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Free Netflix Account & Password August 16, 2022 100% Working: The year is 2022 and everyone is now aware of Netflix. If you could somehow take a closer look at the video content on most mobile devices around, you’ll discover that Netflix’s popularity is growing as each day passes.

Netflix users can stream their preferred TV shows and movies-on-demand.

With stable internet connectivity on your iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, PCs, Smart TVs, or gaming consoles, you can binge-watch for days!

Since its launch, the Netflix platform has expanded its reach and now you can watch the best TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere, except for a few countries like North Korea, China, Syria, and the Crimea.

You’re not likely to miss anything on Netflix – not even when you travel abroad.

However, Netflix only offers its premium media streaming services to paying customers which is a major disappointment for those users looking to stream video content at no cost.

Netflix has lots of premium subscription plans for its users, yet many of them still try to access free Netflix Premium Accounts along with email & password details.

Over 69 million people currently have free Netflix accounts.

Are you also on the lookout for free Netflix account login and password details? You have reached the right webpage for such info.

We will be sharing some proven ways to get a Netflix free account that can access premium video content at zero cost.

Why You Should Own a Netflix Free Account August 16, 2022

Before we begin our discussion on the best ways to get free Netflix accounts, we must first understand why you need them; starting with the free trial period.

The main function of the Netflix free trial period is attracting more users. It is basically a marketing strategy.

Because people are generally uncertain about paying for a new experience, they can get a free preview of the Netflix experience and subscribe to it afterward (if they wish).

Bear in mind that the Netflix trial period doesn’t support downloads. Users must pay to use the download option.

Apart from this, the video content available on the trial period is limited. Netflix reserves the majority for premium subscribers.

This is the main reason why Netflix users need free accounts since the trial period comes with lots of restrictions.

Besides this, lots of people enjoy streaming Netflix videos but they are usually unwilling to spend their cash. They tend to search for freebies first.

How to Get Your Free Netflix Accounts August 2022 (6 Best Methods)

You might be wondering whether using a Netflix free account is even legal. The truth is people have mixed feelings about this issue.

The different tricks involved in obtaining the free Netflix accounts seem legit with only a few problems.

However, the hacking process requires the use of a standalone Netflix account generator accessed through a third party website/software.

Therefore, the Netflix user must be made aware of what they are getting and what the potential consequences might be before getting caught up in the entire procedure.

1. Use Free Netflix Account Login and Password Trial August 2022

The Netflix free account comes with a trial duration of 1 month during which the user does not have to pay.

After this period, Netflix will prompt the user to subscribe to any of its 3 user packages which differ in terms of their features and costs.

If you would like to continue streaming Netflix videos, the trial account is an excellent option to use with no payment involved.
You can subscribe to Netflix using any device but PCs are more suitable.

During the registration process, you must supply the necessary details such as your username & password, email address, credit card number and so on.

Afterward, you will have to choose from the 3 Netflix subscription plans — Basic, Standard, or Premium.

At this point, you must also decide on your preferred method of payment. They include credit or debit cards, PayPal, or via Google Pay.

Your Netflix trial account will be ready for use after you have finished these simple steps.

Bear in mind that only new Netflix users are allowed to use the free trial accounts for a period of 1 month only.

Perhaps you plan to disable your free Netflix account and stop subscribing to further streaming; you can easily terminate your subscription 1 day before your free trial period ends.

2. Use Google Pay for Your Free Netflix Account August 2022

You can use Google Pay’s online billing system to sign up for your Netflix free account.

After installing the Netflix application on your mobile device, select the “Join Free for a Month” option, and follow the instructions that come afterward to activate your trial account.

Your existing Google Account which is already linked with your credit or debit card can serve as your personal wallet which can be used to buy different Google Play Store items.

With Google Pay, you can also purchase these items directly without supplying your credit card info.

Moreover, Google Pay can be used to pay for your Netflix subscription.

During the registration process, Netflix will present you with an option to choose Google Pay as your preferred method of payment.

Once you enable it, you can proceed to stream Netflix videos for a month. Note that the Netflix trial account is usually linked with one credit or debit card.

