5 Easy Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Card Codes (2020)

Are You Looking To Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Online legally? Here We Discussed About 5 Best Methods To Earn Free Amazon Gift Vouchers Of Upto 500$.

5 Easy Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Card Codes (2020)

Because almost everyone I know now uses Amazon, cashback offers, discount codes, and other promotional items like gift cards, and coupons, have become quite popular in the e-commerce industry nowadays.

They are essentially attractive marketing strategies designed to build confidence in online shoppers and gain their trust.

Shopping on Amazon becomes much more enjoyable when you’re spending from your gift card account balance.

Perhaps you’re one of those trying to figure out how to earn Amazon gift card in India; well you’re in luck because there are now several proven methods you can apply to score these exclusive items.

In this post, we will be turning our attention to the best options available to help you get your hands on Amazon India free gift card codes.

Enjoy reading! 

Earn Amazon Gift Cards For Free In India

We live in an era where saving money and setting up a side hustle has become crucial; especially because the extra earnings can always bail you out in difficult times.

Some of you might have already scoured the internet for tips on how to get free Amazon gift card India.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are recommended apps and websites you can use to earn gift card rewards – mostly after performing straightforward activities online.

These free gift card reward earnings can then be used to save money on your recharges, while shopping online, making bill payments, and much more.

They can even be used as gift items for friends or loved ones.

You can always redeem even more of your preferred gift cards with your digital reward earnings.

Let’s now get started with answering our titular question of how to earn Amazon gift card in India by introducing you to some proven website and app options:

1. Using TimesPoints to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

TimesPoints has a unique user reward program that can guarantee you get rewarded for watching online videos, reading news feeds, and more. You get to swap the points you have earned for other consumer rewards such as gift cards from popular online shopping websites including Flipkart, Amazon, and others.

Here’s how to get your free Amazon gift card India by using TimesPoints?

  • Go to the official TimesPoints website.
  • Open an account on the website.
  • Next, you must create a complete profile to earn 100 points welcome bonus.
  • Afterward, you can start sharing videos and reading news articles to earn more rewards.
  • Once you’ve accumulated enough reward points you can visit the Redeem menu.
  • This is where you get to pick Amazon gift cards as your preferred redeeming option. 

2. Using Panel Station to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

With The Panel Station, learning how to get free Amazon gift card India becomes a whole lot easier.

About three million panelists from across 35 different countries already use TPS survey website to earn virtual rewards.

Here’s how TPS works:

  • Start by downloading the latest TPS app version from here.
  • Next, register for an account on the app.
  • You can now go-ahead to complete your profile and receive your sign up bonus.
  • You can now expect to start receiving surveys soon.
  • Once you have earned up to 3,000 virtual points you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards.
  • You can expect your Amazon gift card earnings to be delivered directly via your registered email inbox within a 4 to 8 week period.

3. Using Magicpin to Earn Amazon Gifts Cards for Free

That’s right; you also get to activate free Amazon gift card earnings with Magicpin. This rewarding service was developed to assist users with earning and accumulating free reward points.

You get to swap the reward points you have earned for assorted consumer benefits such as free gift cards for Flipkart, Amazon, and other foremost eCommerce platforms.

Here's How You Can get free Amazon Gift Card By using Magicpin App.

  • Start by launching the Magicpin app.
  • Afterward, you can use your mobile phone number to sign up for an account.
  • You can now proceed to earn rewards by uploading shopping bills and selfies.
  • You also get to earn digital coins after performing various tasks.
  • The reward coins you’ve earned can later be redeemed for your favorite free gift cards.

4. Using the Cred App to Earn Amazon India Free Gift Card

So you want to discover how to get free Amazon gift card India?! With the Cred app, you get to earn anywhere between Rs. 100 to Rs. 5,000 worth of Amazon gift vouchers once you’ve accumulated up to 15,000 Cred reward coins.

You can also benefit from the Cred apps’ brilliant referral program by inviting your friends and family members to use the software for money earning opportunities.

Follow these simple steps to discover how to get free Amazon gift card India via the Cred app:

  • Launch the Cred app.
  • Afterward, select the ‘Apply to Cred’ feature.
  • You can now input your mobile phone number and then verify it with the OTP sent to your line.
  • Supply the required user info such as your username, and email ID, and then click on Continue.
  • You’ll now have to grant all the requested access permissions.
  • Now you can link/add a working credit card to qualify for a sign-up bonus of Rs. 100.
  • You can now start receiving free gift card earnings after your shared referral codes have been activated by your friends.

5. Earn Amazon Free Gift Card via Valued Opinions

That’s right; Valued Opinions is yet another reliable website where you get to earn rewards after completing consumer surveys online.

This brilliant opinion’s platform offers between Rs. 40 - Rs. 100 for each survey completed. Your virtual cash earnings can then be swapped for gift cards and vouchers from Amazon, Flipkart, and other popular stores as soon as you have accumulated up to Rs. 400.

All you have to do is register on this website and complete your profile then you can start answering surveys that show up on your dashboard to earn rewards.

Here’s a tip you can apply: by registering your profile as female gender, you will be eligible to receive higher payouts.

Here’s how to get free Amazon gift card India via Valued Opinions:

  • Go to the official Valued Opinions homepage.
  • Provide the required user info like your full name, registered email address, gender, and postal code.
  • Afterward, you can open your email inbox and then click on the link to “Take A Survey” that was sent to you
  • You get to earn points after completing your first survey.

Quick & Easy Steps to Receive Amazon Gift Cards For Free

Perhaps you’d like to learn how to get free Amazon gift card India in the shortest time possible; this next section of our guide is for you.

We strongly recommend trying the Times Points and Magicpin methods described above since they both involve receiving your gift card rewards instantly via your email or registered mobile line.

Next, you can copy your gift card ID details and redeem them on Amazon after signing in to your account.

The Panel station (TPS) app also offers a reliable approach but this usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks.

About Adding Free Amazon Gift Card Rewards to Your Online Account

You get to add the Amazon gift card freebies you have received to your online account using these simple steps:

  • Sign in to the Amazon web portal.
  • Click on the Amazon Pay feature.
  • Select the ‘Add Gift Card’ option.
  • Now you can input your gift card code.
  • Next, click on the ‘Add to Your Balance’ option.
  • Your account balance will be updated before checking out.

How to Add Amazon India Free Gift Card to Your Online Account

  • Start by signing in to your online account on Amazon.
  • Next, click on the Amazon Pay button.
  • Select the Add Gift Card option.
  • You can now input the 12 digit redeem code for the gift card.
  • You can expect your gift card balance to reflect in your digital Pay Balance account. 


That’s it for our latest discussion on how to earn Amazon gift card in India.

Now you know what you have to do if you’re looking to save more this holiday season.