10 Best Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies (English Subtitles)

Here Are The List Of Best Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies You Can Download In English & Other Languages. All Websites Providing Free Access Without Signup.

10 Best Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies (English Subtitles)

You don’t have to be hearing impaired to use subtitles.

The entire concept originated from screenplay transcripts intended to help audiences to better understand what exactly is happening in the scenes.

And while the world continues to merge culturally, using subtitles becomes even more essential when you are not capable of understanding the languages spoken in foreign movies.

Apart from helping you to appreciate strange languages while watching DVD or Blu-ray movies, subtitles will also help you to make sense of any dialogue that is difficult to follow.

However, for many movie lovers, subtitles can be somewhat annoying especially since they tend to obstruct a lot of the visual content and even distract the attention which can impede your overall viewing experience.

Moreover, the accuracy of these subtitles is not always guaranteed; and besides that, they are very often provided in only one or two dialects which can also limit their usefulness for many people. 

Fortunately, there are now numerous websites that are into providing comprehensive and accurate subtitles for movies in multiple languages.

This is done to help you enjoy a movie-watching experience in languages that are entirely different from your own.

In this post, we've spotlighted 10 of the best websites where you can download subtitles for both blockbuster and obscure movies in English and other major languages from across the world.

You’ll find more details on each one below:

Here Are The List Of Best Movie Subtitles Download Sites In English 2020

  1. Yify Subtitles
  2. Subscene
  3. Movie Subtitles
  4. Open Subtitles
  5. Subtitle Seeker
  6. Addic7ed
  7. Subtitles For Divx & DVD Movies
  8. M4UFREE
  9. iSubtitles
  10. English-Subtitles

1. YIFY subtitles

You really shouldn’t be discouraged by piracy news. The YIFY domain offers secure and piracy-free subtitles download options in multiple languages.

YIFY has accurate subtitles for numerous movies in different dialects. The website itself can boast of an easy-to-use interface designed to make locating your preferred movie subs a straightforward task.

The movie categories on offer here include classic movies, most liked movies, latest movies, popular movies, web series and recently added movies, all under individual sections.

2. Subscene

You can add the Subscene website to your web browser bookmarks for quick access to one of the best places to download subtitles

The Subscene domain also provides subtitles download options for movie lovers who are hearing impaired.

This website can boast of an overabundance of movie subtitles in accurate detail.

Its uncomplicated user-interface was designed to enable instant downloads of assorted subtitles for top movies and TV series.

3. Movie Subtitles

You can log on to moviesubtitles.net for your accurate subtitle download files, thematic movie wallpapers, funny pictures, jokes, and more.

This website supports subtitle translations for up to 13 different languages. You can also stream the latest blockbuster movies in top-quality visuals.

One major drawback here is the availability of just a single subtitle format for each movie or TV show including most popular game of thrones.

You’ll also have to download and install a DirectVobSub filter for extracting the subtitle files after downloading since they would have been zipped with WinZip.

4. Open Subtitles

The opensubtitles.org domain can turn out to be your go-to source of accurate subtitles download options in different languages.

This movie subtitles download website also doubles as an online forum where active users can upload subtitles.

There are approximately 5 million subtitle files available for Open Subtitles users.

You can expect to come across the occasional sponsored ads on this free-to-use website but you can easily remove them by subscribing to VIP membership.

Moreover, you can save time by watching movies directly via torrent.

5. Subtitle Seeker

Here on the Subtitle Seeker domain, you can download English subtitles for blockbuster movies and popular TV shows in remarkable .srt format quality ranging from 480p to BluRay.

This top subtitles download provider will also enable you to download thousands of translated subtitles across multiple languages.

And even though you can browse and download your preferred subtitles without registering, the website also provides a signup option.

6. Addic7ed

The Addic7ed domain has been touted as the ultimate source of TV and movie subtitles.

Try it out now and find out why so many other people regard it as a great place to serve their precise subtitles download needs across multiple languages for free.

If you wish to access the premium options, all you have to do is register on the site then you can proceed to view and edit subtitles in .srt format.

Moreover, there are different subtitles for video download categories available for you to choose from. They range from previous releases to the highest-rated and latest uploaded versions.

7. Subtitles for Divx and DVD Movies

So you want to download subtitles?! This site can provide you with accurate English subtitles download options for just about any movie or TV show on the planet!

Moreover, since it was explicitly developed to establish an online DivX/XviD movie community, this website could turn out to be the ultimate place to obtain your DivX subtitle versions.

Some minor drawbacks you’ll encounter here include the need to install DirectVobSub software browser add-ons before watching your favorite subtitled movies and the fact that you likely won’t find the subs you’re looking for at first glance from the homepage.


Go to m4ufree.com for your legit and reliable subtitles for movies in multiple languages.

The M4UFREE domain can boast of various homepage themes for users to select from TV shows to animation.

It also comes with an attractive and user-friendly interface that helps you make easier subtitles download choices.

Moreover, you won’t come across any sponsored ads on this free-to-use English subtitles download site.

9. Isubtitles

The isubtitles.info domain might not be the best place to download subtitles since it is more focused on providing valid information on each movie offering such as length, release date, IMDB rating, box office reviews and more.

There are tons of subtitle files for you to choose from so you can find its description.

There’s a search bar on top of the homepage where you can input the name of the movie you wish to find subtitles for.

However, the occasional sponsored ads appearing on the web page can be rather distracting for some users.

10. English-Subtitles

The name of this website says it all.

It is widely regarded by many as the go-to source of blockbuster movie subtitles such as Avengers, Suite, and lots more.

There are sponsored ads on this webpage, although they are less prominent and annoying than most other free subtitle domains.

Also, you can only get English subtitle translations here.

Final Words

We’ve come to the end of our latest round-up of top movie subtitle websites.

We strongly recommend adding one or two of them as bookmarks on your web browser for quicker access.