Free Xbox Live Codes, Gold Codes, Gift Cards & Trial Membership (2022) Generator & Methods

Here are compiled list of working ways to get free XBOX Live Gold Codes, Xbox Live Trial & Free Membership Subscription & Xbox Gift Cards. Including some giveaway methods to get Free XBOX LIVE Codes List From Reddit & Other Sites.

Free Xbox Live Codes, Gold Codes, Gift Cards & Trial Membership (2022) Generator & Methods

Any hardcore gamer, who knows their onions understands that Xbox isn’t your regular gaming console but an all-time partner.

Xbox is arguably the most well-known gaming console after the PS4. Xbox controls a significant share of the gaming entertainment industry.

Lots of gaming developers today, produce various game collections for enjoyment on the Xbox console.

Like other popular gaming platforms, the Xbox platform also requires payment before granting access to specific premium features.

However, since most of us love freebies, some die-hard gamers are willing to give an arm and a leg just to get free XBOX Gold Code.

These free Xbox codes can be used to purchase lots of stuff via your console like movies, games, TV shows, Xbox accessories, Xbox game passes, Xbox gold subscriptions, and game coins.

Fortunately, there are diverse options available online to get free Xbox live codes.

In this post, we have spotlighted the best and legitimate ways to earn free Xbox codes.

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  1. How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes, Gold Trial & Membership in 2019
  2. Create a New Xbox Account To Get Free Xbox Live Gold Trial
  3. Get Free Xbox Gift Card Codes Via Reddit Giveaways
  4. Activate Xbox Live Gold Free Trial Account For 14 Days
  5. Top Apps to Earn Free Xbox Live Codes
  6. Free Xbox Codes By Using Appbounty
  7. Get Xbox Codes Free By Using AppKarma
  8. Earn Free Xbox Codes By Using Featurepoints
  9. Free Xbox Codes By Using CashNgifts
  10. Christmas Giveaways To Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes
  11. Free Xbox Live Gold Trial By Using Bing To Get Microsoft Reward Points
  12. Get Free Xbox Live Codes By Using Swagbucks (Survey Methods)
  13. Free Xbox Live Codes List (50 Codes)

How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes, Gold Trial & Membership in 2019

1. Create a New Xbox Account To Get Free Xbox Live Gold Trial

If you want to get free Xbox live codes, the most straightforward method is by registering a current Xbox Account, which automatically grants you access to a one month Xbox live free trial.

Simply follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Sign up for your new Microsoft Account
  • Login & lookout for the Subscriptions Menu
  • Select the Gold Membership one month Free trial option & tap the Next icon
  • Submit your Credit Card details to validate your registration
  • Add your preferred Billing Information & select the Next icon
  • Next, follow the On-Screen directions to complete your registration

You must also bear in mind the following points while creating your new Microsoft Account to get Free Xbox Live codes:

  • Users are allowed to register only one Gamer tag for the Xbox Live Gold Free trial membership
  • Always cancel your subscription before the one month period elapses so that you won’t be automatically subscribed to the Xbox Live Gold membership
  • You can only get three trial accounts per console
  • Ensure that your country or current location is correctly entered for your billing information when signing up for this offer.

2. Get Free Xbox Gift Card Codes Via Reddit Giveaways

Using the Reddit giveaway option is another reliable method for gamers to get free Xbox live codes in 2019.

The Reddit platform most likely already contains a vast amount of information on relevant topics you want.

All you need to do here is to locate the best and most accurate Reddit information thread for free Xbox live codes bargain.

3. Activate Xbox Live Gold Free Trial Account For 14 Days

Do you, your friend, or a family member own an Xbox console, which has never been used to activate an Xbox live Gold subscription?

There is a golden opportunity for you to get one-month free access to Xbox gold subscription.

