15+ Best Places To Find Free Books Online (2020)

In this article you will find a handpicked selection of the most ideal places to read books online free of charge. 17 best places to find free ebooks online incliding Goodreads, Manybooks & more.

15+ Best Places To Find Free Books Online (2020)

Almost everyone I know loves a bargain and if you’re anything like me, you’d jump at the opportunity to quickly read through free books.

As the year rolls slowly by, you may likely find yourself having lots of spare time on your hands which can be put to good use by doing some reading.

Are you a thrifty digital bookworm on the lookout for some good reads? We’ve got good news for you!

The internet has tons of open source book reading solutions in digital format so you can effortlessly download free books online directly onto your smart devices to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Below, you’ll find a handpicked selection of the most ideal places to read books online free of charge. You can expect to find the latest reads alongside old classics on nearly all of them.

Enjoy reading! 

Here Are The List Of Best Places to Read Free Books Online (2020)


So you want to read free books online?! Then you'll be pleased to know that the GoodReads eBook Shelves is one of the few sites available these days that can satisfy most voracious readers.

While you’ll find an abundance of classic book titles on most free-to-use book websites (because of exclusive rights), you’re likely to discover more contemporary books available for free-online on the GoodReads site. It’s also a great place to obtain free book giveaways and discover the works of new authors. 


You too can visit ICDL right now to discover firsthand why it has ranked among the best sites to find free books online. It was developed to promote respect and tolerance amongst kids from diverse cultural backgrounds by providing them with access to recognized and approved literature for children from diverse world regions.

This online digitized library can boast of having children's books that have been translated into 59 major languages. Visitors to this site can create a free account and manage an active bookshelf, or choose to read incognito. 


Let’s introduce you to Internet Sacred Text Archive; one of the best places to read free books online. On the ISTA domain, you can have the world's wisdom at your fingertips.

This site serves up a comprehensive book collection of wide-ranging philosophical interests such as mythology, religion, sacred text, folklore, and much more. ISTA was created to encourage religious tolerance, diversity, and scholarship based-missions. 


The name of this website says it all. You can browse through numerous book recommendations as well as the most popular titles.

You’ll be pleased to find a plethora of both modern & classic book selections just waiting to be read at home or on the go. There are approximately 3,000 online books to read on ManyBooks at zero cost. Moreover, most books here are compatible with popular readers and smart devices such as Nooks, Kindles, Android, and iPad. 


Open Culture is great place to discover quality media content as well as read books online free of charge. This massive open-source domain is already blowing the minds of millions of visitors worldwide with its curated collection of free eBooks and audiobooks.

There are well over 800 books and other literature pieces available in downloadable format on this website for Kindles, iPhones, iPads, or Android systems. You could even choose to read them on your PC web browser. 


You’re bound to enjoy using Open Library’s editable library catalog where you can browse, read, and borrow from over 1.7 million books. The Open Library project was developed to provide avid bookworms with a suitable environment to find and read free books online.

Apart from its free book offerings, Open Library also provides its users with working links that can access premium book content elsewhere on the internet. 


You can now visit OverDrive to discover and borrow audiobooks, eBooks, and video clips from millions of public libraries across the world.

The OverDrive Company is a great place to read books online free of charge. Moreover, they are into the provision of secure digital rights management solutions together with an assortment of download services for numerous libraries, publishers, retailers, and schools. 


If you’re looking to read free books online, Project Gutenberg could turn out to be the ideal domain for you. It is essentially a volunteer effort to create a digital archive of cultural works.

Its collection of over 50,000 books has been made available for convenient public reading in digital format at zero cost. Project Gutenberg is an excellent source of classic novels as well as older, more obscure manuscripts. 


You can find some of the finest free books online at Read Print. Read Print is an open-source online library that lets you access thousands of books directly from the palm of your hand.

Read Print can boast of a user-friendly interface that was designed to enable visitors to browse and read classic books effortlessly online. Moreover, it features a useful bookshelf widget for tracking those books you have already read. You will find books including:

  • Classics
  • Sacred texts
  • Academic collections
  • Kid’s books
  • Graphic novels
  • Audiobooks


As the name implies, this final entry on our list of places to read online books free of charge will keep you engrossed in lots of full-length reads. 

As soon as you log on to the Riveted website and sign up to become a member, you can proceed to enjoy unlimited access to a wide array of free books which you can also download onto any PC or smart device. There are even a few giveaway offers up for grabs as well as book forums you can join.

Some More Sources To Get Free Books To Read

  1. WattPad
  2. FanFiction.net
  3. BookRix
  4. Library of Congress
  5. World Public Library
  6. Wikisource
  7. eBook of the Month By Tor

Wrapping Up

That’s it for our latest round-up of the most ideal places to discover and read free books online.

Now you know exactly where to look.