20+ Best Free Reading Apps (2020)

Want To Read Your Favorite Books On The Go? Here Are The List Of Best Free Reading Apps. Available On Android & iPhone Devices. Now Take Your Books Anywhere With You With These Reading Books Apps.

20+ Best Free Reading Apps (2020)

What we read can greatly influence our personalities. And while there are billions of avid readers all across the world, reading trends seem to have shifted as an increasing number of people prefer their reading material to be handy.

Instead of carrying traditional paperbacks and hardcover books around with them, consumers are reading more & more eBooks.

Even dedicated e-readers no longer seem to suffice as bookworms these days are spoilt for choice due to the overabundance of free reading apps available for use on various smart devices.

The best free book apps will enable you to read all types of material anytime and anywhere.

The Google Play and Apple Book stores are already doing an excellent job of stocking the finest free reading apps capable of offering numerous extras such as highly customizable settings, all-you-can-read subscriptions, backward support for previous formats, and much more. 

Here’s our handpicked selection of the best read books apps you can download right now for their unlimited content and innovative reading services.

Here Are The List Of 20+ Best Reading Books Apps For Your Smartphone(2020):

  1. Aldiko
  2. Bookfunnel
  3. FB Reader
  4. Oodles e-Book Reader
  5. Overdrive
  6. Profilic Works
  7. Audible
  8. Wattpad
  9. iBooks
  10. Amazon Kindle
  11. ReadEra
  12. Pocketbook Reader
  13. Moon+ Reader
  14. eReader Prestigio
  15. Libera
  16. Inkiit
  17. Free Books
  18. Pratilipi
  19. Goodreads
  20. Dreame
  21. Radish

1. Aldiko


Support for Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks along with PDF and EPUB formats are among the noteworthy features of Aldiko; one of the best free reading apps you too must have on your Android mobile device.

You'll also find an extremely customizable interface for reading that was designed to enable you to shop effortlessly for new reads and free classics within the app. There’s also a premium version of this free books app you can subscribe to for unlimited access to a vast audiobooks collection, as well as for the ability to make notes and leave highlights while reading. 

2. BookFunnel


Let’s introduce you to BookFunnel; one of the best free reading apps that can offer up an immense reading library at your fingertips! BookFunnel can also serve as an effective book download and management tool on your Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, the BookFunnel app comes with freebie chapters and allows its users to discover new authors, novels, and short stories including manga stories. It also syncs with your Kindle Fire tablet. 

3. FB Reader

FB reader

Perhaps you like the idea of transforming your Android smartphone into a robust and handy e-book reader. With FB Reader, you too can own one of the best read books apps for Android and iOS systems that can equip users with an interface designed to provide support for the trendiest eBook formats.

It is an extremely customizable reader, developed to assist you with creating your preferred online reading environment from where you can access awesome reads at home or on the go. 

4. Oodles E-book Reader

Oodles E-Book Reader

So you want to install the best free reading apps for mobile gadgets?! With Oodles, you have a user-friendly eBook reader you won’t want to miss out on.

Oodles is a book discovery platform that can boast of having over 50,000 engaging reads translated across 10 major languages. You too can enjoy reading or listening to English, Russian, or Hindi book stories,comic books and classics directly on your Android or iOS smart devices. 

5. OverDrive


Once you install OverDrive on your smart device you can proceed to borrow your favorite eBooks, audiobooks, PDF and stream a ton of video clips directly from your library. Its 4.6 out of 5 star Google Play store rating has seen it rank among top free reading apps currently available on the software market. You can use to enjoy access to over 40,000 book collections containing titles from all over the world. 

6. Prolific Works

Profilic Works

Are you looking for a secure way to discover and read the latest in eBook titles! Let’s introduce you to Prolific Works; one of the finest read books apps Android and iOS users must have. The Prolific Works program was developed to help its users discover new authors.

Thousands of authors from around the world also subscribe to this free books app to share promotional offers amongst other readers like you. The best part about it is its ability to sync with almost any eBook reader. 

7. Audible


That’s right! You too can access Amazon’s limitless audiobook collection by subscribing to the Audible service. It is one of the best read books apps we've sampled recently and it can provide a conducive environment for listening to arguably the world's largest audiobooks collection of bite-sized audio content and kids' stories whether at home or on the go.

Audible also provides multiple platform support across popular gadgets like your Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, PCs, Amazon device, or Windows Phone. 

8. Wattpad


With WattPad, you have one of the best free reading apps and the largest social storytelling platform available on the planet right now. You too can be part of the WattPad community of 80 million authors and readers and discover where real stories live.

It serves as a suitable platform for authors looking to promote their exciting new works amongst enthusiastic readers. 

9. iBooks


This is iBooks; one of the best reading books apps available online that comes with an efficient system for downloading and reading your preferred eBooks on any iOS device. You too can enjoy access to the official Apple bookstore for both audiobooks and eBooks with this user-friendly software tool. 

10. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

This final entry on our list is a free books app that needs very little introduction. It is one of the best free reading apps ever made for book lovers all over the world.

Download Kindle now on your Android or iOS smart device, Mac or Windows PC, and you’ll never be without a book. You can read your favorite eBooks at home or on the go with the Kindle app. You can have millions of book titles at your fingertips.

10+ More Free Reading Apps To Check:

  1. ReadEra
  2. Pocketbook Reader
  3. Moon+ Reader
  4. eReader Prestigio
  5. Libera
  6. Inkiit
  7. Free Books
  8. Pratilipi
  9. Goodreads
  10. Dreame
  11. Radish

The Wrap-Up

Here ends our discussion on the best reading books apps you can install right now.

While they generally offer free downloads, you can also subscribe for exclusive eBook titles. The choice is yours.

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