10 Best Text Messaging Apps & SMS Apps For Android (2020)

If you are finding the best alternatives to default texting options available on android, Here are some of the best Text Messaging Apps & Best SMS Apps you can use. Free to download on google play store.

10 Best Text Messaging Apps & SMS Apps For Android (2020)

The year is 2020 and text messaging is still a viable means of offline and online communication on most mobile devices. It is quick and easy-to-use.

And sometimes the in-built messaging apps on many Android smartphones simply aren’t up to par.

Due to the internet and smartphone revolution, there are now loads of apps available online to streamline easy communication for Android users. 

We're talking about free third-party apps that have fewer performance issues, and occasionally look better - in terms of design - than what the phone manufacturer provides.

In this post, we will be sharing details of our best texting app recommendations for Android devices.

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Most of them are free to download while others come with premium subscription options.

Keep scrolling for more details. 

Here Are The List Of Best Text Messaging Apps & SMS Apps for Android 2020:

  1. Android Messages (Best Overall)
  2. Chomp SMS
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. Handcent Next SMS
  5. Mood Messenger
  6. Pulse SMS
  7. QKSMS
  8. Signal Private Messenger
  9. Textra
  10. Yaata SMS

1. Android Messages

Introducing the official texting app from Google that allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family by sending group texts, and sharing emojis, stickers, your favorite pictures, videos, GIFs, plus audio messages.

With a 4.5 Google Play store rating and over ‎2 million user reviews, this is a strong contender for the best texting app developed for Android-based mobile devices.

In terms of its features, the Android Messages app keeps things simple. You'll find a few light-themed options, some handy backup, and organization features, as well as an effective search tool.

It comes with a completely Material Design which means it has an attractive and user-friendly Interface.

Moreover, Google provided additional features for this app, such as RCS chat and MMS support.

There’s also a desktop version for simplified texting on your PC. The only drawback with this particular feature is its fairly substantial drain on battery juice. 

2. Chomp SMS

You can download Chomp to own an extremely customizable feature-laden SMS & MMS application for Android devices.

Chomp is actually pioneering third-party texting software that has since developed into arguably the best messaging app for Android systems that features a Material Design and can still boast of loads of useful features.

A few of these features include SMS blocking, emojis, group messaging, quick response to notifications, and an MMS tool. You can also stop a text message mid-send if you wish.

Moreover, it is compatible with both Pushbullet and Android Wear.

There is an abundance of customization options available for you to choose from. 

3. Facebook Messenger

This is the official messaging app for Facebook that allows you to connect instantly with friends anytime, anywhere.

Although the Facebook Messenger might not be the best texting app out there especially because it consumes lots of battery juice, RAM, and storage, it still has a significant worldwide user base and zero sponsored ads.

Also, if you already have the Facebook app installed on your smartphone, you might as well just enable its messaging support. 

4. Handcent Next SMS

Let’s introduce you to one of the most powerful and customizable SMS messenger applications you can find on Google Play Store.

Just like the Chomp SMS app, Handcent is one of our best texting app recommendations that come with lots of handy features.

This user-oriented software will make a great replacement messenger for your in-built Android text messaging app.

Some useful features here include different user themes, SMS backup, a privacy box for storing all your private conversations, emojis, eCards, and many more.

Yet another noteworthy feature here is the Handcent Anywhere tool, which will enable users to send text on their tablets or PCs if the need arises. 

5. Mood Messenger

Perhaps you’re often frustrated by the integrated Android texting app on your smartphone; you must check out Mood Messenger a fully customizable third-party messaging software.

It has been touted as the best messaging app for Android devices this year and it does all the regular stuff like theming, SMS, MMS, emojis, and others.

There’s also a dark mode available for blacklisted or spam numbers, and more.

Mood Messenger’s premium subscription requires a one-time payment of 10.99 USD.

It can also generate more themes, create backups and restore them when needed, create SMS encryption, plus provide you with a private locker for keeping other people out.

Although the premium features are somewhat expensive, they provide a positive experience overall. 

6. Pulse SMS

This is Pulse SMS; the best texting app recommendation on this list for Android, Google Chrome, PCs, and many more platforms.

It is a unique texting app that is also compatible with dual-SIM phones.

Moreover, Pulse SMS can be used to create message backups, blacklist phone numbers, and lots more.

The texting features of this app are free. However, you’ll be required to pay a monthly fee if you want to also text from your tablets, PCs, etc. 


Let’s introduce you to QKSMS; one of the simplest and quite possibly the best texting app you can use in place of your smartphones’ default messaging software.

Apart from all the remarkable customization options, the QKSMS open source messaging app for Android systems will also allow you to send and receive SMS effortlessly. 

Some top features you’ll find on this app include support for Android Wear and privacy options such as a caller id blacklist, as well as some clever accessibility enhancing features.

Overall, you will appreciate the simplicity of the QKSMS app especially considering how demanding some Android-based texting apps could get. 

8. Signal Private Messenger

You can download Signal Private Messenger right now to own the best messaging app for Android on this list that is quite similar to WhatsApp, Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger.

The major difference is that the others come with end-to-end encryption and have been immensely popular among lots of people who prioritize their security.

Signal Private Messenger operates based on a unique phone number system that sends text messages if a contact does not have the app installed.

Most of the features on this free app work seamlessly and are easy-to-use, plus its Material Design looks great and there are no in-app purchases.

Moreover, it supports group chat with strangers and you can make phone calls with it. 

9. Textra

Download Textra now to benefit from what is already regarded by many users as the best texting app for Android thanks to most of its handy features being free-to-use.

However, you will notice sponsored ads intermittently.

This robust and stylish texting app is already quite popular among many smartphone users worldwide.

It features a dark mode, a theme picker that allows you to select your preferred colors, floating notifications, slide to delete, delayed sending options, and lots of other useful features.

Moreover, it is fully compatible with Android Wear, MightyText, Pushbullet, and other mobile texting platforms.

You can also access its pro features with a small subscription fee of 2.99 USD. 

10. Yaata SMS

Have you been looking for the best Android messaging app that can replace your smartphones’ in-built version? Your search ends here.

Although Yaata SMS is a relatively new entry to the online SMS app market, it is one of our best Android texting app recommendations for this year.

It can also boast of a collection of handy features, which include group chat support, full MMS support, and scheduled sending of SMS.

If you subscribe to the premium edition, you’ll also enjoy access to an auto-responder, SMS blacklisting, auto-forwarding, as well as backup and restore options in case you purchase a new mobile device.

It also has widgets and uses Material Design which makes it look rather attractive. 

In Conclusion

What’s the best texting app for Android devices? If you read this post from start to finish, the answer to this question should be pretty obvious to you by now.

Our verdict?! There is no overall best SMS app for Android thanks to varying user requirements.

You’ll just have to sample them to find out which is the best text messaging app for you.