Best WoW Addons: 10 Best Addons For World Of Warcraft (2020)

Here are the top 10 list of best WOW ADDONS. Best World Of Warcraft ADD-ONS To Customize Your User Interface & Enhance Your Gaming Experience For Classic & BfA.

Best WoW Addons: 10 Best Addons For World Of Warcraft (2020)

If you are a fan of the World of Warcraft game, then you might be aware of the tons of addons the game has.

The internet is virtually stuffed with World of Warcraft addons that are poised at giving you a wonderful gaming experience. However, not every addon is recommended.

We’ve taken time to compile a list of the best WoW addons available.

The fun part of this compilation is that we will be discussing the best WoW addons based on some crucial gaming ramifications. These ramifications include combat, User-Interface, life improvements and the likes.

We are going to be discussing the best World Of Warcaft addons list in these categories. These WoW mods are certain to improve your gaming experience.

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Here's The List Of Top 10 Best World Of Warcraft Addons On 2020:

  1. Details Add-On
  2. Simulationcraft Add-on
  3. BigWigs Add-On
  4. Trade Skill Master Add-on
  5. Auctionator Add-On
  6. Gathermate 2 Addon
  7. Farmhud Add-On
  8. elvUI Add-On
  9. Dominos Add-On
  10. Azeroth Auto Pilot Add-On

If you’ve been searching for the best WoW addons to enhance your World of Warcraft gaming experience, then you are in the right place.

1. Details Add-On

Details! Wow Addon

Players of WoW definitely need a damage meter addon. If you agree, then you should check out Details.

The Details addon serves up explicit fine points about your damage meter.

You can also do some fun stuff with this addon such as changing your nickname and seeing a real-time graph of your group’s effectiveness.

You should really take advantage of this WoW addon.

Details is one of the best WoW add ons any WoW player can have.

2. Simulationcraft Add-on

Simulationcraft Wow Addon

Simulationcraft is an imperative addon for any player seeking to do PvE content. The addon is quite simple and doesn’t come with irrelevant stuff.

With the aid of some external tools, Simulationcraft can help you devise a tactical approach to every challenge you’re likely going to experience in the game.

If you’re unfamiliar with what simming is, you should read about it if you wish to get the most out of this addon.

Simming allows you to well-equip your character and choose talents effectively.

Click here to learn how to sim. Learning how to sim would definitely give you an edge over fellow players.

3. BigWigs Add-on

Bigwigs Wow Addon

This particular addon is needed for boss fights. The BigWigs Bossmods addon works by notifying you when the boss is about to display certain abilities.

BigWigs is one of the best WoW add ons made for combat.

However, you should note that this addon comes with LittleWigs as a prerequisite; you need LittleWigs to face dungeon bosses.

This inconvenience is nothing compared to the exciting features this addon has.

Moreover, the User-Interface is easily customized.

This combat addon is certain to empower your character with extra abilities to face the bosses in the game.

4. Trade Skill Master Add-on

Tradeskillmaster wow addon

TSM is one of the best WoW mods available. From its complexity, you can tell that it was created by a software engineer. TSM revolves around crafting and gold making in the game.

With this addon, you can set up operations that allow you to craft profitable items as well as developing other gold making strategies.

You can take out time to read about the addon here.

This will ensure that you don’t make mistakes that will lose you gold. TSM is one of the cool addons needed to win rewards seamlessly.

5. Auctionator Addon

auctionator wow addon

Auctionator is a reformation of the standard auction UI. With Auctionator, you can seamlessly buy, sell, and browse addons.

It’s not as good as Trade Skill Master or Auctioneer.

However, Auctionator can be used quite easily since lots of players have already earned over 5 million in gold by using it.

Auctionator is one of the best World or Warcraft addons as you can use it to perform your simple buying and posting operations.

For more complex operations, you can resort to TSM.

6. Gathermate 2 Addon

gathermate addon world of warcraft

From the name you can already guess that this addon is used to accumulate profitable items too.

This addon is pretty simple to use for gathering some useful items such as herbs, ore, holiday items and other stuff.

Once you gather items, they will reflect on your map.

This addon is also good for multi-tasking as you can make thousands in gold coins while farming alongside.

One cool feature about this WoW addon is that you can import maps from other people. This saves you some set-up time.

7. Farmhud Addon

farmhud addon world of warcraft

Farmhud works perfectly when synced with Gathermate.

When combined with Gathermate, Farmhud changes your entire screen to the transparent version of your mini map.

This transformation allows you to track gathering nodes seamlessly.

These and many other cool features make this one of the best WoW addons available out there.

You can improve your gaming experience by giving this addon a shot.

8. elvUI Add-On

elvUI addon for world of warcraft

If you’re looking to redesign the game’s interface, then you should really take advantage of this addon.

This is one of the best WoW UI addons you will come across. This addon redefines the entire interface of the game beyond recognition.

Asides from giving the game a new skin, it also allows you to customize and configure the skin in any way you deem fit.

One cool feature this addon has is its ability to resize, disable and move every part of the game’s User-Interface element.

On the plus side, if you lack the time to build or design your own UI, you can download pre-configured UI strings and then import them. This works just fine.

If you’re looking for an addon that lets you tweak the User-Interface, then Elvui is the best way to go.

With its cool features, it is definitely one of the best WoW addons. There are very few WoW UI addons that can do what Elvui can do.

In comparison, Elvui is the most preferable addon as it gives you total dominance over the game’s interface.

9. Dominos Addon

dominos addon wow

Dominos also works as an addon for User-Interface enhancement. With Dominos, you can replace the default action bars on the user-interface with fully customizable ones.

This also makes it very easy to change your keybindings unlike the default action bars.

Another nice feature this addon has is its ability to enhance action bars with keybinding abilities.

This is one of the best WoW UI addons you will ever come across as it enhances your gaming experience.

10.  Azeroth Auto Pilot Add-On

azeroth autopilot addon wow

Playing World of Warcraft comes with some complex and challenging levels.

If you need to finish up quickly without employing the brain power needed to do so, then you can leverage this addon.

This addon takes away the difficulty in the game and makes you go through levels seamlessly.

This addon is an efficient way to multi-task without striving or stressing. It even tells you when to use certain items while on a quest.

You will also see options that allow you to speed up the gaming process like automating hand-ins, pick-up quests and skipping cut scenes.

Azeroth Auto Pilot is certainly one of the best WoW addons as it ensures you enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

With the apps discussed above, you can enjoy an interesting gaming WoW experience. Every addon on the list we’ve compiled is poised at enhancing the features of World of Warcraft.

These WoW add ons are the finest World of Warcraft addons you can come across while playing.

While you may still find other addons on the internet, you can rely on these addons as they’ve been clearly sorted to ensure you look at World of Warcraft in a different light.