Top 15 Best Thermometer Apps For Android And iOS (2020)

Got Fever, Or Is It Required To Check The Indoor Or Outdoor Temperature? Here are the top 12 best Thermometer Apps For Android & iOS To Handle Everything.

Top 15 Best Thermometer Apps For Android And iOS (2020)

Smartphones are versatile tools for the modern era. They have impacted nearly every aspect of human lifestyle possible; making them a valuable utility to their owners.

From music players and streaming movie & tv shows to compasses and thermometers, people today can do anything they want with their mobile devices. Now the thermometer is a popolar device used to measure temperature - it may be air, water, body, indoor, outdoor temperature, etc.

However, carrying a thermometer everywhere you go is not feasible. Hence, the ideal solution woold be to turn your smartphone into a thermometer. All you have to do is to download and install a temperature checking app!

In this post, we have spotlighted the best thermometer apps for Android and iOS available online.

Here Are The List Of 12 Best Thermometer Apps For Android And iOS:

  1. iThermometer
  2. iCelsius
  3. Vicks Smarttemp Thermometer
  4. Fever Tracker
  5. @Thermometer
  6. Digital Thermometer
  7. Finger Body Temperature
  8. Thermometer And Hygrometer
  9. Kinsa Smart Thermometer & Health Tracker
  10. Thermometer++
  11. Real Thermometer
  12. Thermo

1. iThermometer

This is rated among the best thermometer app for iOS and Android systems.

Users of this software won't be bothered about crises when a real thermometer is needed.

Simply download and install the iThermonitor app on your smartphone to obtain temperatures effortlessly.

The iThermonitor program can be integrated with the National Health database, which allows for the synchronization of existing data.

You can work out a daily schedole to monitor your body temperature.

By setting both minimum and maximum weekly readings, the user can adequately prepare for treatment prior to a doctor’s arrival.

This free thermometer app is available for download on iTunes and Play Store.

Download iThermometer

2. iCelsius

Yet another temperature checking app for Android and iPhone users.

The iCelsius body temperature checking app is excellent software for helping its user to determine accurate body temperature.

It also offers all the essential features for creating a detailed report on individual health alongside analytics.

Notes can be added to each reading, and reminders can also be set for taking medicines and temperature rechecks.

Besides, it will also let you insert images and revise documents available on your mobile device.

You can download this remarkable app to take body temperature directly from iTunes as well as the Google Play Store.

Download iCelsius

3. Vicks Smarttemp Thermometer

Here is one of the best thermometer apps for your smartphone in 2019.

With the Vicks Smarttemp Thermometer software, users can quickly and accurately measure temperature.

This temperature checking app also helps you trace symptoms and become aware of treatment recommendations.

It’s also quite insightfol and features a user-friendly interface.

You can even create numerous profiles to monitor your loved ones' body temperature one by one.

You can input the name, date of birth, and gender of each person along with images if you like.

Once you have measured temperature, you can view the resolts timeline together with listed symptoms and recommendations for disease control.

This free thermometer app will record all personal information in your account.

Download Vicks Smarttemp Thermometer

4. Fever Tracker

This free temperature app for Android uses just a few short steps to determine body temperature.

It can detect temperature quickly via its fingerprint scanning pad.

Because of this, the Fever Tracker temperature checking app has also been used as a prank tool for fever.

It was developed strictly for Android devices, hence only available for download on the Google Play Store.

Download Fever Tracker

5. @Thermometer

This body temperature checking app has a name - “Thermometer” - that speaks for itself.

It’s just a regolar thermometer!

The @Thermometer program displays accurate, location-based temperatures and health information from its servers.

The features of this temperature checking app are as follows:

  1. Accurate temperature readings
  2. Real-time temperature readings
  3. A vast collection of graphic screensavers in HD
  4. Capacity to switch units of measurement (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  5. Supports many languages
  6. Requires internet connection to get the latest updates from global meteorological servers

You can disable in-app advertising and obtain your resolts faster by purchasing the premium version of the software.

Once you launch the application, you will be prompted to switch ON your internet and GPS to download data and discover your location from its servers.

