IMVU Credits FREE: How To Get Free IMVU Credits & Gift Cards (2020)

In this article we will discuss abut how to get free IMVU credits, Gift Cards. We have discussed about the best apps & websites which will give you unlimited free IMVU credits without any hack or generator.

IMVU Credits FREE: How To Get Free IMVU Credits & Gift Cards (2020)

IMVU is an immensely popular virtual world simulator for gaming and social chat.

Since its launch in 2004, IMVU has offered its users a 3D avatar-based collective experience along with the largest online environment and inventory to customize their appearance while meeting new people, making new friends, role-playing and participating in other virtual activities together with millions of other people for free!

The IMVU platform can boast of over a million items that you can use to generate your customized avatar.

Avatars are very important on IMVU since they are the most significant element on this platform.

You can also network with other IMVU users by using your 3D avatar. Moreover, IMVU is free-to-play.

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But, there are still a few items on IMVU that will require you to make in-app purchases by using IMVU credits. 

Types of IMVU Credits

Credits are also very essential on IMVU.

They can be used to access chat rooms and buy the finest quality premium items and upgrades that will give your avatar a distinct appearance.

However, these IMVU credits are not given to players for free. You must spend lots of money to purchase IMVU credits.

Moreover, there are special categories of IMVU credits such as dev credits and promo credits. Each one has a different function.

1. Regular Credits

These credits are basically the foremost currency on IMVU.

Regular IMVU credits can be used to buy upgrades, clothing items and many other useful things for your IMVU avatar. 5000 IMVU credits cost about 5 USD.

However, if you purchase IMVU credits in large volumes, you will receive sizable discounts.

You could acquire 300,000 IMVU credits for just 200 USD.

Still, 200 USD is rather expensive for game credits so we recommend that you use the IMVU credits hack option to get IMVU credits free of charge. 

2. Promo Credits

With Promo credits on IMVU, you can purchase similar items as with the regular credits on IMVU.

However, the main distinction between the two categories of IMVU credits is the method by which you can acquire them.

Players can earn IMVU promo credits only after performing different types of simple tasks.

Also, the promo credits on IMVU cannot be used to purchase gifts for other users.

Moreover, you can earn IMVU promo codes every day by playing a Spin the Wheel game or by using the “Recruit a Friend” system.

IMVU promo codes can also be classified as free IMVU credits although they are not as effective as the regular IMVU credits. 

3. Dev Credits

This category of IMVU credits are explicitly meant for developers.

They help people put their creative imaginations to good use by allowing them to generate different items on IMVU. 

You get rewarded with 10 dev credits if you produce a good quality IMVU item and someone else buys it.

Moreover, you can exchange dev credits for regular IMVU credits. 10 dev credits are equal to 1 regular IMVU credit.

The dev credits are also an excellent form of reward for inventors because apart from showcasing their abilities to the world, they can also earn free IMVU credits for their effort. 

How to Get Free IMVU Credits using Apps

Fortunately, there are lots of different methods you can use to obtain IMVU credits free of charge and one of them is through IMVU credits hacks.

With the right IMVU credits hack, you can get free IMVU credits almost instantly.

There are also a few reliable Android apps out there that were explicitly developed to help players earn lots of free IMVU credits.

You can even download such apps on the Google Play Store for free.

You’ll find 3 of our top app recommendations for earning IMVU credits free of charge right here:.

1. Get Free IMVU Tips App

This app is not an IMVU credits hack in essence, it is somewhat focused on the tips and methods that you can put into practice to get your free IMVU credits.

This app is also a must-have for every IMVU user since it will help you progress more rapidly while playing IMVU. 

2. Free Credits I-M-V-U

This second entry on our curated list is an app that provides players with the best tips & tricks to earn free IMVU credits.

The IMVU credits are very essential to the game so if you don’t have enough of them, you won’t enjoy playing the game very much.

As a result, this is a great app you can use for handy tips to help you earn free IMVU credits

3. PointsPrizes

This reward app is the most well-liked among all the curated apps we have spotlighted here. It has already been downloaded by over 100,000 users on the Google Play Store.

The PointsPrizes app can be used to obtain IMVU gift cards and IMVU credits free of charge.

With an impressive 4.2 out of 5 star rating on the Google Play Store, PointsPrizes is arguably the best app you can use to earn free IMVU credits

What Exactly Are IMVU Gift Cards And How Do You Earn IMVU Gift Cards For Free?

We’ve already discussed at length about IMVU credits; however, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of IMVU gift cards let’s now introduce you to them.

IMVU gift cards can be used by players to add some cash balance to their IMVU accounts.

These IMVU gift cards carry a certain code and immediately that code has been pasted inside the ‘Redeem your Gift Card’ section, the user will receive a particular amount in their account.

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That amount can then be used to purchase IMVU credits.

Besides apps, there are lots of websites where players can earn their IMVU gift cards and free IMVU credits.

Here are some of the popular ones: 

1. Points2shop

The official Points2shop website is one of the most reliable websites players can use to obtain their IMVU gift cards.

It is possible for you to earn IMVU gift cards valued at 10 USD on this website.

Those 10 dollars gift cards can be used to purchase as much as 10,000 credits on IMVU. 

2. LootPalace

This is LootPalace; yet another website that is consistent at providing IMVU gift cards for free.

You won’t even have to do anything complicated here. You simply need to open a new account and you can begin to receive your IMVU gift card codes via Email. 

3. GrabPoints

The GrabPoints domain is already extremely popular among players looking to acquire IMVU gift cards for free.

You can earn points via GrabPoints after successfully performing some straightforward tasks which may include completing surveys or watching videos.

The points you have gathered at GrabPoints can then be exchanged for free IMVU credits

4. InstaGC

To use the InstaGC website for earning free IMVU gift cards you must first create an account.

The IMVU gift cards you acquire here can later be redeemed for free IMVU credits with very little effort. 

How to Redeem Your Free IMVU Credits or IMVU Gift Cards

There are still some of us who don’t have a clue about how to redeem their IMVU gift cards. Here’s how:

  • Start by opening this URL ( in any web browser which will direct you to the official IMVU gift cards web page.
  • Next, copy your IMVU gift card code (if you have one) or scratch the grey coated area on your physical IMVU gift card. You will notice an alphanumeric code which is your unique IMVU gift card number.
  • You must now input your unique code inside the empty text box. After you have successfully entered your code, you can select the ‘Redeem Now’ option.
  • It might take some time before your request is processed so you will have to wait until the system sends you a message confirming that your IMVU credits have now been added successfully to your account.
  • You can then proceed to put them to effective use on the IMVU platform.

Get Rid Of IMVU Credits Generators

IMVU credits generator or IMVU credits hack are online tools which are fake tools which are providing by a lot of virus spreaders or spammers. Please get rid of these kind of IMVU credits generator or IMVU credits hack.

The Wrap-Up

Here ends our post on how to get free IMVU credits.

Any of the methods we’ve described here is reliable. Go ahead and put this knowledge to good use.