Top 10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps, Cast Phone To TV (2020)

Check out these best screen mirroring app for android to tv. These apps will yo to easily mirror your android screen on your PC or bigger screen. Free to download.

Top 10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps, Cast Phone To TV (2020)

Do you sometimes wonder what playing your favorite Android games - like Fortnite or PUBG - on a bigger screen would be like?

There are numerous ways to share content from the screen of your smartphone onto your TV, PC, or perhaps another mobile device.

Screen mirroring technology will allow you to share the screen of your iOS or Android device.

You can use an android screen mirroring app to view content and access other mobile devices remotely.

Granted, screen mirroring is not the most popular pastime for people with mobile phones; however, there are still many niche applications for this kind of technology.

Screen mirroring is perfect for streaming and technical support.

Are you looking to mirror the content of your smartphone onto a big screen?

Our objective here is to help you determine the best screen mirroring app for Android to TV in 2019.

10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android And iOS 2020:

  1. Chrome Desktop App
  2. Teamviewer
  3. Microsoft Remote Deskdop
  4. Apower Mirror
  5. Google Home
  6. Airserver Connect
  7. Samsung Smart View
  8. Anydesk
  9. Screen Mirroring With TV
  10. Screen Mirroring Assistant

1. Chrome Desktop App

Introducing one of the (if not THE) best screen mirroring app for Android to TV developed by Google.

With this android screen mirror app, users can access their smartphones from any device via screen mirroring technology.

This software offers quick and seamless mirrored access on both iOS and Android platforms.

To begin mirroring your mobile device onto your PC, simply set-up remote access with Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop application on both your smartphone and computer.

Download Chrome Desktop App

2. Teamviewer

The TeamViewer application was initially used to share a smartphone screen between small groups of people.

It has since been improved and is now arguably the best screen mirroring app for Android to TV in 2019.

TeamViewer is rated among the most popular free screen mirroring software for use on any platform.

It can be used across multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac.

The TeamViewer app utilizes a 256-bit AES encryption system which makes this a very secure screen mirroring application compared to others on this list.

Although, a fascinating feature of this android screen mirror app is the fact that it allows you to do file transfer in both directions, has intuitive control and touch gestures, and offers top-notch security standards.

Users of Android and iOS devices can download and install the TeamViewer app for free from the App Store or Play Store.

Download Teamviewer

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Introducing yet another best screen mirroring app for Android to TV developed by Microsoft.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop mirroring application can be downloaded for use on Android or iPhone devices.

This amazing and easy-to-use software can provide quick access to remote solutions via remote desktop channels.

The best thing about this android screen mirror app is its remarkable multi-touch option.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app also supports video and audio streaming.

It also establishes secure connections for protection of your valuable media files and other related content.

Download this free app for Android and iOS from the Google Play Store or from the Apple Store to begin casting your screen content onto an external device.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

4. Apower Mirror

The ApowerMirror software is on our list of best screen mirroring app for Android to TV.

This user-friendly mirror app for iOS and Android devices allows you to cast your smartphone screen onto another mobile gadget effortlessly.

ApowerMirror is the perfect Android screen mirror app for streaming movies, TV series, and accessing photos and apps across multiple devices at once.

Users of this fun software can establish seamless connections with other smartphones from their mobile devices.

This app has a remarkable feature that allows users to easily access videos, apps, photos, and other media files while they adjust their mirrored screens.

Along with the primary screen mirroring features, this app also lets you synchronize and access video and audio files across multiple mobile devices.

Download ApowerMirror

5. Google Home

Introducing the free, accessible and user-friendly android screen mirror app by Google.

Google Home has been touted as the best screen mirroring app for Android to TV and is available for download from the Google Play Store.

The Google Home application was developed for more purposes besides just mirroring screens, because it allows users to access songs as well as seamlessly play, pause, and adjust Chromecast settings and volume controls.

Install Google Home today and enjoy uninterrupted casting of mirrored content from your Android mobile screen onto your bigger screen TV.

