Coin Master Tips & Tricks (No Hack)

Here Are Some of The Best working Coin Master Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guides. No Hack Or Cheats Involved.

Coin Master Tips & Tricks (No Hack)

Coin Master Tips & Tricks (No Hack) - Hello, gamers! Today we are going to provide you with some of the best Coin Master Tips, Tricks and hacks. Coin Master is one of those games that don’t require any kind of skills or technicalities. This game is mostly based on luck and taking the right decisions at the right time. Today in this post, we will be telling you about some Coin Master tips that will help you in making the right decision, protecting your village from attack, earning more coins, and becoming a better Coin Master player in general. So, without any further ado let’s get started!

How To Play The Coin Master Game

  1. As soon as you open the game you will see a virtual slot machine. This machine is used to earn coins. All you have to do is choose your Bet (number of energy you are going to bet, the higher the bet the higher will be the reward), press the red-colored Spin button and wait for the Slot Machine to come up with a combination of three objects.
  2. Each combination has a predefined set of rewards.
  3. Getting a combination of three identical objects maximizes your profit.
  4. You can use the rewards (usually coins, shields, attack hammer etc.) to either build your village or raid other villages.

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Coin Master Tips and Tricks for Free Coins and Spins

Now that you know the reality of Coin Master Hacks and Cheats, it’s time to learn some real coin master tips for earning free Coins and Spins in the game.

Connect your Account to Facebook

By connecting your Coin Master account to Facebook you will unlock:

  1. Extra 50 Spins.
  2. The feature to invite friends on Facebook to play with you.
  3. 100K free Coins.

Who knew getting 100K free Coins and Extra 50 Spins would be so easy? Just go and link your Coin Master account with Facebook and enjoy these benefits. Trust me, the game becomes a lot more fun when you start playing it with your friends.

Watch Ads to get free rewards

At the bottom right corner of the screen you will find an energy capsule. By tapping on the energy capsule you can start watching in-game video ads. A number of app developers and companies pay the Coin Master developers to display their ads inside their game. That’s why Coin Master developers reward you with free Spins whenever you watch those ads. Watch the ads and get more spins easily.

Coin Master Hack For Free Spins (Tips & Tricks)

You can use this easy invite friend hack to get free 25 Spins.

Step 1: Create a fake Facebook account (you can do this using temporary email).

Step 2: Now, add that Fake Facebook Account as your friend in your main account.

Step 3: Start playing the Coin Master game on your main account and invite the Fake Facebook account to play with you.

Step 4: Open another browser window and accept the invitation in the fake facebook account.

Step 5: Now, wait till you get the joining notification in your main account.

Step 6: Reload the page after getting the notification.

Step 7: Click on Collect to collect your free 25 Spins.

You can create as many fake accounts as you want to get unlimited free Spins (Links Here). That’s it, easy Coin Master Free Spins hack!

Use the Spins wisely

I have seen many players using their spins after every 1 hour. This will not yield good results. I will advise you to at least wait for 5 hours before using all your spins. Collecting a small number of coins or rewards after every hour will not benefit you as you will not be able to buy or upgrade anything. Be patient and use your spins after 5 hours to get a significant amount of coins or rewards.

Feed your pets

As we know, in a raid the pet gets only three chances to find the treasure. But if you feed your pets you will get 4 chances. This will ensure your chances of getting a ‘Perfect Raid’. This is an easy trick to get free coins in Coin Master. The energy gained from the food is retained for 4 hours.    

Never store your income

I usually don’t store my income. As soon as I get the coins I use them to upgrade my village. If you store coins and your village gets raided then you will lose all your coins at once. So, try to spend your coins on your village or anything else instead of storing them.

Is Coin Master Hack real?

Just go to Google and search “Coin Master Hack” or “Coin Master Free Coins Generator” and you will find tons of websites claiming to provide you with free Coin Master Coins and Spins. We tried to find out whether the claims made by these sites are real or not.

So, we visited one of those Coin Master hack sites and followed each and every instruction they asked us to follow. But even after trying their hacks five times we ended up with nothing. Then we realized that we have been scammed.

The owners of those Coin Master Hack sites earn thousands of bucks by fooling people into downloading apps and completing surveys etc. (what they call as “Human Verification Test”) and in the end you get nothing. Not even a single free Coins or Spins is deposited in your account after using those hacks.

So, I will highly advise you to stay away from these sites they are nothing but a way to scam people.

Final Words

So, that’s it for our post on Coin Master tips and tricks! I hope you liked it. I will quote it again “Never trust any Coin Master hack tools present on the Internet” all of them are scams. Stay tuned for more coin master tips, hacks, and cheats. Thanks for reading and keep gaming!