Free Overwatch Accounts & Passwords (2020) - Working Logins

Want To Get Free Overwatch Accounts & Passwords? Here We Will Discuss About The Best Methods To Get Free Overwatch Accounts, Including List Of Working Overwatch Accounts & Passwords.

Free Overwatch Accounts & Passwords (2020) - Working Logins

Online games have taken the world by storm.

You’ll find loads of entertaining internet games available for avid gamers to play and each one is unique in its own way.

Some offer superb next-generation visuals, some feature remarkable combat styles, while others enable customized avatar creation based on your personality and other fun themes.

The options are endless.

Overwatch from Blizzard is one of such enthralling online games.

It is an exciting team-based MMOFPS game that plays out in not-too-distant future earth.

Each Overwatch contest is an extreme 6v6 encounter between teams of exceptional heroes, each with unique abilities.

Only true online gaming & animation geeks will appreciate the raw and authentic value of Overwatch.

If you are here, then you must want to know how to get a free Overwatch account to expand your overall gaming experience without shelling out any cash.

You’ll find everything you need to know right here along with a list of free Overwatch account codes plus the inside scoop about online Overwatch account generators.

Let’s get you started!


About Overwatch

Free Overwatch Accounts: 4 Methods

Free Overwatch Accounts & Password Lists

Free Overwatch Account Generator

A Brief History About Overwatch

Overwatch is an online multiplayer game that was released in 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment.

It is essentially a competition involving two teams, with each team having six payers.

Each player must be selected from a pool of twenty characters referred to as “Heroes”.

Each Hero has an exclusive playing style and their roles are also separated into four broad categories namely Offense, Defense, Support Heroes, and Tank.

The main objective of every Overwatch battle is to defend or capture a particular position on the different world map levels.

There are also many existing game modes such as arcade, quick play, competitive play, custom game, etc.

Four Legit Ways to Obtain Free Overwatch Accounts 2020

Overwatch is an all-action multiplayer game that is already quite trendy.

It has often been categorized as a Hero first-person shooter game and is supported by Windows OS, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One platforms.

Unfortunately, the game is not free.

The Normal Version of Overwatch costs 39.99 USD while the Legendary Edition goes for 59.99 USD each month.

It’s a popular game and most gamers won’t think twice about spending this amount However, lots of other people are still not willing or can’t afford to spend this amount on a game so they tend to seek out free Overwatch accounts online.

Your quest for free Overwatch accounts and other free Overwatch code hacks ends here. 

It is our job to describe the safest ways to get your Overwatch account free of charge; afterward, you can proceed to play the game using your preferred ‘Hero’ and without any financial limits.

You will even be able to request for your friends to join you in a few gaming sessions using your free Overwatch account.

We have sampled 4 proven and secure methods you can use to obtain free Overwatch accounts that can access premium services.

Check them out below:

1. Download BATTLE.NET APP desktop app

With the software from Blizzard Entertainment, you can play Overwatch on your PC for free.

A quick hint: once a year, Blizzard makes Overwatch free-to-play which means you’ll have to follow-up on discussion threads in online gaming forums associated with Overwatch so you will know exactly when it is available for free play.

Follow these simple steps to play free Overwatch:

  • Open your web browser, preferably Google Chrome, and go to the official Overwatch website.
  • You must now open a new Blizzard account, log in to your existing one, or sign in with your Facebook account.
  • Go ahead and download the application. After installation, log in to your Blizzard account via the app.
  • Next, right-click on the downloaded app symbol and then open its file location.
  • At this point, you must press the Shift keyboard key, right-click on your PC display, and then click on the Open Command Windows button.
  • After launching the Commands window, simply copy & paste the following code inside it
  • –game=prometheus –install. 

You will see a pop-up notification initiating the Overwatch installation process.

Once the installation process is finished, you can start using your preferred heroes to play Overwatch.

2. Get a Free Overwatch Account by Using Reward Apps

You will find lots of apps available online that offer cash vouchers, bonuses, and gifts to their users that can be exchanged for your Overwatch account free of charge.

We have provided you with a list of trusted apps along with straightforward steps on how best to harness them.

You must ensure that you use these apps regularly, by completing the simple tasks involved, and you can earn a free Overwatch account for yourself without any hassles.

2.1: Survey Junkie


You can start by visiting the official Survey Junkie website to open your free account.

After creating your account, you’ll notice multiple tasks available for you to complete.

After filling out your profile details, you can then proceed to complete the tasks or surveys that have been assigned to you.

Once you complete a task or survey, you will be rewarded with an amount that is redeemable as PayPal cash, PSN codes, or any other popular gift card.

Moreover, you can redeem your earnings in the form of PayPal funds and then use that to purchase your Overwatch account in case Overwatch Account is not among the listed redeemable items. 

2.2: Swagbucks


All you have to do here is visit the Swagbucks web portal and then sign up for your account.

Complete surveys and perform tasks every day to earn a small reward.

Eventually, all the reward money you have accumulated can be swapped for PayPal funds or Steam cash.

2.3: Inbox Dollars

You can download & install InboxDollars directly on your mobile device.

Launch the InboxDollars app and then sign up for a free account with your email address.

Next, check your email inbox and you’ll find a verification email. Click on that confirmation link to verify your email id.

Search through the app menu to find the most suitable assignments for you to complete and earn reward points.

Once you have gathered enough reward points, you can redeem them for your free Overwatch code.

3. Edit Browser Cookies To Get Free Overwatch Accounts & Passwords

Changing your browser cookies can also help you get a free Overwatch account.

You can start the process by launching your web browser, preferably Google Chrome, and then clearing the cookies.

Next, enable the extension called ‘EditThisCookie’ on your Chrome browser.

Perhaps you’re making use of some other web browser besides Chrome; you can look for a good cookie to edit your browser’s extension.

Using the cookie editing extension, copy your paid Overwatch accounts’ cookies into your web browser; you can now play Overwatch at zero cost on your PC.

4. Free Overwatch Accounts & Password List (Feb 2020)

You’ll be pleased to find there are tons of free Overwatch account lists available online that were provided by other generous gamers.

We have also scoured the internet to find Overwatch account free username & password details that you can use.

However, some of them may have stopped working by the time you read this post; mostly due to the passwords being changed or the Overwatch account might have been blocked.

So, feel free to try out as many as possible so you can find a user login that works.

  • Carldeosupnet | justdoit09z
  • senga000 | 0053411070
  • | 0258147369kungo
  • BIrdt3n | b12345678
  • calwk | calwkgod
  • | clashersandbrawlers123
  • amirgui20 | especial600
  • | Yonatan5121
  • | T4k34CL053RL00K1D10T
  • | OKB0oMM3R

It’s almost impossible to find a list where all the free Overwatch account Passwords are working.

You’re probably better off trying the methods described above or buying an Overwatch account from a reliable marketplace or vendor. 

Free Overwatch Account Generators

Quit looking for Overwatch account generators online!

They don’t exist. So any Overwatch account generators you see out there are bogus or just fake marketing.

Rounding Up

Here ends our detailed guide on how you can get your free Overwatch accounts PC edition.

The first 3 methods described above are your best bet for getting you a free Overwatch account whereas the last approach using free accounts and passwords has a low possibility of success.