If you decide to deactivate the trial account to open a new one so you can use the trial period over again, Netflix will decline this action because of the matching credit card details.

To avoid such a situation, choosing the Google Pay option might be the best way to proceed; especially because Netflix won’t sanction your account as long as your Google Pay service is valid.

When the free trial period is almost over, you can quickly cancel your subscription, and then open a new Netflix free account with an identical Google Pay account.

In a nutshell, you can use your Google Pay account frequently for several Netflix trials.

The Netflix system would not categorize such an action as a scam just because the IP addresses are different in each case.

You will, however, have to wait for a couple of days before accessing your Google Pay account once again to avoid any kind of restriction to the account.

3. Use a Virtual Card for your Free Netflix Accounts

Another great option to get your Netflix free account August 2022 would be through the use of Virtual cards.

Because the process of getting real credit cards is a systematic one, the client would normally be required to visit the nearest bank or perhaps apply online via a web portal.

Afterward, he/she will receive an actual expense card for different uses.

The cardholder was never issued a virtual payment card. The issuer merely has to provide a credit card number and a unique PIN for online transactions.

Bear in mind that you must link a virtual payment card along with your authentic bank account details to aid these transactions.

Netflix users can also use their virtual card to open a trial account. And, if you would like to watch free videos after the trial period expires, you must open another Netflix account using a different virtual card.

While this is a legal process, you must be cautious as lots of websites are into issuing virtual payment cards; however, only a handful of them can be used.

There’s no avoiding such situations since it is usually the policy of the issuing banks.

4. Use a Netflix Account Generator to get Freebies

It is possible to create free Netflix accounts along with usernames & passwords by using free Netflix generators available online.

There are lots of websites out there that claim to be able to generate a free Netflix email and passwords that work.

You can find out which of these sites are genuine by doing a little research.

Some of these web portals do create free Netflix account login and password details that work but they are only valid for a limited time.

You should read the terms & conditions carefully before creating an account.

5. Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords By Using Third Party Websites

This next step implies that you can also access your Netflix account free of charge through third-party websites.

But in this case, the account details won’t be generated. There are lots of people out there who are willing to share their Netflix accounts.

Although this method is unsafe, it has the lowest chances of fraud; also, the offers are likely to be genuine since you will get the Netflix account login and password information from another user.

The only drawback is you can’t remain logged in very long since the Netflix account belongs to another user.

You must be smart if you intend getting a Netflix free account this way.

Consider the fact that a user account that everybody can use is most likely a fake and the Netflix system may eventually block it.

Your best bet would be to approach several online forums or social media groups that allow their members to swap details for accessing free Netflix accounts.

6. Free Netflix Account By Using Netflix Cookies

Most of the people are aware of what cookies are. But those who don’t know about it, we will tell you what it is. When you surf your browser and open such website which require login and password, it saves your login information to cookies on your browser.

With the help of EditThisCookie Extension we now be able to access those netflix account cookies which can be used to login to Various accounts including Netflix without logging out the actual user.

Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords 2020

We’ve gone ahead to gather some free Netflix account and password at random from a working online generator.

Remember that these codes won’t work on the official Netflix app or website.

Feel free to try them with any third-party app or website but there might not be an authenticated connection to a movie server from Netflix.

Email Password 48269 hunghung0121 tulala35 viewhub50939 galrileah215 zwasaki41 cadielac9433 jessie081 898@nenik worky997 cadielac9433


Perhaps you don’t enjoy proper Netflix access in your area; this might be the best approach to try.

Moreover, you can bypass any restrictions by using VPNs and free proxies. Just download & install a free VPN on your web browser and the ISP will not recognize you. free-netflix-accounts-passwords

In Conclusion

From the discussion above, you’ll agree that using Netflix trial accounts or Google Pay are the most secure ways to obtain free Netflix accounts this year.

Valid Virtual cards are also another safe option. While other methods have their advantages, they could cause problems for you.

The Netflix platform needs funds to meet its operations requirements. If users don’t subscribe, Netflix won‘t work.

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