10 Best Manga Sites (FREE) To Read Manga Online in 2022

Here We Listed 10 Of The Best Free Manga Sites For You To Read Manga Online. Are You A Manga Fan? Check Out The List Of Manga Reader Websites For Free.

10 Best Manga Sites (FREE) To Read Manga Online in 2022

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Manga (Pronounced as ‘maw-nnnn-gah) is a Japanese word used for describing comic book series published with ancient Japanese culture as its integral component.

Any avid reader of Japanese manga comics knows that it is not easy to differentiate between official English translations and fan-made translations.

This explains why most of us look for the latest info about the best websites to read manga online.

If you’re reading this post, then you must be a manga lover searching for the best places to read free manga online.

We’ve gone ahead to highlight 10 of them for you. Keep reading for the inside scoop.

List Of Free Manga Sites for You to Read Manga Online Free


Thanks to its ranking as the platform of choice among the majority of manga fans in Japan, BookWalker is arguably the best free manga site for you to read manga online in 2020 and beyond.

The BookWalker domain is Kadokawa's official digital bookstore and software designed for readers of Light Novels & digital manga series worldwide. This is not just your average eBook store.

The BookWalker platform was made for avid manga and light novel readers like you. Moreover, BookWalker’s services do not require any subscription fees.

This awesome web portal also provides support for both Android and iOS devices.


This is yet another popular site for you to read free manga online. You can also find a lot of free webtoon in this website which are absolutely free to download.

Its manga comics are originally published in the native Japanese language since 92% of the site’s visitors are Japanese.

This is one of the best manga websites that features manga content in the form of both eBooks and paper books.

This online manga reading platform also provides support for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.


Mangareader is a free online platform that enables comic lovers to read manga online.

If you’re looking for where to read manga content online ranging from adventure, action, and fantasy among other genres without registration, this is the best place for that.

Moreover, this web portal can boast of a user-friendly interface without any unnecessary features that could eventually waste your time.

There is also an integrated search feature that makes it easier for you to locate your preferred manga comic book title.

Another noteworthy feature of this website is the fact that it doesn’t contain the usual sponsored ads associated with free online portals.


If you’re looking for the best place to read manga online, you should visit Myreadingmanga, one of the biggest online manga collection sites.

Mangastream has also ranked among the best manga websites that offer accurate English translations for its numerous manga readers.

On Mangastream, you won’t even be required to create an account or sign in before you can read free manga online.
There is also a search option that will allow you to find your favorite manga titles effortlessly.

Besides reading free manga, visitors to this awesome site can also discuss weekly episodes, find and recommend a new manga series to read, create picture posts of their manga collection, etc!


This green-themed online manga platform comes with an advanced search option which makes it easier for visitors to read manga online.

This awesome manga website offers a wide variety of fun content with 40% of its visitors from the US.

One of the most attractive features of the Mangapanda web portal is the fact that you will not have to create an account or sign in before accessing the content here.

This cool web portal delivers on its promise of quality content along with quick reading.

You can use either the filter or search options to quickly locate your preferred manga – which eliminates the need to scroll manually through pages.


You can read manga online at MangaPark for free!

MangaPark is one of the best manga websites where visitors can search for their preferred online manga scans & scanlations.
The manga content here is categorized according to genres for easier searching.

Some popular genres here include Action, Shounen, Comedy, Sci-fi, School life, Supernatural, Slice of life, and lots more.
Moreover, you can use any PC, Android, or iOS device to read free manga online via this web portal.


Let us introduce you to Comico – yet another popular comic platform developed to enable visitors to read manga online.

This comic website is based entirely on the Japanese language so if you’re not proficient in the Japanese language, you may experience some difficulty while trying to read free manga online here.

The Comico website has also ranked among the best online portals for arts & entertainment in Japan.


Log on to Mangakakalot so you can read manga online.

This site is loaded with the most entertaining manga comics which are updated regularly and synthesized with high-quality imagery.

You will discover thousands of manga comics on this well-organized platform.

This is also one of the best manga sites that will enable you to read free manga online via your mobile device anytime, anywhere.


This domain is an Amazon subsidiary that was designed to let visitors read manga online.

The Comixology website can boast of one of the biggest collections of digital comics.

On this platform, you can buy the manga comics outright or gain unlimited access by opting for their subscription service.

Moreover, you can use the website for a 1month free trial period before making your subscription or purchase.


This popular website also features a separate section for visitors to read manga online. It is 100% legal website to read manga online.

There is even an iOS and Android app for this platform that was developed to further enhance your manga reading experience.

The Crunchyroll web portal also features a User-Interface that is straightforward and super fast – which makes it more convenient for children to use this platform.

Some Other Working Manga Websites – Free Of Charge

  1. Mangago
  2. AnimeNova
  3. Viz
  4. Mangainn
  5. Comic-Walker
  6. Otaku Smash
  7. Renta
  8. Weekly Shonen Jump
  9. Manga Club
  10. Manga-Anime Here
  11. Mangareader.net
  12. Manga Here
  13. ZingBox
  14. Manga Freak

The Wrap-Up

After reading this post about where to read manga online with the best possible features, you should be better informed.

Feel free to sample all the web portals we have highlighted above to maximize your manga reading experience. You can also learn Japanese with their accurate subtitle features.