6 Best Web Browsers For Windows (2020)

Here are the list of top 6 best web browsers for windows 10, 81 & 7 for 2020. The best browsers for windows including google chrome, firefox & more.

6 Best Web Browsers For Windows (2020)

It’s no surprise that internet browsers are among the most common software items you’ll find on every smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Since we all spend countless hours online, checking our emails, ordering for stuff on Amazon, browsing social networks, or continually streaming YouTube videos, a reliable web browser becomes essential for our daily digital needs.

Due to the influx of some impressive new browsers along with significant improvements in most of the major industry players, a wide variety of web browsers are currently available for the Windows 10 OS.

Choosing the best web browser for Windows 10 could turn out to be a tricky affair.

While some internet browsers offer a quick and seamless user experience, others provide improved privacy and security features.

Moreover, there are those web browsers that also serve up full-on customization options for enhanced flexibility.

Whatever your priority is, the ideal web browser will impact massively on your everyday internet user performance.

For some people, though, leaving their web browser comfort zone can also be challenging.

Your current default web browser may not be perfect – even on the best PC.

However, over time, you might have become accustomed to its peculiarities without even realizing that better options are available to make things so much easier.

That is precisely why this post about the best browsers for Windows 10 can be helpful.

Read up to get the inside scoop on our top web browser choices for 2020 and beyond.

6 Best Web Browser For Windows PC In 2019-20

1. Google Chrome

google chrome

When comparing top internet browsers across all operating systems, you cannot ignore Google Chrome.

With Google Chrome, you have installed an extendable and efficient internet browser that deserves to be ranked among the best browsers for Windows 10 this year.

Its global user base is rising rapidly, thanks to its incredibly stable, multi-platform interface designed to occupy the smallest amount of screen space.

Are you looking to install a fast browser for Windows PC? Chrome is your best bet in that regard.

It features a wide variety of accessible and pre-installed extensions that you can quickly use.

Moreover, this app supports parental controls, along with a considerable collection of tweaks and options to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Still, Google Chrome also has a few downsides.

It is one of the most heavyweight browsers available out there in terms of performance; hence, it isn’t suited to devices that have limited RAM.

Also, its resources don’t quite measure up to other top browsers on this list.

Furthermore, with Google’s algorithms in control, some people might not be comfortable with the way their browsing data is being used.

Chrome users can make use of the in-built task manager to inspect and control every program that is running on their computer.

There is also an integrated Google Translate feature that guarantees you an effortless translation of any language.

It even has a handy PDF reader to help you with managing PDF files conveniently.

Besides, the strong parental controls and multiple-account features make this a staple on almost every best internet browser for Windows 10 list made recently.

2. Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox

Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a web browser that provides more efficiency, security, and privacy; Mozilla Firefox is undoubtedly one of the best browsers for Windows 10 that can deliver those quality options.

Firefox only just received some significant updates after 13 years, and this has propelled this browser’s user base to one of the highest on our list.

This flexible web browser has always been well-known for its support for extensions; however, in recent times, it has started lagging behind the other top browsers in terms of speed.

Firefox Quantum was officially launched last year, and it represents a complete overhaul of the web browser’s base code, with speeds now similar to Google Chrome.

The Firefox browser also made some major improvements to its privacy policy.

Mozilla is strictly non-profit, which means that it does not have the same impulsion to sell your internet data like some other web browser developers.

The Firefox browser is also updated regularly to help protect the privacy of its users’ data.

Some other recent updates include password-free login support and regular blocking of ad trackers.

3. Opera Mini


Our curated list of best browsers for Windows 10 would be incomplete if we didn’t mention Opera.

Even though Opera has undergone lots of changes in recent years its primary focus on providing remarkable and secure internet surfing experiences – even with slow internet speeds – still remains.

Opera has an integrated VPN, is user-friendly, and comes with arguably the most customizable features.

Moreover, Opera can improve the loading speed of most web pages by condensing internet traffic, which makes this the best browser for PC users that have a weak mobile network or slow bandwidth.

Another handy feature worth mentioning here is the optimized battery usage, which makes the Opera browser excellent for laptop users.

On the whole, Opera may not be regarded as the best web browser for Windows 10 or on a par with Firefox or Chrome, but it has undoubtedly earned its place in the same group.

This miniature and effective web browser is undoubtedly an application you should consider installing on your Windows 10 OS.

4. Chromium

chromium browser

Are you already familiar with the Google Chrome web browser? Then switching to Chromium, its open-source counterpart shouldn’t be a problem.

In fact, the appearance, features, and design of the Chromium browser are quite similar to Google Chrome.

Chromium users can sign-in with their Google account to download extensions, sync data, and lots more.

Also, there are slight differences here that could help Chromium users have a varied experience.

For example, the Google Chrome web browser option does not support automatic updates, exclusive video/audio codecs, and does not feature a media player component.

The major difference between them both is that Chromium was created to be a rolling release; this means that features get pushed into the new build more often than Google Chrome – almost daily.

Because of this, the open-source web browser might experience more crashes than its closed-source counterpart.

5. Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge

Even though Microsoft Edge isn’t as versatile and robust as Firefox or Chrome, it is still one of the best browsers for Windows 10.

One significant advantage that this web browser has over the others on this list is the way it consumes minimal battery power.

Thus, if you’re looking to conserve your computer’s battery life, the Edge web browser would be the ideal choice.

Edge browser comes with lots of useful tools that will allow you to group, preview, and save tabs effortlessly.

And with its excellent hub functionality, you can ensure that all of your recent downloads, favorite reading lists, and browsing history are easily accessible.

Perhaps you spend most of your time online reading articles; you would enjoy the Reading View feature, which enables you to read web pages without any glitches.

Another noteworthy feature here is the personal assistant from Cortana-Microsoft that is always prepared to answer all your questions and even provide you with a few smart tips.

It gets better – the latest version of the Edge browser is not limited to Windows 10 computers, and Microsoft has also released Mac, iOS, and Android versions.

A Linux version is also under development.

With nearly all of the major web platforms supported on the new Edge browser, it can be considered as arguably the best internet browser for Windows 10 users to install this year.

6. Vivaldi Browser

vivaldi browser

Introducing Vivaldi – a highly customizable browser that was launched a few years ago, but it has now ranked among the best browsers for Windows 10 OS users in 2019.

Opera, the software giants, developed the Vivaldi browser.

You can customize the entire structure and design of the Vivaldi browser interface.

There is an integrated note-taking system that allows you to use side panels to dock websites while you utilize the main browser window to surf the internet.

You will also discover innovative tech for stacking tabs, which enables you to group multiple tabs together while you move them around conveniently to avoid the congestion that so commonly plagues other web browsers.

Vivaldi was built on Chromium; therefore, you can enlarge it even further by adding extensions from the Google Chrome Internet Store.

Simply select your favorite plug-ins and then click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

A few extensions might perform differently on the Vivaldi browser, but most of them work flawlessly.

Vivaldi is a creative and refreshing web browsing alternative and could turn out to be the best browser for PC in the near future as more remarkable features are added.

The Wrap Up

Here ends our top selections of the best browsers for Windows 10 users.

Feel free to try out all of them to determine which would be best suited to your unique needs.