero Unlocks Through CourseHero Free Access
  6. Submitting Documents To Obtain Unlocks
  7. Get Your Free CourseHero Unlocks by Rating other Documents
  8. Earn Free CourseHero Unlocks after Making Quizzes
  9. Getting Free CourseHero Account Online Hacks
  10. Unblur CourseHero Documents By Using Plugins
  11. Here's How To Unblur/Unlock Coursehero Documents

CourseHero Subscription Packages

Before you can access the CourseHero material for free, you must get CourseHero unlocks. These unlocks will help you unblur CourseHero documents as well as obtain accurate information.

The charges for accessing CourseHero Premium content are as follows:

  • One year subscription plan costs 9.95 USD monthly 
  • Three-month subscription plan costs 19.95 USD monthly 
  • One-month subscription plan costs 39.95 USD monthly

Are you actually okay with spending about 40 USD every month for academic support? What happens if you require only a few documents?!

Even though the CourseHero unlocks have to be purchased with actual cash, there are some ways through which you can obtain them at zero cost.

If you would like to unblur CourseHero documents with the free unlocks, then you must first create your CourseHero account and then log in.

CourseHero Account Features

Besides allowing you to see CourseHero documents, the CourseHero Premium subscription grants you access to the following features:

  • A wide variety of courses and research content available for students
  • 24/7 availability of both CourseHero study materials and tutors
  • CourseHero users are eligible to receive scholarship awards
  • You can receive scholarships of up to 5,000 USD just by sharing content on social media with your friends 
  • You can also win a 1,000 USD scholarship just by answering short and straightforward questions
  • You can even receive a scholarship worth 3,000 USD by simply uploading eight of your researched papers
  • Both students and tutors can access the CourseHero database; the students can learn while their tutors can earn

Proven Methods to Unblur CourseHero Documents

CourseHero can boast of a vast library of documents intended to provide the user with all the research material they need to get their literary work and assignments done.

The only hurdle that prevents lots of people from getting their desired material or documents is the fact that the website will only grant access to users with active monthly or annual subscriptions.

This means that, if a user wants just one or two documents or articles, he/she must pay the full subscription fee for the entire documents included in the monthly or annual package.

We have highlighted four different ways by which you can unblur CourseHero documents in this article.

All the methods discussed here are legit so you won’t have to worry about being queried by CourseHero for accessing free documents without subscribing to the regular packages.

1. Unblur CourseHero Documents, Images, and Answers through Creative Savants

How to see CourseHero documents for free is one of the most frequently asked questions from users of this educational platform.

Fortunately, there are several ways that will require the user/reader to perform different actions. Such demands may either be in the form of providing services or paying cash.

One proven approach to acquiring reliable and accurate CourseHero documents is via Creative Savants.

Through the Creative Savants option, you can get a limited amount of free CourseHero unlocks, images, and answers as well as the opportunity to unblur CourseHero documents, right from the start.

The Creative Savants webpage provides unblurred CourseHero services to its visitors at the cheapest rates.

Students and tutors alike can locate and obtain their desired articles, documents, notes, files, or eBooks while being charged for every single document they purchase instead of the full subscription fee required from regular users.

As a Creative Savant, you won’t have to spend more money for the services you will be getting.

However, Creative Savant educators and students may have to submit their research topics and questions to the website.

Creative Savants will also be tasked with finding and providing accurate documents directly for those readers using free CourseHero accounts; although, students will have to pay for such documents through specially arranged payment options.

Once you have enabled Creative Savants, you can then obtain free CourseHero unlocks which can be used afterward to pay for any document you want.

After paying for your preferred document, you will receive the fully unblurred copy directly from CourseHero at zero cost.

2. Get Your CourseHero Unlocks Through CourseHero Free Access

On CourseHero, you have to subscribe to enjoy its educational services. This entails paying a 40 USD fee every month.

While the CourseHero platform also offers free access to users searching for documents, there are three other ways that can be used to unblur CourseHero documents at no cost.

These three ways are:

2.1. Submitting Documents To Obtain Unlocks

After opening your free CourseHero account, you can proceed to submit articles, documents, notes, or any other educational material you have on CourseHero.

Any content you submit to CourseHero must maintain its standard of quality and must also receive good responses from other users.

Once you upload up to 10 such documents, you will automatically receive 5 free CourseHero unlocks.

Whether your documents or articles get accepted depends largely on how many people like or respond to the content.

Hence, any material submitted to the website must be worthy of generating good reactions from the readers. 

2.2. Get Your Free CourseHero Unlocks by Rating other Documents

Before you get free CourseHero unlocks, you must first rate other reading materials or documents from other users.

To use this feature, you must have previously accessed some of CourseHero’s articles with free unlocks.

Once you have had prior access to free CourseHero unlocks, you can proceed to rate those articles and earn some free unlocks for yourself.

If you’re on a budget, this is one of the best ways for you to get free CourseHero unlocks.

After you perform the simple task of rating other articles, your free unlocks request will then be sent to CourseHero where it will receive confirmation and approval, after which you should receive your free CourseHero unlock rewards.

2.3. Earn Free CourseHero Unlocks after Making Quizzes

You may also earn free unlocks, and unblur CourseHero documents or articles by creating and submitting quizzes related to other documents or articles.

Once again, this approach requires you to have used free unlocks before making a quiz for an unlocked document.

Hence, by making a quiz for any unlocked document you can get up to three of your preferred CourseHero documents unlocked.

Bear in mind that CourseHero doesn’t require you to just submit a random quiz you made; all quizzes must comply with the website’s terms and policies.

Moreover, your quizzes must generate good responses and should be good enough to receive approval.

3. Getting Free CourseHero Account Online Hacks

Among other methods, you can use to get CourseHero free unlocks, is through other users who deliberately distribute CourseHero account hacks for free.

These hacks are usually in the form of CourseHero account usernames and passwords.

Note, however, that some of these free account details may not work since they could have already been used by other people.

4. Unblur CourseHero Documents By Using Plugins

There are plugins such as Unblur StudyBlue that come with an integrated CourseHero documents unblur feature which can be used to access your preferred documents on Course Hero without any hassles.

Here's How To Unblur/Unlock Coursehero Documents For Free

  1. Access coursehero website by using Google Chrome.
  2. Open the document you would like to unblur/unlock.
  3. Select the portion of the document that has been blurred.
  4. Right-click on that portion and select ‘Inspect’
  5. In the open window, you will find a ‘div’ tag with anon-hide obscured parameter
  6. Right-click on the tag and choose ‘Edit attribute’
  7. Type in ‘none’ for the new ‘class’ element
  8. Reload the page. Your document is now unhidden.

Final Thoughts

CourseHero is an excellent environment for those who seek to learn new things every day while also sharing knowledge with other people around them.

We hope you found this post about the best ways to unblur CourseHero documents useful.

Feel free to share this webpage with all your friends so we can learn more together.