Simply follow the steps given below to activate the Xbox live free trial:

  • Use your Xbox console to sign in to your Microsoft account
  • Go to the subscription page
  • Enter your credit card details
  • Add a valid contact address
  • Follow the on-screen instructions being displayed correctly
  • Your Xbox live gold subscription will be active for one month

Top Apps to Earn Free Xbox Live Codes

There are now numerous apps out there that promise to deliver free Xbox live gold codes. Sadly, many of these apps are bogus and could compromise the security of your console.

Below, we have highlighted the best & genuine apps that will help you get free Xbox live codes –

1. Free Xbox Codes By Using Appbounty

The Appbounty app has been installed by over ten million people worldwide. This popular software has an impressive 4.2 Play Store rating.

An impressive feature of Appbounty is that users can also purchase several different items with it; hence, this application does not just provide gift card codes for free.

If you’re looking to earn free gift cards via Appbounty, then only need to download and install it. The app is available for free on Google Play Store.

After successfully installing this app, launch it, and perform the tasks listed there to earn free rewards. Users will be required to perform tasks like trying out new apps, taking surveys, surfing the web, and others to earn rewards.

The Appbounty app does not just offer rewards to American users but international users as well. The only drawback here is you cannot receive gift cards directly with this software.

You will be required to install a listed app that you can use to receive credit for conversion into rewards. These rewards can then be used to purchase gift cards of Xbox, Steam code, Playstation code, Roblox, Google Play code and Amazon gift code.

Download Appbounty

2. Get Xbox Codes Free By Using AppKarma

The Appkarma app is famous for providing free Xbox live codes and free Xbox live gold codes for hardcore gamers who cannot afford expensive games on the Xbox platform.

You can purchase Xbox live gold membership with gift cards. Xbox gold and Xbox live gift cards are two such amazing rewards that can improve your general gaming experience.

This software claims to provide access to both of these gift cards free of charge to its users. The Appkarma app is relatively new and was released in July this year by Valentyn Dubok.

Are you looking to get free Xbox live codes and free Xbox live gold codes? Then this app is a must-have.

Download Appkarma

3. Earn Free Xbox Codes By Using Featurepoints

Are you really interested in getting free Xbox live codes?

Then the FeaturePoints app is a must-try. The FeaturePoints software is lightweight at 6MB and is perfect for gaming consoles with low RAM.

FeaturePoints users can earn free rewards by trying out new apps, shopping online, and completing surveys. Since its launch in 2012, FeaturePoints has paid out close to six million dollars in rewards to its users.

When FeaturePoints is used to shop online, you will receive cashback rewards. You can also earn reward points for expressing your opinion via surveys.

This app also has a desktop version that can be downloaded from the app’s official website.

Download Featurepoints

4 Free Xbox Codes By Using CashNgifts

Introducing CashNgifts, an app that you can use to get free Xbox live codes.

This software has an e-wallet that can be used to pay your bills or recharge your mobile. You can even withdraw your earnings via the e-wallet and purchase gift cards.

The CashNgifts app promises earnings of approximately 30,000₹ each month from your home.

CashNgifts pays users to perform a few straightforward listed tasks.

Download CashNgifts

Other Ways to Earn Free Xbox Live Codes

1. Christmas Giveaways To Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

A Dutch website called ‘ ‘exchanges email addresses of users signing up for free Xbox codes.

Users can redeem their free Xbox live codes via some retail websites under certain acceptable circumstances.

Some online gaming retailers offer remarkable assistance and can secure your personal details.

Of course, such retail websites don’t offer free Xbox Live codes every day or for anyone who somehow subscribes for their newsletter emails.

To put it briefly, you would be lucky to discover giveaways in progress on these websites.

2. Free Xbox Live Gold Trial By Using Bing To Get Microsoft Reward Points

Using Bing for most of your internet searches also offers one of the most reliable ways to earn lots of free Xbox live codes.

The Bing search engine comes with a variety of rewards and offers for making it your default browser.

To earn 100 Microsoft reward points, you must earn at least 120 Xbox live gold codes.

Earning free Xbox live gold codes through Bing is quite simple; all you have to do is make use of their browser more frequently – for all your daily internet searches.

Bear in mind, however, that the amount of reward points you can accumulate each day via this search engine is limited.

