How To Get Free PSN Codes With PSN Code Generator (2020 Guide)

Looking for Free PSN Codes, Playstation Rewards Or Playstation Gift Cards? We listed 6 possible ways one could get earn PSN codes legally. we also included about Generator, Apps & Giveway Methods here.

How To Get Free PSN Codes With PSN Code Generator (2020 Guide)

PSN (Playstation Network) is essentially a digital media platform from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In the past few years, the Playstation brand has become one of the most popular gaming systems in the world.

Are you fond of multiplayer online gaming? Then you will surely be amazed by games currently available on the PS3/PS4 consoles.

Who doesn't like getting freebies, right? I'm confident that a lot of you already scour the internet in your free time looking for how to get free PSN codes to access a variety of PlayStation rewards and content.

However, because the majority of gamers today are unemployed teenaged kids, they come across various obstacles in their quest to obtain the required PSN gift cards.

Every gamer wants free PSN Codes and during the process of searching, we often encounter lots of free PSN code creators, spams and scams that promise to deliver genuine PSN Codes but they are hardly ever reliable, and we may end up empty-handed.

We hope that by defining things clearly in this post, we can inform you and thus help you to avoid being misled when searching for legitimate ways to get free PSN codes & Playstation Rewards.

Best Ways to Get Free PSN Codes & Playstation Rewards In 2019

1. By Using Official Playstation Network

This method is the most consistent approach to get free PSN codes.

Simply visit the official PlayStation site and sign up or register for the PSN Plus Membership Free Trial.

You will receive access to PSN Plus services along with all its perks during the 14 day trial period.

For this service, however, you will be required to divulge the details of your credit card.

You must remember to terminate the service once the 14 day trial period has ended or your credit card will be charged for services rendered.

2. Free PSN Code Giveaway Websites

A few websites and YouTube channels do regular giveaways. Ensure that you involve yourself in such giveaways.

You only need to follow their page or subscribe to their channel, comment on and like their posts and you’re good to go.

They receive their promotion while you get some free PSN codes; a win-win situation.

You can even boost your chances of winning free PSN code by following those giveaways being hosted by YouTube gaming channels.

Explore such platforms during holidays and special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday Sale.

They typically host giveaways in festive periods.

However, such giveaways only offer opportunities to a small number of people; which means you may not get free codes every time.

But, if you persist and adhere to all the required steps, you will increase your likelihood of winning a giveaway competition.

This Twitter Page Can Be Helpful:

3. Earn Playstation Codes By Using Swagbucks & Mypoints

Both Swagbucks and MyPoints are online domains that allow you to get free PSN codes after carrying out some straightforward tasks which may include playing games, completing surveys, watching videos, searching the web, contributing to daily polls, etc.

Performing such tasks will, in return, get you points.

Once you have accumulated sufficient points, you may then exchange them for Playstation cards or PSN cards.

Referral links can also be used to invite your family and friends to earn more points.

Moreover, these websites are genuine, so once you finish these tasks successfully, you are guaranteed to receive your points.

You are also not required to submit any personal payment details for any of these platforms.

4. Exchanging PSN Codes Via Online Platforms

People can sometimes, obtain gift cards, voucher codes, and game codes that they can’t (or don’t want to) use.

Hence, they may post such unwanted gift cards and codes on a public domain or any other exchange platform where you can request for someone else’s free Playstation codes in exchange for something you don’t need like an Amazon voucher or an iTunes gift card for example.

5. Best Apps to Get Free PSN Codes

1. Cash N Gifts

The CashNgifts app is also a well-known platform for earning cash online from home.

Users of the CashNgifts software can pay their bills and recharge their mobile phones directly without really paying anything since the app allows you to earn money which can then be used for paying bills or recharging.

CashNgifts can also be used to buy or sell PSN gift cards.

This app comes with lots of remarkable features, and it certainly deserves a try.

Download CashNGifts

2. Appstation

This app has a 4.4 Play store rating, and it has been downloaded over a million times since it was launched.

Appstation doesn’t overwork your device since it is lightweight (just 14MB).

It is a genuine app that will help its users to earn real cash from playing fun games.

Appstation users can play a wide variety of games to earn coins that they can exchange directly for real cash or free gift cards.

