6 Best Apps To Get Free In-App Purchases On Android Without Root

Wan't To Unlock All In-Game Features & Resources? Here Are The Best Apps To Get Free In-App Purchases For Android Without Rooting Your Device. Hack In-App Purchases With These Apps Now!.

6 Best Apps To Get Free In-App Purchases On Android Without Root

The Google play store is home to millions of applications that are developed for online shopping, downloading videos, playing music, and numerous other categories.

The majority of these apps are free on Android, but they come with a few upgrades or added features that require payment.

A perfect example of an additional feature is one that removes free in app purchases.

In app purchases here refers to purchasing an added service which can be utilized in your preferred app.

For instance, let’s say you’re playing a game online and you sometimes notice different ads popping up suddenly during gameplay prompting you to buy an additional app for removing annoying pop-up ads from inside your gaming app.

Such transactions are called in-app purchases.

There are various in app purchases hack tools that can be downloaded for free.

We have selected the best free in app purchases android software to help you make a clear-headed choice.

Their features are spotlighted below:

Best Apps To Get Free in App Purchases on Android – No Root Required

  1. Creehack
  2. Lucky Patcher
  3. Leo Playcard
  4. Appsara
  5. Freedom
  6. XmodGames

Making in app purchases may turn out to be a frustrating process.

In this post, we are sharing our curated selection of the best apps available for making free in app purchases on Android in 2019.

These apps are also useful for in app purchase hack android no root.

1. Creehack

This tool contains every component required for gaming apps on Android.

Root access is not necessary; therefore, CreeHack users can hack any Android game without rooting their device.

CreeHack has become popular among gamers since it offers free in app purchases for only games.

You cannot use the CreeHack software to hack in-app purchases of other apps.

Still, this is the perfect android app for doing in app purchases hack on games.

The only drawback of this app is the random survey pages that keep appearing across your screen, which must be filled out before obtaining the app.

It may seem a bit tedious, but your boredom will quickly become excitement when you start playing premium games for free thanks to the CreeHack application.

After downloading it, you only have to enable it since it will likely run in the background during gameplay.

Download Creehack

2. Lucky Patcher

The Lucky Patcher app is the most popular software used to bypass any restrictions on in-app purchases for Android.

Apart from making free in app purchases, Lucky Patcher can also be used for synchronizing target apps, and as an emulator.

You can remove licenses easily from any game and app with Lucky Patcher and share your hacked android games to your friends.

A significant drawback with this free in app purchases android app is that it will not be effective with online games since you must also be prepared to hack the servers of the online game which is quite complicated and impossible.

You can use Lucky Patcher to modify app permissions, remove pop-up ads from inside another application and lots more.

To use Lucky Patcher for free in app purchases Android, you must;

  • Install and then open the Lucky Patcher app.
  • Minimize the Lucky Patcher window and allow it to run in the background
  • Launch the app to make free purchases
  • Open the purchasing section of the paid app and then select the “buy now” option – which should provide you with an exclusive Lucky Patcher prompt.
  • Select and permit any required permissions

The Lucky Patcher app works for both rooted & non-rooted devices; however, it performs better with rooted devices.

Download Lucky Patcher

3. Leo Playcard

Here’s a substitute for the Lucky Patcher app, only with a slight difference.

Users of Lucky Patcher must root their Android device.

But users of the LeoPlay Card app, on the other hand, are not required to root their Android phone or tablet.

LeoPlay Card can be used for lots of games like “Pinball full HD,” “Fool,” etc.

LeoPlay Card works like the CreeHack app.

The LeoPlay Card app allows you also to avoid making payments on any android app of your choice.

Are you looking to download paid games for free from the Google Play Store? The LeoPlay Card app will allow you to make free in app purchases Android.

By using this tool, you can download an unlimited number of paid games for free.

However, there are a few precautions involved with using the app.

They include:

  • If you try using it for paid applications or online games, it won’t function.

It will only work for paid software that is downloadable.

  • A few paid apps come with added security measures which ensure that anyone who attempts to download them via free in app purchases may be banned.

Try at your own peril.

However, such actions don’t happen with all paid apps.

  • Any account being used for free in app purchases might get blocked because of such illegal activities.

Download Leo playCard

4. Appsara

AppSara is another useful app that can be used to make free in app purchases on un-rooted Android devices.

Sadly, it only supports a small number of apps. It isn’t compatible with several apps and games like the Lucky Patcher or CreeHack apps.

You must also bear in mind that if an app requires you to input your credit card number while trying to make free in app purchases, it means that app isn’t supported by this software.

Simply install the AppSara software on your Android device, and you can then make an in app purchases hack.

If you are looking to make a free in app purchase with AppSara, just launch the paid app and navigate to the payment page.

Immediately the payment tab of the paid app opens, AppSara will enter the process.

AppSara will then use a fake credit card to make the payment for your purchased items after a few brief seconds.

The AppSara app is the most straightforward tool that teaches its users how to make free in app purchases on Android.

Download Appsara

5. Freedom

The Freedom Android app will assist you with your mission of unlocking the paid features of popular gaming apps free of charge.

Freedom apk will enable you to obtain free jewels, coins, lives, and levels for free; saving your hard-earned cash.

The most recent version of this software is Freedom apk v1.5.3c.

As the name implies, the Freedom apk allows you to buy so many things that require cash payment.

The Freedom program utilizes a tool that can bypass Google Play’s credit checking system and use a bogus credit card to make payment for the first-rate features.

The phony credit card doesn’t have any credit loaded; however, the Freedom software convinces the Play Store algorithm that real cash was paid.

Freedom apk works on rooted Android devices only.

This app will provide you with free upgrades. You may also use Freedom apk to remove ads inside games and other apps.

Of course, you can use the Freedom to make free in app purchases.

Freedom app utilizes its fake payment method to bypass the games’ payment interface. 

Download Freedom APK

6. XmodGames

This is another cool app that allows its users to access free in app purchases.

The XModGames app can unlock purchases for games like “Clash Royale,” “8 ball pool”, “Clash of Clans,” etc.

How to use XModGames:

  • Download and install the XModGames app, then proceed to grant all necessary permissions
  • Every game/app installed on your Android device should be displayed on the app’s home screen.

Choose the game/app you’d like to hack

  • You should then be taken to another screen which shows a “mod” option linked to the selected game/app.
  • Clicking the “install” icon will install the “mod” for the specified game/app.
  • After the “mod” has been installed, you should obtain full access to premium features of that game/app without any payment.

Download Xmodgames

List Of Best Apps To Get Free in App Purchases on Android – No Root Required

  1. Creehack
  2. Lucky Patcher
  3. Leo Playcard
  4. Appsara
  5. Freedom
  6. XmodGames


These are a few of the best apps for making free in app purchases on Android devices.

The in app purchases hack will give you access to premium features apps on most Android games and software.

Now that you can hack your preferred app, you can obtain any feature set – from free credits in caller applications, and faster game upgrades, to removing pop-up ads – which would otherwise require you to pay additional charges.