Best Text To Speech Apps (2020) - Convert Text Into Audio‎

Want To Convery Your Text Into Speech? Here We Listed The Top 8 Best Text-To-Speech Apps Which Will Help You Converting Your Text Into Voice.

Best Text To Speech Apps (2020) - Convert Text Into Audio‎

Have you ever felt like not reading a particular text but you need the information therein badly?

At other times it might be that the font or text size is difficult for you to read or you struggle with your sight and you cannot make a word of what the text is saying.

It is an unpleasant experience and the only remedy to such a situation would be to have someone else read the text for you; but nobody I know likes to burden other people with the task of reading for them.

This frustrating state of affairs could have you missing out on info contained in numerous web pages, online books, and PDFs or other documents that you may not be able to read.

By now you are probably wondering if there is a way out of this predicament.

Fortunately, there is a way out and it involves using a text to speech app that works.

If you use an Android device, you should know that the text to speech app is a thing and as the name of the software implies, it reads text audibly to you.

Some smartphones come with an integrated Android text to speech app and you won’t need to install or enable a new one unless you want to sample a different one in an attempt to work out which is the best text to speech app for you.

You’ll find tons of text to speech apps out there. Some of these apps may not give you the quality you desire and may prove to be useless to you in the long run but in the midst of the bad ones, very good apps also exist that will serve the desired purpose.

Read this post further to find out more about the best text to speech app for mobile devices.

Here Are The List Of Best Text-To-Speech Apps For Android

  1. Native Text-to-Speech Feature
  2. TK Solution – Text to Speech (TTS)
  3. Talk Free
  4. Narrator's Voice
  5. iSpeech Translator
  6. T2S: Text to Voice
  7. Pocket
  8. Google's Voice Access

Some of the best TTS apps you can consider installing and enabling include the following eight text to speech apps;

1. Native Text-to-Speech Feature

android text to speech output

Not everyone is aware that the Native Text-to-Speech feature works well with some Google applications.

This text to speech app is really easy to use if you can find your way around your phone.

Once installed, your mobile device will read out text for you and you have the added option to have it translated to you in any language of your choice.

The only drawback is its limited customization options especially when compared to the other best text to speech apps in this post.

Also, you cannot use it when you lock your device's screen. 

2. TK Solution – Text to Speech (TTS)


This is a very simply built text to speech app that is easy to set up.

It will convert your text into clear and audible speech that you will have no problems with.

All you have to do is install the app and listen right after you input the text you want to listen to.

You can even adjust the reading speed of the text. You can listen to it when you are offline as well.

3. Talk FREE

talk free

This is a widely-used text to speech app. It will convert your text to any language you choose once you are properly connected to the internet.

You can access the text from the application’s interface and you can go ahead to save the file and listen to the audio whenever you want.

If you are worried about how much you will pay for this text to speech app then you’ll be pleased to know that it is a free app.

It supports ads and if you do not want them popping up randomly you can upgrade to a higher package for a small fee. 

4. Narrator's Voice

narrator's voice

This app already has a reputation for its easily manipulated reading voice.

You can have your text read to you in any editable voice version. It has a default regular voice but it is not a permanent setting.

This text to speech app can be set up easily after downloading and installing it.

It is free as well. You can access your text from the application or you could input it yourself by copying and pasting it. 

5. iSpeech Translator

ispeech translator

It has grown to become more than just a text to speech app. It serves as a translator as well. It covers a lot of languages and you can input your preferred text to have it translated to you immediately.

Download it now to own a contender for the best text to speech app this year. You can copy the translated text for any other use that you might have.

This text to speech app supports over fifty languages and can translate effortlessly from one to the other and vice versa.

It is a free app that supports ads which can be removed once you opt for a premium package.

6. T2S: Text to Voice

T2S: Text to Voice - Read Aloud

This text to speech app converts text immediately you input a readable file.

You can also save the audio and listen to it offline when needed. It is easily adjustable and the settings are not difficult to handle.

You can also alter the speech voice to suit your preferences. It can also read directly from the webpage once a URL is entered and you hit the play button.

7. Pocket

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow

Some people make use of this app for just bookmarking those sites and articles that they intend to read but they might not be aware that they can also use Pocket as a text to speech app.

You can simply access the speech feature to enjoy listening to the articles and web pages you have saved for later.

As a text to speech app, you can have it read every readable text file in different formats.

It supports formats such as PDF, DOC and DOCX, RTF and TXT.

It also goes further to support OpenOffice documents, MOBI, AZW, PRC, and eBooks.

You can alter the speed of the speech. You can read it offline or ignore it for up to 24 hours until you are ready to read it later.

It also features a sleep time and night mode for nocturnal people who would prefer to make use of it at night. 

8. Google's Voice Access

google's voice access

This is another app that can be used by people that struggle with their sight.

It is not designed to serve as a text to speech app but it can also serve that purpose well.

It also lets you control and accesses your phone with your voice.

You command the device to carry out functions and it does it. Google has developed one of the best text to speech app Android users can enjoy.

In summary

All these apps are very helpful I dare to call them virtual assistants.

If you have any need for it or if you simply prefer having your articles read to you then these are the best text to speech apps that you should try.