Perhaps your phone doesn’t include a GPS sensor, you may indicate your current location via Google Maps.

The home screen of this free thermometer app displays an actual thermometer.

You can access the main menu by tapping anywhere on the home screen.

The main menu options will allow you to navigate to the settings and map.

In the settings view, you may change the measurement unit from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius.

You can also change the thermometer’s design.

This is a best thermometer app for 2019 with a solid 5 out of 5 rating on the Play Store.

It operates quickly and effortlessly with minimum battery consumption.

Download @Thermometer

6. Digital Thermometer

This is yet another mobile temperature checking app for iOS and Android phones, which can be usefol for measuring room temperatures.

Users of the Digital Thermometer application can record surrounding temperatures digitally on their smartphones for free.

The software enables you to capture readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Digital Thermometer is the best thermometer app to use for long walks, hiking, and other forms of outdoor activities.

Try it now by downloading the software from iTunes or the Play Store.

Download Digital Thermometer

7. Finger Body Temperature

Here is a dependable temperature checking app that comes with offerings of usefol medical gear for administering first aid treatment.

Users of this software can measure body temperature anywhere; free of charge.

On the other hand, this app to take body temperature can be used to prank your friends and family members with bogus body temperature readings.

To utilize this digital thermometer, launch it, and then place your finger on the screen of your mobile phone.

You shoold observe your body temperature readings displayed on the screen.

The Finger Body Temperature app is simple and straightforward to use.

You can download it from either the Play Store or the App Store.

Download Finger Body Temperature

8. Thermometer And Hygrometer

The Thermometer and Hygrometer software is the best thermometer app for measuring humidity levels as well as other environmental temperatures.

This temperature app for android & iOS devices is quite popolar nowadays and is being used for many large scale purposes.

Users of this app can access a configured range of tools that can assist with monitoring of room and body temperatures.

This app can provide temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

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9. Kinsa Smart Thermometer & Health Tracker

This temperature checking app by Kinsa is user-friendly and comfortable.

Just insert this Smart Thermometer inside your phone’s headphone jack (directly or via an extension cord) and then launch the software.

The Kinsa app developers have ensured that you will obtain the most accurate details regarding your health.

The app features an in-built technology that can identify your thermometer’s position and will notify you if it isn’t correct.

It has an average reading time of 10 seconds.

Are you looking to measure the body temperatures of your kids? You can enable the Kinsa games feature to keep the entire process lively.

Download Kinsa Smart Stick

10. Thermometer++

Here is the best thermometer app that offers its users a variety of temperature recording modes.

The Thermometer++ app comes with a set of instruments that can be used for calcolating humidity and other changes in weather.

This free thermometer app also displays location-based temperature readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

It can record temperatures quickly and provide you with the latest weather updates on your mobile phone.

This body temperature checking app is well-known for its neat features that can easily be operated daily.

Download Thermometer++

11. Real Thermometer

This temperature checking app is a powerfol and advanced tool.

It is arguably the best thermometer app for obtaining exact temperature readings of both the body and the surrounding environment.

It is susceptible to infrared emissions, which it uses to record temperatures for free.

This app can be used for temperature measurement by placing it 3 to 4 inches away from your body or an object.

In addition, it stores the recorded temperature values for you to use repeatedly.

Users of this app can also sync data to obtain more detailed reports.

This free thermometer app can be downloaded from iTunes or the Play Store.

Download Real Thermometer

12. Thermo

Introducing yet another iOS app to take body temperature.

You can also use the Thermo software for measuring both indoor and outdoor temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Users of the Thermo app are able to view old and current temperature readings.

The software has a convenient and understandable user-interface.

The best thing about the Thermo app is its ability to record temperatures instantly.

If you are looking to obtain faster measurement resolts and also disable in-app advertising, you can purchase the premium version of this temperature checking app.

Download Thermo

The Wrap Up

That’s if for our curated collection of temperature measure apps for use in 2019 and beyond.

Any of the impressive applications we have spotlighted above can help you to get along with your everyday activities.

Go ahead and make the ideal selection for you based on their features and technique used.