Coolmuster Android Assistant Review (2020)

With the Coolmuster Android Assistant for Windows and Mac PCs, you can effortlessly manage, backup, and transfer all your smartphone contacts, text messages, music, videos, photos, eBooks, apps, and much more across various compatible devices

Coolmuster Android Assistant Review (2020)

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the foremost smartphones and tablets are typically equipped with capabilities that are superior to devices from the previous generation, which has also increased our reliance on them.

From enabling us to connect instantly with anyone, anywhere, to assisting us with managing our businesses directly from the palm of our hands, they are currently being used for diverse purposes.

What used to be a simple device for making and receiving calls as well as the odd text message, has quickly become predominant in our social and professional lives - which is all pretty amazing but also presents some significant challenges. 

Lots of people are now very reluctant to let go of their smartphones.

These miniature handheld devices are small enough to carry around with us in our pockets or handbags while they have enough virtual storage space to accommodate a plethora of information.

One of the biggest challenges people encounter with their mobile communication devices is managing and safeguarding the information and data they contain; whether they consist of pictures you took last year while on holiday, or your business contacts and addresses.

What happens if you delete something important by mistake? Or lose all your smartphone data after a factory reset? Or even lose your mobile device entirely?!

Both iOS and Android platforms come with cloud backup support so where did all your files and text messages go?

Apparently, neither Apple nor Google has made provision for you to migrate data from your smartphone for any reason.

Thankfully, there’s a melee of 3rd party Android-based software developed for both Windows and Mac PCs that will allow a user to access all their smartphone information regardless of the backup systems for the OS and cloud.

And since there’s no point pretending that many iOS and Mac users don’t experiment with Android apps this makes a general solution easier.

One such data recovery solution that is currently available on the software market is the Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Coolmuster is an Android-based file manager that was created to effortlessly administer, back up, and restore every single detail of information on your mobile phone.

So, how dependable is the Coolmuster Android Assistant? 

Enter the Coolmuster Android Assistant Made For Windows/Mac PCs

With the Coolmuster Android Assistant for Windows and Mac PCs, you can effortlessly manage, backup, and transfer all your smartphone contacts, text messages, music, videos, photos, eBooks, apps, and much more across various compatible devices via its user-friendly interface which operates a lot like the Windows file-management system most of us have become accustomed to.

Once you’ve used the Coolmuster software, you’ll wonder why you ever stored anything important on your smartphone and believed it would be safe!

All it takes for you to create space on your mobile device is to transfer files off it, by a straightforward process onto your computer for storage.

You can easily recover them from your PC when needed with just one click which makes for a useful transfer and backup tool for moving important info across devices.

Apart from just saving your contacts, the Coolmuster application will even allow you to manage your contact info directly from your PC.

You can delete, rename, as well as export contacts in both XLS and CSV file formats.

Here’s how to use the Coolmuster Android Assistant to enable 1-Click data backup:

Step #1

Establish a stable network connection between your mobile device and Windows/Mac PC.

You must have previously enabled the USB debugging feature on your Android smartphone.

Here’s how: On your Android 6.0 or later device, go to Settings > About device > Software Info.

Next, click on the Build Number option 7 times in rapid sequence > Go Back and click on Developer Options > switch it ON.

Step #2

Open the Coolmuster application and then select Super Toolkit from the main menu.

Step #3

Next, you must select the Backup or Restore option to create backups of file types you have specified. 

How to Use Coolmuster to Move Photos, Videos & Other File Types from your Android Smartphone/Tablet to PC

Once you have established a stable Android to PC connection, launch the Android Coolmuster file transfer software.

The program will begin scanning your device and proceed to automatically display the scan details in separate categories such as Contacts (All Contacts, Call Logs), SMS, Music, Photos, Videos & Books, etc.

If you wish to preview the information contained in the files, you can simply open each tab.

Next, you will have to specify the files you wish to transfer to your PC by marking them. Lastly, click on the “Export” button. 

Noteworthy Features of the Coolmuster Android Software

The Coolmuster Android-based Assistant is well-known for constantly adding innovative features such as Wi-Fi file transfers along with the standard USB protocol, a handy search function, in addition to simple SMS management, Html export options with bubble style, plus music and video management tools.

This software program enables seamless transfer of apps together with moving various types of media which include videos and recordings across multiple devices and popular mobile brands such as Samsung HTC, Motorola, ZTE, Sony, LG, Dell HUAWEI, and many others.

There’s even an optimized Coolmuster version for Mac and another edition for Android users. 

Extremely Secure

Yet another outstanding feature of the Coolmuster Android management tool is its fully protected service.

It was built to provide absolute safety for your precious data. Moreover, it makes use of a read-only protocol system to ensure that nothing is lost in transition. 

The Bottom Line

In terms of reliability and functionality, the Coolmuster Android Assistant performs admirably well.

Are you an Android user on the lookout for a competent software solution that can cope elegantly with handling your file, media, and app transfers while providing the desired protection?

You shouldn’t miss out on sampling this application.