15+ Easy Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2020

In this article we will discuss about how you can get free steam wallet codes, free steam gift cards & free steam money by using different sites & apps to get free steam games & accessories.

15+ Easy Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2020

If you’re an avid gamer, then chances are you’ve probably heard about the steam platform for buying the most wanted online games.

Steam is basically a content delivery software or system from where users can play and download premium games on PC.

Steam was developed by Valve Corporation - the gaming giant.

The same company that captivated us with several popular game franchises such as Team Fortress, Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 Dead.

But, sometimes, we simply can’t afford to spend our hard-earned cash on a game.

Especially when there are legitimate ways to get free Steam Wallet Code.

Keep reading this post to discover some proven ways for you to earn free Steam codes in 2019 - which can then be used to purchase gifts and premium games.

Proven Ways to Earn Free Steam Wallet Codes, Gift Cards & Money

1. Earn Free Steam Codes By Using Swagbucks

swagbucks free steam wallet code

You can use this reliable website for reward points to earn your free Steam wallet codes.

This popular reward point platform has been operating for almost ten years.

Swagbucks is arguably the biggest and most famous GPT (Get Paid to Offer) platform. This ultimate site can undoubtedly help you in getting free steam codes.

Swagbucks can boast of a few methods for you to get “Swags” (the official platform currency), which you can exchange for free Steam wallet codes without human verification.

These methods typically include completing survey forms, signing up for promo offers, and some other enjoyable tasks that a user must complete before getting Swag rewards.

2. Mypoints App

my points app

Introducing MyPoints, yet another trustworthy source for your free Steam wallet codes in 2019.

All you have to do is sign up at the official MyPoints website. MyPoints offers its users a reward program every day - for which they must register.

Users can negotiate, buy, play games, and perform surveys to get the free Steam gift card. Here, you have to accumulate enough reward points before you can redeem them – just like other popular reward programs.

One impressive feature of the MyPoints website is that you can complete offers from trendy brands in various categories. Perhaps you love all things fashion; you can earn reward points for Etsy, Sephora, and several other top brands.

Get Mypoints

3. InboxDollars

inbox dollars

The InboxDollars platform has always been a reliable way to get free Steam wallet codes.

All you have to do is register your InboxDollars account and then complete the available tasks.

Examples of these tasks include watching videos, completing surveys, playing games as well as reading emails to get reward points.

You can even earn actual cash that can be used to get free steam gift cards, google play code or transferred directly into your bank account.

4. Prizerebel


The PrizeRebel is home to lots of online surveys that users can complete to earn free rewards.

PrizeRebel has more than eight million registered users, and they have also paid out over 17 million USD in rewards to their loyal users thus far.

PrizeRebel users get paid after completing surveys and supplying their opinion on a variety of topics. Reward points are received in exchange for finishing these surveys.

After accumulating enough reward points, you can exchange them for free Steam codes, PSN Codes, XBOX Live Gold.

5. Inboxpounds Gift Cards


Introducing yet another platform to get free Steam wallet codes. InboxPounds is actually a sister brand to InboxDollars highlighted above.

It offers a similar range of tasks to its users, making the InboxPounds platform quite well-known for its services. Tasks here may include doing making money surveys, completing offers, and playing free games.

It was mainly developed for users in Europe and the UK, but it now has over forty million users worldwide.

With InboxPounds, you can receive the latest offers and get assigned tasks to complete so that you can exchange your reward points for Steam gift card codes.

You only need to register your InboxPounds account to get started.

6. Ebonus.GG App

ebonus app

At ebonus.gg, you get paid in coins that you can easily redeem for quick cash or your preferred gift cards.

EBonus pays users to complete brief tasks. It is very similar to the sites listed above. Ebonus basically provide users a set of offer walls to complete surveys of various companies.

These tasks may include taking online surveys, watching live stream videos, and shopping online.

In return you will be able to get eBonus points which can be later redeemed to various gift cards & codes & even Paypal money for free.

7. Giftsjunkie


The Giftsjunkie website is a remarkable online application for earning quick cash. GiftsJunkie users get paid to complete short tasks like playing games and watching videos.

In exchange for these actions, users can earn reward points referred to as "Junkie Coins." These Junkie Coins can then be used to redeem your preferred gift cards.

The GiftsJunkie app will allow you to get gift cards after completing tasks available on the web portal. You can get paid in PayPal cash, Amazon Gift Card, Walmart gift card, or free Steam gift card.

8. PointsPrizes


PointsPrize will pay you to carry out various tasks, such as sharing your opinion, completing paid surveys, and watching videos.

