7 Easy Ways To Earn FREE Google Play CREDITS (2020)

2 sec ago. Here We Listed 7 Of The Eays Ways To Earn Free GOOGLE PLAY Credits. Including The Free Apps Like Google Opinion Rewards, FreeMyApps To Get FREE Google CREDIT Rewards.

7 Easy Ways To Earn FREE Google Play CREDITS (2020)

Are you a Pro Android user? Then you are undoubtedly a regular visitor to the Google Play Store.

The Play Store is Google’s digital storehouse of Android-based software.

The range of services available on the Google Play platform includes Google Play Music, Google Play Games, Google Play TV & Movies, as well as Google Play Books.

Statistics have shown that between December 2009 and June 2019 there were approximately 2.7 million apps available on Google Play Store.

There are also about 2.3 billion active Android smartphone users worldwide.

Some apps on the Play Store platform are free while others require payment before you can download them or access their premium features.

Did you know that there are ways of earning free money on the go with just your Android device?

The money earned comes in the form of Google credit rewards or PayPal funds which can later be used to make purchases on the Google Play Store or redeemed for actual cash.

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All you have to do to earn free bucks is perform some easy tasks such as playing games, downloading and sampling other recommended apps, signing up for offers, and lots more.

In this post, we will be discussing the most legitimate ways to earn Google Play credit in 2020 and beyond.

But first:

What Exactly Is Google Play Store Credit & How Does It Work?

Google Play Store credit can best be described as the funds added to your Google Play account from a debit/credit card or branded Google Play gift cards.

You can quickly earn Google Play credit online or via your Android-based mobile device and the best feature of the Google Play Store credit is the fact that they never expire.

With Google Play Store credit in your Google account, you can purchase premium software and also make quick in-app payments.

They can even serve as great gifting options for your friends, relatives, and associates on special occasions like birthdays and housewarming.

Sadly, these Google Credit rewards are not available in all countries.

The specific list of countries where they are available includes the USA, The UK,  Canada, France, India, Greece, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Indonesia, Denmark, and Norway.

    Benefits of Using Google Play Store Credit

    1. With a sufficient Google Play store account balance, you won’t have to make any additional deposits on your card, each time you make an app purchase.
    2. With Google Play Store credit, you can make quick and convenient payments.
    3. Your Google Play account balance can be kept safely for lengthy periods so you won’t have to worry about downloading paid apps regularly.

    List Of 7 Easy Ways to Get Free Google Play Credit

    1. Google Opinion Rewards
    2. FreemyApps
    3. Cashout - Earn Rewards
    4. Appnana
    5. JunoWallet
    6. Cubic Reward
    7. Top Cash Rewards

    Have you been wondering how to get free Google Play credits?

    We have highlighted 7 of the best and most legitimate approaches to obtaining free Google Play Credit.

    Check them out below:

    1. Google Opinion Rewards

    google opinion rewards

    Download the Google Opinion Rewards software to access the official Consumer Surveys app developed by Google.
    It is probably the most reliable source of free Google Play credit.

    The Google Opinion Rewards application will send surveys to you once a week for you to answer and then earn up to 1USD in Google Play Store credit.

    All the survey questions are quite significant and easy to answer.

    You will receive notifications from the Google Opinion Rewards app whenever there’s a survey available for you and upon finishing it, your Play Store account will be credited with Google Credit rewards.

    These Google Credit rewards are equal in value to free Google Play credit.

    This software can be downloaded at no cost and is supported by all Android-based smartphones and tablets.

    2. FreeMyApps

    free my apps

    Introducing FreeMyApps; yet another dependable app developed to help its users earn free Google Play credit.

    Besides enabling you to earn Google Play credit, this remarkable app can also provide rewards and gift cards for Amazon, Spotify, Xbox, Skype, Starbucks, and other top brands.

    FreeMyApps has also been ranked among the best apps that can help users to acquire their Google Play credit code.

    You can even earn Google Credit rewards by sampling other recommended apps & games for free.

    This app also allows its users to redeem their free Google Play credit for their preferred branded gift cards.

    3. Cashout - Earn Rewards

    cashout - earn rewards

    Are you looking to install the best software that can get you free Google Play credit?

    The Free Gift Cards app is already considered by many users as one of the most trusted sources of free Google Play credit.

    Apart from Google Play Store credit, this app also serves up free credit for, iTunes, Amazon, PayPal, PlayStation, Xbox and many more.

    Moreover, this handy app can provide you with different deals and offers which you must complete before you can earn your Google Credit rewards.

    With the Free Gift Cards app, you will be rewarded for trying out recommended apps, watching free videos, as well as inviting your friends and family members to use the Free Gift Cards software through your unique referral link.

    4. AppNana


    We also recommend that you use AppNana - a proven rewards app that is already well-known for offering its users free Google Play credit along with Amazon, Xbox, PayPal, and iTunes rewards.

    The AppNana app enables you to earn reward points (called Nanas) for sampling other recommended software for free.

    The recommended apps you have downloaded must be launched and used after installation for you to earn the reward points.

    You can later exchange the reward points you’ve accumulated here for branded gift cards or actual cash.

    5. JunoWallet

    juno wallet

    Install JunoWallet now! A reward app that serves up free Google Play credit, gift cards, and other awesome rewards.

    With the JunoWallet software, you can obtain reward points after watching free videos, playing free games, completing surveys, and referring other people to use the app.

    The JunoWallet app also offers branded Amazon, Xbox, iTunes, and eBay gift cards along with those from other major stores.

    6. Cubic Reward

    cubic reward

    Harness the Cubic Reward app’s features to receive your free Google Play credit by sampling the hottest games and apps on your smartphone.
    The credit you have gathered here can then be used to effortlessly purchase your favorite games or apps from the Google Play Store.

    The Cubic Rewards software is also very secure and its lightweight size will allow you to run other apps simultaneously.

    Moreover, Cubic Reward provides you with free credits for iTunes, Amazon, PayPal, Tango Starbucks, and lots more.

    7. Tap Cash Rewards

    tap cash rewards

    The simple yet efficient Tap Cash Rewards software is an app developed to help its users earn the Google Play credit code.
    Just like the other apps listed here, you will be required to download free games and apps to earn Google credit rewards and then swap them for branded gift cards.

    This app lets you earn Google Play Store credit in addition to gift cards from Amazon, Skype, PayPal, Freecharge, and many other top brands.

    How to Add Free Google Play Credit to Your Account

    Follow the straightforward steps we’ve highlighted below to add Google Play Store credit to your account:

    1. Log on to play.google.com.
    2. From the options available under the “Settings” menu, select “My Account.”
    3. You will then notice “Add credit/debit card” and the “Redeem” options for you to choose from.
    4. If you’re looking to buy Google Play credits with your debit/credit card, simply input your card information and then save it.
    5. Perhaps you wish to redeem cash; you should enter your promo or gift card code.

    The Wrap-Up

    These are the best ways for you to get free Google Play credit in 2020!

    You can try out more than one of the above-mentioned approaches to earn more cash!