Free Fire Diamonds: How To get Diamonds In Free Fire (August 2020)

Check Out The Working Ways To Get Diamonds In Garena Free Fire. No Hack Or Human Verification Steps Involved. Free Fire: Easiest Ways To Get Free Diamonds

Free Fire Diamonds: How To get Diamonds In Free Fire (August 2020)

Since its launch in 2017, Garena Free Fire has rapidly developed into one of the most popular multiplayer games from the battle royale genre.

This awesome survival shooter game is also available on mobile platforms and in 2019 it went on to become the most downloaded game on mobile gadgets. 

Garena Free Fire is well-known for encouraging creativity in players by allowing them to personalize their battle gear and other in-game items.

The game also has an incredible weapons stash as well as a wide variety of characters, outfits, and vehicle skins you can customize to add more flair to your gameplay; some of them will even glow during battle.

All these brilliant in-game items can either be purchased directly from the Free Fire shop or redeemed after you must have earned Free Fire Diamonds by successfully completing certain Elite Pass missions.

And while you can also obtain these Free Fire Diamonds at zero cost, it is not an easy task.

In this post, we will be turning our attention to the best ways to get free Diamonds in Free Fire.

But first:

Official Ways to Get Free Fire Diamonds

We strongly recommend that you buy Diamonds for Free Fire instead of using other illegal methods or hacks to get them free of charge.

Here, we will be highlighting the 3 bona fide channels through which players can buy Diamonds for use in the Free Fire game

1. Top-Up

You can purchase all the Diamonds you need for Free Fire by visiting the Top-Up section of the game’s menu.

You will of course be required to spend an equivalent amount of actual cash to the in-game money value.

Free Fire players can purchase at least one hundred Diamonds at USD 0.99 while the maximum number of Diamonds you can buy is 5,600 at USD 49.99.

Furthermore, you will be eligible to receive exclusive Free Fire rewards after you make your first top-up of diamonds. 

2. Weekly Offers

The Free Fire game features various offers every week.

These weekly offers often provide players with different in-game item combinations at discounted prices.

If you wish to purchase any other in-game items along with Diamonds such as weapon royale vouchers, you’ll have to get game Diamonds from these weekly offers.

Through these weekly offers, Free Fire players can purchase Diamonds every week. 

3. Weekly Membership

Free Fire players who’re looking to acquire Diamonds regularly to enjoy their game should consider subscribing to the game’s weekly or monthly membership plans instead of buying the Diamonds with top-up so that they can save money.

The two Free Fire membership plans can offer up Diamonds at more affordable rates than with top-up.

The weekly Free Fire membership goes for INR 159 while you can subscribe to the monthly membership plan for INR 599.

Moreover, these two Free Fire memberships come with additional S-VIP card benefits.

You get to receive a total of 420 Diamonds (60 Diamonds daily) on the Free Fire weekly membership, while monthly membership subscribers will get 2,000 Diamonds in total.

Moreover, players are eligible for 100 additional Diamonds after they make their first in-game purchase. 

Note also that a player’s weekly subscription account will renew automatically after one week has elapsed.

How Players Can Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire (2020)

Because Free Fire Diamonds are essential game elements, they can be purchased directly or redeemed from the online shop.

Would you like to discover how to get free Diamonds in Free Fire? Keep scrolling for details: 

Follow Other Free Fire Players on YouTube for Giveaway Offers

You’ll find lots of Free Fire video content creators on YouTube who help to promote popularity for the game. Such Free Fire YouTubers are into giving away cool prizes from time to time which may include Diamonds for Free Fire, so you must monitor them regularly to ensure that you don’t miss out on these opportunities.

You too can start learning how to get free Diamonds in Free Fire right now by following the most popular Free Fire vloggers on YouTube and watching their videos.

Top Apps That Offer Free Fire Diamonds

So you want to discover how to get free Diamonds in Free Fire?! You’ll be pleased to know that there are legit apps developed for that very purpose.

Upon installation on your smart device, such apps will typically reward you with coins or points after you have successfully performed a few regular online tasks.

The reward points you’ve gathered on these apps can later be redeemed for your precious Diamonds on Free Fire via the Google Play Store.

Here Are 5 Of The Best Apps & Guides To Diamonds On Garena Free Fire.

  1. Guide For Free Fire Coins & Diamonds :
  2. Free Diamonds and Elite Pass Counter for Free Fire 2020 :
  3. Tip For Free Fire Diamond & Elite Pass :
  4. Mgamer - Win Free Diamonds, PUBG UC, Royal Pass & Cash :
  5. Free Fire Coins & Diamonds Royal Tips 2020 : 

Watch Out For Official Garena Events

This next approach in our guide on how to get free Diamonds in Free Fire will involve you waiting patiently for the latest diamond-related events that are usually provided by Garena on special days like the grand Free Fire Tournament or other such popular game celebrations.

You stand a good chance of obtaining quite a large number of Diamonds at these hosted events.

How To Find & Use Free Fire Redeem Codes

Besides just wondering how to get free Diamonds in Free Fire, you should also look for legit ways to score some Free Fire Redeem Codes.

Because Free Fire Redeem Codes can also provide players with access to cool in-game items, using them will undoubtedly turn out to be of immense benefit.

Note however that various Free Fire Redeem Codes can be obtained depending on the different available items.

Apart from rewarding players with awesome skins or bundle prizes for weapons, these handy redeem codes can be used to obtain Diamonds as well. However, your chances of getting your hands on some free Diamonds when you make use of them are not very high.

Regardless, redeem codes can still help you in your quest to learn how to get free Diamonds in Free Fire

About Reporting Bugs in the Advance Server

You can be eligible for some Diamonds for Free Fire after reporting any system bugs found on the Advance game server whenever it is opened by Garena.

You can gather quite a lot of diamond prizes by using this approach compared to the other methods.


Now that you know exactly how to get free Diamonds in Free Fire, you may proceed to explore and enjoy the awesome game in limitless ways.