PointsPrize also offers reward points to its users, along with random gifts and prizes. You can earn real cash and gift cards in return.

PointsPrize also supports a wide range of gift cards.

9. Appnana


The AppNana application is free to download & available both on android & iOs Devices.

Once you download and install it, you can then start using it to collect free Steam Wallet codes.

After downloading and using this software frequently, you will automatically be rewarded with free points in your account’s e-wallet.

You can accumulate sufficient reward points that can later be exchanged for your free Steam Wallet Codes & Google Play Store Credit.

Get Appnana

10. Earnably


Even though earnably.com features a limited variety of tasks when compared to the Swagbucks domain, its straightforward, user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to be assigned tasks quickly.

EarnAbly utilizes a point-based method, which is similar to the Swagbucks platform, with one point being equivalent to 0.01USD.

The paid tasks available on EarnAbly include watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers, and shopping online.

Although both the internet browsing and game playing options to earn rewards are not available here like they are on the Swagbucks platform.

However, EarnAbly pays the same rates and also features a robust referral program (ten percent of your referrals are lifetime earnings).

When you have accumulated up to five hundred points, you can exchange your reward points for a Steam wallet code worth 5USD.

However, you can also save reward points when you cash-out with a really high amount.

For example, when you cash-out at 50USD, you will use 4975 points as opposed to the full amount of 5000.

11. InstaGC


Introducing Instagc - yet another popular GPT website, comparable to the Swagbucks domain.

Although, as the name implies, Instagc is famous for its reduced cash-out minimums on gift card rewards.

And even though you can get Amazon Gift cards for as low as 1USD, 5USD Steam gift card codes are the least reward Instagc currently offers.

And because 1 Instagc point is equivalent to 0.01USD, you will require 500 Instagc points to exchange for a 5USD Steam wallet code.

Instagc does have a less attractive design than EarnAbly or Swagbucks; nevertheless, it still serves up various options to its loyal members.

Instagc can boast of a massive compilation of surveys and offers available to its users, along with free daily raffles (as well as some others with a tiny entry fee).

The majority of their web pages are also quite easy to navigate except for their search page.

Instagc has a referral program that rewards 10 points for every user (located in America, the UK, Canada, or Australia) plus ten percent of their lifetime earnings.

This offer is better than what either Grabpoints and EarnAbly has, but perhaps not on a par with Swagbucks.

Other Ways to Earn Free Steam Codes

1. Using References & Invitations

One attractive feature about earning reward points via a GPT site is that the majority of them support reference and invitation systems.

You can easily obtain referral links once your registration with Swagbucks is complete.

You can then proceed to invite your friends, associates, and family members through social media to sign up for Swagbucks and obtain free reward points.

Perhaps you have a first-rate YouTube channel or a functioning Blog; you can quickly get free Steam Wallet Codes through publishing a video, or a post about it.

Moreover, if any of your referred friends register via your link, you automatically qualify to receive ten percent of their lifetime earnings on Swagbucks.

2. Get Free Steam Codes Via Giveaway Platforms

Perhaps you would prefer to try your luck at earning free Steam wallet codes; then, you must monitor those reliable giveaway platforms that promise to offer free Steam codes after you perform some easy tasks.

Still, almost like winning a lottery, users must wait and see if things will work for them or not.

Occasionally, these giveaway platforms are also into giving out free Amazon, Google Play Store, and PayPal gift cards.

Fortunately, there are now numerous platforms that offer monthly bargains to their users.

A few examples include from reddit itself:





Free Steam Wallet Gift Card Codes List

  • EZMV4-4D24B-56XGJ
  • 7GG89-M4BLY-X5BBF
  • JE9S5-R27V4-7FAHC
  • 2QM9A-7ZL94-4YXVK
  • BFT46-U9DHD-94TLF

Avoid any Steam Wallet Code Generator

steam wallet code generator

There are numerous fake websites nowadays claiming to generate free Steam gift cards and Steam Wallet codes.

They also assure you that there won’t be any tricks, traps, or technical failures and that they will provide you with free Steam codes.

Such websites are usually fraudulent, and they influence desperate users to carry out strange tasks, while the website magically produces free Steam gift card codes out of nowhere!

Such gimmicks must not fool you. So avoid such Steam wallet code generator sites.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for the most reliable methods to receive free Steam wallet codes in 2019. After getting the desired amount of gift card values, or wallet money, all you have to redeem it by visiting Steampowered Official Website

The Steam game sharing platform has been online for over ten years & remains a preferred method to purchase games.

We hope this guide was helpful.