The 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

We have compiled here the list of best free video editing apps which can be used for android as well as on iphone and android. Best video editor apps including Likee, Pixart & More.

The 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

Videos evoke vivid memories and can be used to express deeper levels of emotion than pictures.

Tweaking them with the right professional video editing software can also improve their quality.

And thanks to modern technology being at unprecedentedly high levels, the latest smartphones have become mobile instruments that can be harnessed for wide-ranging purposes which used to be the exclusive domain of desktop PCs.

A perfect example of such adapted benefits is the current accessibility to video editing apps on Android smartphones. 

These apps are quite handy and typically come with a collection of remarkable pro features.

You might already own a smartphone camera that can record videos in superb quality but editing and preparing raw footage for publication often requires third-party mobile applications.

You may even need to use a PC for more extensive post-production work.

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In this post, you’ll find our thoughts on 10 of the best video editor apps we have sampled so far in 2020.

They are free-to-use and can be found on the Google Play Store.

With any of these top editors, you can organize the video clips on your smartphone to perfection and then share them across different social media channels.

Here Are The List Of Best Video Editing Apps For Android & iPhone:

  1. Beauty Video - Music Video Editor
  2. Likee
  3. Pixart Video Editor
  4. Androvid Editor
  5. Vivacut Photo Editor
  6. Efectum
  7. Tik Tok
  8. Adobe Premier Rush
  9. Kruso
  10. Kinemaster

1. Beauty Video – Music Video Editor

A 4.6 Google Play Store Rating along with ‎over a million downloads, have helped Beauty Video to rank among the best video editor apps available on the ‎Android app platform.

It comes with features that allow for quick and easy editing of the videos you have saved on your smartphone.

Besides being an awesome video editor, the Beauty Video software also has movie editing options. You can add special effects to your videos to make them look more appealing. 

2. Likee

Download the LIKEE application to own a universal platform that was developed for creating, editing & uploading user videos.

This is one of the best video editor apps we sampled that has outstanding effects and the best part is that anybody can use this software to recreate trending videos.

Moreover, you can edit short videos effortlessly while on the go with the aid of various editing options found on this application. You can also use this app to create videos in slow-motion.

3. Pixart Video Editor

PixArt editor is the next entry on our list of must-have video editing apps.

It is an all-round tool for cutting, splitting, trimming, and adding visual effects to your saved videos.

Download the PixArt Video editing software now so that you can improve your videos before sharing them across social media feeds.

Moreover, you can use this free video editing app to control the tempo, while you add filters and text to your videos.

This app is also supported by nearly all versions of Android. 

4. AndroVid

Let’s introduce you to AndroVid; yet another one of the top free video editing apps we strongly recommend this year.

The AndroVid app is a user-friendly, feature-laden photo editor and video maker for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other major social media channels.

Simply download and install it to begin creating amazing videos along with music, text, stickers, effects, filters, no-crop and many other useful features.

AndroVid comes with precise editing options you would expect from one of the best video editor apps for mobile operating systems. 

5. VivaCut

Vivacut, a highly specialized app for creating and editing full-screen videos. 

Are you looking to make artistic videos or simply share funny moments and memories amongst friends?

VivaCut is one of the best video editor apps you can use for such purposes.

This awesome software can boast of pro features such as audio extraction, green screen or chroma key, music maker, keyframe animation, masks, etc.

You can employ the multi-layer timeline for obtaining a sleek video interface and generating attention-grabbing content.

Moreover, you can edit, store and share your visual works of art via this app. 

6. Efectum

Introducing one of the best video editor apps you can use to make videos that contain the most striking and eye-catching effects.

You’ll find loads of handy features such as a video cutter, slow motion & rewind video effects, HD quality, adding sound effects to videos, etc.

With over 10 million downloads and installs from the Google Play Store, this is undoubtedly one of this year’s top free video editing apps

7. Tik Tok

Tik Tok has been touted as one of the best free video editor apps for Android that can brighten your day.

Because apart from being one of the biggest online social media communities, it is also one of the most outstanding photo editing apps available on the Google Play Store.

You can use the Tik Tok application to create short videos in slow or fast forward motion while inserting stickers, emojis, and filters to generate fascinating and special videos.

You can’t go wrong with an app that has already accumulated over 500 million downloads and installs on the Play Store. 

8. Adobe Premier Rush

Download this superb software from the Adobe stock and you can start to browse and select from over 100 visual graphics templates to create striking videos for free.

Adobe is a familiar brand that is already well-known for making useful tools that can generate awesome photos and documents. You can now expect the same from videos created using the Adobe Premiere Rush app.

This superb software comes with an integrated professional camera for shooting videos and capturing content in high-quality visuals.

Harness this app’s features today to begin editing your videos and photos like a pro. 

9. Kruso

Recording videos of family & work gatherings and editing them with stunning visual effects suddenly becomes very appealing with the Kruso app installed on your mobile device.

You can then proceed to save those memories in your private collection of artworks for free.

This awesome software can be used to order, split and add various filter effects to your videos to make them appear more attractive. 

10. KineMaster

This is yet another one of the best photo editor appswe are recommending for Android users this year.

Some of the features you can use for free on this app include slow-motion editing, reverse effects, multi-layer edits, special filters, as well as frames that can make videos appear more unique.

These and many more video editing options await you once you download and install the app.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with an app that already has over 100 million downloads and installs on the Play Store. 

Wrapping Up

Here ends our post on the best free photo editing apps we’ve tried out so far this year.

You should also try them out now!