Free Steam Keys, Games, Codes & CD Keys (2020)

Here we have listed the top 10 best apps which will help you in obtaining free steam keys, free steam games, free steam codes & CD keys. These apps are free to download from google play store.

Free Steam Keys, Games, Codes & CD Keys (2020)

For most people, the idea of playing the best PC games is something they would relish but the price of these PC games can be a major deterrent.

PC games are thrilling and anyone that has experienced it never wants to go back but almost no one happily parts with too much money on something that is not very fundamental - like PC games.

The advantage of strict monetization by a lot of PC game developers would mean that people would hardly need to spend so much money to acquire the best Steam games.

This goes further to mean that you can have more options; you can obtain free Steam keys.

With free Steam keys, you can have access to popular free Steam games without blowing your pocket.

This article aims to show you the best apps to get free Steam keys. But first, it is important we talk about Steam and how Steam keys can be used; perhaps for anyone that does not know.

What Exactly is Steam?

Steam is essentially a virtual game distribution platform that was launched as far back as 2003 by the Valve Corporation.

It was at first just a means to provide automatic updates for regular customers of Valve but soon it expanded to accommodate more than just gaming updates.

Now Steam offers games, videos, music, movies and, podcasts as well. Apparently, they have come a long way.

What are Steam Keys?

Normally game producers cannot distribute their games on third party stores and sites but with Steam keys, they can achieve this.

Game developers can now market their products through other retail stores.

There are free Steam keys which when activated will allow the user to access any Steam gaming product that is available on their platform.

The Valve Corporation provides such services free of charge to customers that use free Steam keys.

Valve also offers free steam keys to those customers that buy a Steam license.

As much as these Steam keys and the generator are free the user or customer is always advised to make use of them properly.

Now that we have understood what Steam and Steam keys are, it is time to look at the best apps to get free Steam keys and maybe even further consider how to get free steam keys.

Here Are The List Of Apps To Get Free Steam Keys, Games, Codes & CD Keys:

  1. Keys For Steam
  2. StKeys
  3. Coinsjoy Game Rewards
  4. GameKeys: Free Steam Keys
  5. Orlygift Get FREE Steam Games
  6. Keys & Gifts For Steam
  7. GameTame: Free Gift Cards & Steam Games
  8. Steam Key Giveaway
  9. Free Steam Keys
  10. Free Steam Keys & Top Giveaways

1. Keys For Steam

keys for steam free

Of course, you will prefer to not pay heavily or even pay at all for your Steam games. You perhaps want to enjoy more games and explore more Steam content but you cannot afford it.

There is a way out and it is via an app.

The Keys for Steam app helps you get free Steam keys to enable you to play these premium games.

The setup is fairly simple and doable considering that all you have to do would be to download the application first and then complete the easy tasks to be able to get coins.

You can then trade in your coins for Steam keys or even better you can specifically choose the Steam key you want and get the game in your Steam account.

You can get even more coins when you convince your friends and/or family to use the app. The referral will help you earn a certain percentage coins. 

2. STKeys


This application was built for free Steam Keys and games.

Steam offers some of the most popular online games and if you do not have access to the variety, you can get bored or tired of the games in your limited Steam collection.

Even the idea of paying for it bothers you. The good news is you are just one downloaded app away from your answered prayers.

The STKeys application offers various games and free Steam keys.

The simple task required is to download and install the app and then proceed to perform the daily tasks that will earn you coins that can be exchanged to get free Steam keys.

You can also gain coins from referrals of friends or associates.

3. Coinsjoy Game Rewards

coinsjoy game rewards

As expected with most Steam apps on this list, you only have to download Coinsjoy and install it successfully after which you will have to carry out a few tasks or challenges which you must complete to earn coins.

Do not sweat it yet, the challenges are exciting. These coins that you have gathered can later be traded in for free Steam keys.

You will also have the chance to win games directly without paying for them. You just have to complete some easy tasks as well.

Moreover, when you successfully refer friends, family or associates to use this app, you gain incredible referral rewards.
Nothing is stopping you.

Go ahead and earn those referrals to gain 20% of their own earnings.

You also do not need to input any passwords. The more tasks you take on, the more levels you complete while earning more coins for free Steam keys.

4. GameKeys: Free Steam Keys

gamekeys - free steam keys

For gamers that are very much interested in getting free Steam keys, you can them legitimately from the GameKeys app.

You can acquire a lot of free Steam game codes for games that are not found everywhere.

It is quite easy to set up this app and generate Steam keys on any mobile device.

5. Orlygift Get FREE Steam Games

orlygift - get free steam games

With this app, you can have access to the most recent games that you can find on Steam.

The first step to accessing your free Steam game keys from the Orlygift app is to download and install it.

After a successful setup, you can begin to enjoy the chance to win free Steam games hourly.

This app bridges the information gap between users and Steam. You get first-hand information about Steam, the current activities and products & services in that line.

There are always available challenges and tasks that you can complete to gain access to popular games and to get your Steam keys free of charge.

6. Keys & Gifts For Steam

keys and gifts for steam

You can obtain your free Steam keys, free Steam game codes, and CD keys daily all from using this application.

You can also earn other extras that will enable you to enjoy the best gaming experience online.

After you must have downloaded this application on your iOS and Android devices, you will then complete challenges that will provide you with free Steam game codes which will let you play as much games as you like on Steam.

7. GameTame: Free Gift Cards & Steam Games

GameTame – Free Gift Cards & Steam Games

You can earn numerous free Steam keys rewards from this app.

No other app comes close to its extensive reward system.

Simply download and install the application at zero charge and then you can obtain reward points that can later be traded in for free Steam keys.

8. Steam Key Giveaway

steam key giveaway

Complete simple tasks and earn points so you can trade them in for free Steam game keys. You can then play a lot of premium games.

It is necessary that you provide an email address to access these rewards.

The Steam Key Giveaway application is fairly easy to process and it opens a door for you to enjoy popular Steam games.

9. Free Steam Keys

free steam keys

This is the most widely used app of its kind.

You can play Steam games by earning weekly free Steam keys.

Those premium games on Steam that are difficult to access won’t be untouchable when you earn free Steam keys from this app.

10. Free Steam Keys & Top Giveaways

free steam keys and top giveaways

This app gives you updates on the best Steam rewards available at the time.

You get a lot of free Steam keys. With regular access to updates and information on the best Steam rewards and prizes.

This app prides itself as a “no restriction zone”. The Steam keys from this app grant you access to any game on Steam that most other apps would not.

It is worth giving a try. The drill is the same. You download and install it then you will earn your Steam keys.

In Conclusion

Here ends our post about the best apps to get free Steam Keys.

Any one of the app recommendations here is a guaranteed way of earning those rewards you see.

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