Coins earned here can be converted to free PSN codes, PayPal gift cards, and Amazon gift cards.

Every game on the Appstation app is entirely free to play.

Download Appstation

3. FeaturePoints

The FeaturePoints app will help you to get free Playstation codes

This popular app has over five million downloads and installs on the app store.

Users of FeaturePoints can earn money with this app by downloading software and completing surveys.

Every task you complete successfully will earn you some points.

You can redeem these points later for rewards which may include gift cards and real money.

Download Feature Points

4. Appkarma

The Appkarma app has over five million downloads on the play store.

It also has a 4.7 rating.

Appkarma allows you to earn rewards daily by using installed apps and watching video trailers.

You can also get free gift cards and earn free cash (including PlayStation’s free gift cards); free codes for Amazon gift cards, as well as gift cards for Xbox Live, by using this app.

Are you looking to get free PSN codes or Playstation Rewards, Appkarma is certainly worth a try.

Download Appkarma

5. Cash For Apps & Free Gift Cards

This software is well-liked since it has been downloaded over 10 million times on the app store.

It also has an impressive 4.4rating.

Once you have installed this application, you can start earning gift cards immediately.

After reaching the minimum amount for withdrawal, you can convert your points into free PSN Codes, gift cards or money.

You can also get free PlayStation gift cards by using this app.

Download Cash For Apps - Free Gift Cards

6. Gift Wallet - Free Reward Card

This program comes with offerings of both real cash and free PSN gift cards after just a few taps.

The Gift Wallet app gives its users free gift cards along with several other services.

You only need to complete a few simple tasks to gather points.

These points can later be redeemed to cash or converted into free PSN Codes.

Download Gift Wallet - Free Reward Card

7. Make Money-Free Cash

This money-making app from Free International Calls Limited can be used to get free PSN Codes, free PlayStation gift cards, Playstation Rewards and real money by trying out new applications.

Its users earn points by playing games available on the Make Money app.

In a nutshell, you must complete the tasks within the app successfully to be eligible for free gift cards plus other rewards.

Download Make Money

8. Appnana

The AppNana app has approximately 10 million downloads on the app store. It also has a 4.5 Google play store rating.

AppNana users must accumulate as many Nana points as possible - these may be earned after trying out some new software.

When the AppNana app is opened, you will discover some other apps which you can install.

If you install those apps found inside this app, you will obtain points which can later be converted into free PSN codes or Playstation Rewards.

Download Appnana

9. Cashkarma

The Cashkarma software is currently being used by people all over the world to obtain gift cards and earn free cash.

Users of the Cashkarma app can receive gift cards by completing surveys or watching videos.

The app is lightweight; which means it won’t slow down your device.

You can also earn PayPal funds by using this app.

Download Cashkarma

Free PSN Codes List (Regularly Updated)

Below are working list of free pcn codes. Check out these working codes to get free content from playstation network.

free working psn codes list

How to Redeem Your Free PSN Codes

  1. Step 1) Visit the PlayStation official website, log in, and choose Playstation network settings. Select your network Account Information.
  1. Step 2) Select the “Playstation wallet” icon and then click on the 'Add Funds' option and then press the “X” Keyboard key. From there, you can select the Redeem Code.
  1. Step 3) You may now input one of the Redeem codes you earned by using the methods spotlighted above and then continue further. Be sure to input the code carefully and then press “Enter”.

After some time, your account gets credited with the total amount specified by the code.

Free PSN Code Generator Sites (A BIG SCAM)

There are hundreds of fake sites on the Internet that claim to generate PSN codes and free gift certificates. In addition, they guarantee that there will be no trick, technical failure or trap and they will give you free codes because they are kind-hearted. These websites are completely a scam and manipulate desperate users to perform unusual tasks, while the site magically generates free Playstation gift card codes from nowhere.

All right! You should not, under any circumstances, believe that such a website provides you with your free PSN Code Generators or a guide on how to get free PSN Codes.

In Conclusion

Now that you are aware of how to get free PSN codes, you can ignite your gaming enthusiasm and begin accumulating them for the latest Playstation games.

Enhance your gaming experience with each game you play so you can fully leverage your Playstation console.