Have you been looking for how to get free Xbox live codes? Then you must try out the Bing option.

Simply download and install the Bing browser on your mobile device and set it as your go-to browser.

Use the Bing engine for your daily online searches, and your reward points will keep accumulating.

You can redeem your points later on Microsoft’s app store.

How to start earning Microsoft Rewards through Bing:

  1. Go to and log in to your Microsoft account (this should be the same as your Xbox One account).
  2. Once logged in to Bing, select Microsoft Rewards in the top right-hand corner.
  3. From Microsoft Rewards, you can earn points with daily searches, quizzes, and other random additives.  As you are more consistent with your searches, you will level up and be able to earn more daily points.

To redeem your Xbox Live Gold reward:

  1. From your Microsoft Rewards account, search Xbox Live and select it.
  2. Select Redeem Reward.
  3. Select Confirm Reward.
  4. This will send you an email with an Xbox Live Gold code that you can redeem on your Xbox.

3. Get Free Xbox Live Codes By Using Swagbucks (Survey Methods)

The Swagbucks website is one of the most trustworthy online platforms for earning rewards and gift cards.

Users will be assigned a few tasks to complete daily; they include taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, etc.

The reward points earned here are called “Swags” and they can be redeemed later for free Xbox live gold codes on the Microsoft App store.

Free Xbox Live Codes List (50 Codes)

S.No Xbox Gift Card Codes Working Status
1 PFD9Y-U636F-MQY2S-U4AL8-NJ5Y5 Working
2 7233W-3UMS9-QLGW2-UVELL-MST3J Working
3 Y8JF7-7R5CM-HKYA3-K4X9J-UKETL Working
4 59Y98-8ADZD-968SV-GCW2U-SLXHN Working
6 TLQFY-RMZD5-6NK55-BNK25-3VD66 Working
9 WNHBV-M23P5-L9S2B-53CNV-HU3CX Used
11 DUP54-TVBNQ-B824B-77W4S-FHQHJ Working
12 H996P-R6HQR-32ANP-R2GCE-6FLUL Used
14 QPYVF-7EA33-EQTD6-FF2AT-HYF4H Working
16 LQ4X7-QAYHC-RNQEN-T2R68-7QUEQ Working
18 QPYVF-7EA33-EQTD6-FF2AT-HYF4H Working
20 H996P-R6HQR-32ANP-R2GCE-6FLUL Used
21 DUP54-TVBNQ-B824B-77W4S-FHQHJ Working
22 YC749-9HDZ8-ZGMAM-FRSP4-KGFSB Working
23 XJPSH-8QV2W-EWPB4-89F5N-BB64G Working
26 PF7NY-D2RX5-KZYL7-DSNSH-WHM64 Working
27 98GGW-V6G34-QR4QD-8539R-PXXXR Used
29 TR67V-92U7M-NN9HG-DH8RJ-NKP9M Working
30 BN2J7-58FVT-Y6V8M-Y7AMA-CC5KP Working
33 2WJJD-5CNX9-4WP7X-M6E5R-5UDC3 Used
35 YV7CT-C3EAS-QBGC2-2T63Q-SMP26 Working
38 D4EG9-H29EQ-8B834-C6LUU-X9MLJ Working
39 MFT6J-HYZE2-BKT6G-YY4QC-8ECP7 Working
40 3R8F7-2EC33-A79AJ-EUY3Y-QWYCT Working
42 ZQND9-WCJ6L-MM3UC-WN643-PTHPF Working
44 G9BSG-HFBC6-4MNRP-XXX7F-3AMX4 Working
45 H2F4J-S4AG9-F6EVE-865EJ-BKT9K Working
46 XEPSP-4FLZL-BWV59-HFU3G-T35ZP Working

The Takeaway

Here we have highlighted legitimate ways for gamers to earn xbox live gold free trial.

Of course, there are lots of other ways available online nowadays, but don’t be deceived by the lure.

Always do your homework before selecting the right path to earn these freebies.