10 Best Hidden Google Games You Should Play In 2020

Are You Looking To Play Hidden Google Games During Your Passtime? Here We've Compiled The List Of Free Google Plames To Play Right Now On Your PC Or Mobile.

10 Best Hidden Google Games You Should Play In 2020

Google is popular for being a top tier search engine but did you know that apart from being an information accessing tool, it also has some highly entertaining games up its sleeve.

That’s right; there’s more to Google than just research.

And because Google can be quite brilliant in terms of embedding various online products with interesting features, it’s shouldn’t surprise you that there are hidden Google games that most people don’t even know about.

The theme behind these hidden games on Google is designed to give internet users a work break. Experts even say that playing these recreational online games can help to inspire you for improved efficiency while also refreshing your memory.

It is for this reason that Google Search, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Doodle, and other such services feature quite a number of engaging games to play in your spare time.

Keep reading this post to find out more about the best hidden games on Google you could be missing out on. 

List Of Best Hidden Google Games To Play In (2020)


You too can play Tic-Tac-Toe one of the classic hidden Google games on this list you too can enjoy playing online for free.

With Tic-Tac-Toe, (also known as Noughts & Crosses) you have a popular form of two-player entertainment most of us enjoyed playing as students in high school. If you wish to play this quick game, simply type Tic-Tac-Toe in the Google search bar and press Enter. 


This next entry on our list of hidden Google games is an awesome Google Doodle game that is based on Pac Man the classic arcade game from the 80s.

While playing Google Pac Man, you’ll have to control the recognizable Pac Man character to consume dots on your screen while evading enemies. 


Solitaire could easily turn out to be one of the most engaging hidden Google games you’ve ever played. One of the reasons why Solitaire on Google is so awesome is because of the fact that it is playable on both PC and mobile platforms.

If you’re in the mood to play this classic game, simply type Solitaire in the Google Search bar and then hit Enter. You can start playing the game from the results page. 


So you want to play the best hidden Google games?! You are guaranteed to have a fun time while navigating across different world regions as a snake.

With Snake arcade on Google, you have an awesome rendition of the never-ending game most of us played on our Nokia mobile phones back in the day. It is very similar to today's .iO games.


Let’s now introduce you to Atari Breakout one of the most thrilling hidden games on Google. This fun classic arcade game will transform Google images into an engaging arcade single-player game that comes with a slight twist.

You’ll have to start destroying entire rows of obstacles that could destroy you if left unchecked. As with the other hidden Google games on this list, all you have to do is look for it via the Search bar. 


With Minesweeper, you have yet another classic game that has also ranked among top hidden games on Google. You can play it on both mobile and PC gadgets. While this game was not very popular back then, due to its weird gameplay, nothing prevents you from trying to beat it once again with a little help from Google.

If you wish to play it, simply use Google Search to find Minesweeper and then click on Play when it shows up in the search results. 


Zerg Rush is undoubtedly one of the best hidden Google games you can play right now. Like most of the other Search-based hidden games on Google, Zerg Rush was also developed to help players ease everyday stress.

To play Zerg Rush, you can proceed to search for it online via Google and then launch the first suitable result that shows up. The ‘elgoog’ option will probably be best. Afterward, you will notice several zero(s) falling randomly and eating the search results. Your goal will be to prevent them from doing so. 


You are about to play Garden Gnomes a hidden Google game that will involve you using your trusty trebuchet catapult to blast clay gnomes across to the farthest areas of your garden. You get to earn more points and plant more flowers by sending your gnomes to the most extreme reaches of the garden.

This fun game was developed to mark the Garden Day celebrations in Germany. You get to play it by searching for Garden Gnome via the most popular search engine on the web and then launching the first result. 


Perhaps you prefer playing casual games from the Sports genre. This fun and lightweight in-built hidden Google game is one of our favorite recommendations for you to try. Basketball 2012 on Google was created to commemorate the 2012 Olympics.

This brilliant game is perfect for all basketball lovers out there. If you wish to play, simply search on Google for Basketball 2012 and then you may launch and play the initial Search result. You only have to press the Space bar on your keyboard to launch the basketball. 


You too can play this fun drawing game from Google even if you don’t have any drawing skills. Quick Draw will provide you with different images on your screen which you can sketch quickly with your fingers.

To start playing, all you have to do is click on the Let’s Draw button after you have found the game via Google Search. 

Rounding Up

Here’s hoping you enjoyed reading about the exciting array of secret games you can play right now on Google.

Each of them can serve as a fun way to ease your stress.