How To Save Snapchat Videos On Mobile & PC (Step-By-Step)

Are You Finding The Best Ways To Save Snapchat Videos On Your Mobile Or PC? Here Are The Step-By-Step Instructions To Download Snapchat Videos & Photos On Mobile & PC On 2020.

How To Save Snapchat Videos On Mobile & PC (Step-By-Step)

Snapchat is a trendy social media platform that is well-known for sharing brief video & photo stories.

Every Snapchat user is already familiar with how the social platform works by deleting these short Snaps & Stories 24 hours after they are uploaded or shared.

And even though this is one of Snapchat's most attractive features, you sometimes come across a few Snapchat Stories that are worth saving.

But the truth is you actually have a few options to download Snapchat videos on mobile and PC storage without the sender being notified.

Here’s how:

Guide on How to Save Snapchat Videos on Mobile & PC

Since the Snapchat platform still doesn’t allow users to download media directly, we have to resort to other working methods to download Snapchat videos on mobile and PC devices.

Keep scrolling for details on how to save Snapchat videos on mobile:

  1. You can start by launching the Snapchat app and then recording a video by holding down the big round Record button.
  2. After recording the video, tap on the Down Arrow Download icon found on the lower-left section of your display.

  1. Next, you’ll have to wait until after the video has been saved after which the download button will transform into a tick and a saved notification will be displayed.

Well done! You have successfully learned how to save Snapchat videos on mobile gadgets. Now, you may proceed to view them on the Snapchat camera by tapping on the two-card Memories icon found just below the big clear record/snap button.

Other Ways to Download Snapchat Videos on Mobile

Perhaps you didn’t remember to save your video or photo post before uploading; it will be impossible for you to retrieve it on your display.

But, there’s still a way to download your video if it was uploaded as a Story - via the Stories feature. Here’s how:

  • You can begin by launching the Snapchat app and then playing your Story or Snap by tapping on your Profile icon which automatically transforms into the Story button once you have an active Snap or Story.
  • After your Story has finished playing, tap on the triple-dot icon located on the upper right-hand section of your display.
  • You may now proceed to download the video directly onto your mobile storage by tapping on the Save Story button.

We will show you yet another method you can use to download Snapchat video stories. Simply follow the straightforward process we’ve described below:

  • Launch the Snapchat application and select your Profile icon located on the upper right-hand section of your display.
  • Next, navigate to the bottom of your screen where you’ll find the Stories section. Proceed to select the triple-dot button found right beside your Story.
  • Afterward, you may tap on the Save Story button and wait until after the video has been saved onto your device’s internal memory.

However, if you’re using the latest Snapchat app version, you only need to navigate directly to your profile and proceed to scroll to the Snapchat Story you have uploaded. There, you’ll notice a download icon right beside your Story. Click on it if you wish to save your own Snapchat Story directly on any gadget.

Well done! You have once again learned how to save Snapchat videos on mobile.

How to Download Other Users’ Snapchat Stories

Since Snapchat still hasn’t provided a download feature for users looking to save content uploaded by other users, you’ll need to explore other options to achieve this.

We’ve gone ahead to describe a few straightforward methods you can use for various mobile systems and gadgets:

Steps To Download Snapchat Videos On Android

The process is quite simple for Android users. You only require an effective screen recorder software if you wish to download videos from Snapchat.

You’ll find a plethora of suitable software tools available for this purpose on the Google Play Store such as the AZ Screen Recorder.

Moreover, most of the latest Android smart devices already have in-built screen recording apps that will capture anything playing on your display.

Just follow the simple procedure described below:

  1. You must first download, install & launch an effective Screen recorder app or use the one integrated on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. You may now initiate the screen recording process.

  1. Afterward, you may launch Snapchat and begin playing the Story or Snap you wish to capture.
  2. Stop the screen recording after the Snapchat video has finished playing.

Congrats! You’ve successfully learned how to save Snapchat videos on mobile Android devices in the safest and most straightforward way possible.

Steps To Download Snapchat Videos On iOS

Most smart devices from Apple already come with in-built screen recorders you can use if you wish to download Snapchat content.

Just follow the straightforward steps we’ve highlighted below to learn how:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu and then open the Control Center panel located in the 3rd section.
  2. Once there, open the Customize Controls page.
  3. Next, select the green plus icon located right beside the Screen Recording option. 

  1. You may now exit the Settings menu and return to the Snapchat interface.
  2. Open the Control Center menu by swiping up and then pressing the Screen Recording button.

  1. You may now play the Snapchat media you wish to download.
  2. Once again, swipe up and end the screen recording by clicking on the icon.

Well done. You have learned how to save Snapchat videos on mobile iOS devices. You will find the Snapchat video you have recorded inside your photo gallery. 

Steps To Download Snapchat Videos On PC

That’s right, it is also possible for PC users to download Snapchat videos.

To achieve this, you must play the targeted Snapchat content on your PC display either by mirroring the screen of your mobile device onto your PC or emulating the Snapchat app on your computer. 

PC users looking to run Snapchat directly on their system must use compatible media software such as MirrorGo Android Recorder (for Team Android), and QuickTime Player (for Team iOS) to play and record their desired Snapchat content directly on their screen. 

Wrapping Up

That’s it for our guide on how to save Snapchat videos on mobile and PC.

Now that you know proven ways to save Snapchat content, you must ensure that you do not misuse this knowledge by disrespecting other users’ privacy.