How To Get Jio Free Data For Internet – Jio Free Data Tricks (2020)

Are You Looking To Get Jio Free Data For Internet? In This Tutorial You Will Learn How To get Free Data In Jio With Our Jio Free Data Tricks. 2020 Updated Tips For December.

How To Get Jio Free Data For Internet – Jio Free Data Tricks (2020)

Are you looking for proven ways to score Jio free data?

If yes, then you’re welcome to the latest in our series of posts about free internet browsing tricks and codes for 2020.

Ever since Reliance Jio first made their presence known by announcing free data for its users after spreading their Jio Fiber Internet Connection and Jio 4G network services across India, the company grew rapidly to become an established and proven Telecom operator.

Jio users became accustomed to making free data calls every day across different networks.

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But everything returned to normal after IUC charges were introduced and because the demand for super-fast internet connection had since increased, even more people started searching OTT platforms and other internet sources for how to get free data in Jio.

Lucky for you, we will be sharing working Jio free data tricks you can apply right here in this post.

Read on for the detailed info! 

Jio Free Data Tricks For 2020

At this point, we get to share working Jio free data tricks & tips with our readers. You can apply any of the following online hacks to activate as much as 10 GB of free internet on your Jio account.

Even if you have benefited previously from a Jio free internet offer; it doesn’t matter because you can always try & activate these plans multiple times.

It gets better because you can also be eligible for up to 25 GB worth of Jio data pack vouchers for free. 

Jio Internet Trick to Activate 10GB Jio Free Data

With this particular trick, you get to receive 10 GB of free data instantly on your Jio number.

Note that this hack is only possible after installing the JioTv app on your smart device.

Here’s how to get the 10 GB Jio free data pack:

  • Perhaps you had previously installed the JioTv app; you’ll have to start by clearing out old or unused cache and data files.
  • Launch the JioTv app.
  • You can skip the login.
  • Afterward, click on any of the available channels to watch a video online for a few seconds.
  • You can now exit the app.
  • You can expect your free data to reflect in your Jio account before long.

That’s it! You have just learned how to get free data in Jio by using the 10 GB internet trick. 

Internet Trick to Activate Free 4G Jio VPN

  • You can start by navigating to your Android Phone Settings>Mobile Networks.
  • Once there, you can select the Jio SIM icon and then proceed to create a New Access Point.
  • Next, input “Jiowelcome” as the Profile Name.
  • Afterward, put the APN type on the Default setting.
  • Enter the following Proxy Address details: & Port 80
  • Set the server to –
  • You can leave the other fields blank.
  • Go ahead and restart your smartphone.
  • You can now launch your mobile web browser and proceed to enjoy free high-speed internet. 

Free Internet Trick to Get Jio Proxy

  • Navigate to your Android smartphone Settings>Mobile Network menu.
  • Once there, you can click on the Jio 4G SIM Access Point Name to create a New APN option.
  • Once this is done, you can enter the following network details: 

Using the Databack App to Activate Free Jio Recharge

You can also use the popular and reliable Databack app to receive free recharge for your mobile.

Once you download & install the app via the Google Play Store, you can start reaping your free data rewards. The Databack program works by giving users back their data which was used up on most of their installed apps. 

  • You can start by downloading the latest Databack software version from here.
  • Once it is installed, you can register an account on the app.
  • Now you can start browsing the apps mentioned there.
  • You will now be eligible to receive data back and free recharge rewards directly on your Jio number. 

Using Mcent Browser to Activate Free Jio Unlimited Data Pack

With Mcent, you have a web browser that comes with similar features to Google Chrome and Opera Mini.

Mcent users get to enjoy free recharge benefits for browsing their favorite websites. That’s right; all you have to do is surf the internet and you get to earn recharge for free. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You can start by downloading & installing the latest Mcent App
  • Next, proceed to register a Mcent account using your Jio number.
  • You can now input your Mcent referral code to be eligible for a joining bonus.
  • Now, you can start surfing the web to earn reward points.
  • The reward points you accumulate here can be exchanged later for Jio free data recharge packs. 

Using Wheel Pack to Activate Free Jio 1GB Data Offer

Nowadays, almost everyone I know is looking to score some free data.

You’ll no doubt be pleased to know that Jio has loads of free internet offers available for its teeming customer base.

With the Wheel Jio offer, you get to receive 1GB of free data. To qualify for the Jio free data code, you’ll be required to purchase the 1kg pack of Wheel Active detergent powder.

Lucky winners can then redeem their free data code via the MyJio app directly to their mobile numbers.

Note that Jio also offers users unlimited internet on just about all their data recharge plans but the super-fast internet service is also a crucial element. You can expect to enjoy high-speed internet rewards once you activate the Jio Wheel free internet offer. 

About Using Free Jio Vouchers to Activate 10GB Free Internet

The Jio network also serves up free data offerings along with vouchers to lucky users. You can always redeem your free Jio data vouchers by using the MyJio app. Soon afterward, you will receive a notification and your free internet balance will be reflected in your account.

The 10GB free Jio internet voucher is also quite eye-catching. This particular voucher is valid for 3 months starting from the actual credit date. 

Rounding Up

Here ends our discussion on how to get free data in Jio.

Feel free to try any of the proven Jio free data tricks we’ve described above and you too can discover how satisfying it can be when you finally get to activate these network-enabled freebies.