To carry out the initial Google Home app set up after installation, simply connect your smartphone and TV/Chromecast to a shared Wi-Fi network.

Launch the Google Home software, go to the menu icon and then choose the “Cast screen/audio” option.

Specify the device for screen mirroring, and you are good to go for viewing your smartphone screen content on an advanced display.

Download Google Home

6. Airserver Connect

This best screen mirroring app for Android to TV allows users to establish seamless mobile device connections on a single network.

Mirroring your mobile device screen onto a PC is effortless after following some simple steps.

Simply open the Airserver app’s settings menu on your laptop or PC and then click on the “QR code” icon.

You can now launch the Airserver software on your mobile phone and then press the “scan” icon to connect your Android or iOS with your PC or laptop.

The Airserver program will then scan the QR code automatically and then mirror your smartphone screen onto your PC.

Download Airserver Connect

7. Samsung Smart View

This is yet another incredible android screen mirroring app, which allows users to access their personalized smart center through their smartphones easily.

With the Samsung Smart View application you can easily browse your preferred TV series plus shows and then stream them seamlessly anytime, anywhere via your tablet or smartphone.

This best screen mirroring app for Android to TV will offer you access to your favourite sports, movies, games, music, and many others through your mobile phone without disrupting your viewing experience.

Besides all these cool features, you can also switch your TV ON from standby mode with your smartphone.

Download Samsung Smart View

8. Anydesk

This handy android screen mirror app was developed for providing remote access and control to your software, media files, and others.

AnyDesk users can easily access their Windows, Mac, or Linux gadgets via any iOS or Android device anywhere in the world.

This best screen mirroring app for Android to TV utilizes Erlang technology and 4096-bit encrypted RSA Key Exchange which ensures that your data and conversations remain secure.

It even has an exclusive AnyDesk ID and provides password keys to every user so that they can easily identify and connect with their devices.

Download Anydesk

9. Screen Mirroring With TV

Introducing the special android screen mirror app developed by the Gravity App Club.

This software is considered by many as the best screen mirroring app for Android to TV in 2019.

This software works better with a TV that supports wireless display.

To begin casting, your TV and smartphone must share the same WIFI connection.

This application will then proceed to scan your phone or tablet and mirror its screen onto your smart TV.

This smart software will also assist you with opening windows on the screen of your smart TV from your smartphone.

Users can even mirror another screen by using the same Wi-Fi network to connect their phone dongles with the Samsung SmartTV mirroring assistant.

By installing this best android screen mirror app, you will be able to seamlessly mirror your smartphone screen live onto any PC or media device within your local network.

Users of this handy application can easily modify the image density and resolution settings.

The app is user-friendly and features a straightforward profile-based interface.

This app also enables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections automatically, along with several other features as well.

Download Screen Mirroring With Tv

10. Screen Mirroring Assistant

The Screen Mirroring Assistant application is another ideal mirroring software for both Android and iOS devices.

This Android screen mirror app is also called mirroring 360 and was developed by the Splashtop Company.

It will assist you with seamlessly connecting your mobile device to your PC or TV via a QR code or your mirroring ID.

Of course, you also need to install the Mirroring Assist on your PC or laptop to use this software.

It can help users access their mobile phones on big-screen TVs to manage all their apps, videos, movies, and other media files.

You can go for either the free or premium version; each is having different mirroring options for use at your convenience level.

Download Screen Mirroring Assistant

Here Are The List Of Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android & iOS:

  1. Chrome Desktop App
  2. Teamviewer
  3. Microsoft Remote Deskdop
  4. Apower Mirror
  5. Google Home
  6. Airserver Connect
  7. Samsung Smart View
  8. Anydesk
  9. Screen Mirroring With TV
  10. Screen Mirroring Assistant

The Round-Up

That’s it for our best screen mirroring apps listicle for 2019 and beyond.

Each one of these fantastic apps can enhance your screen mirroring experience by allowing you to project your mobile phone screen onto a big-screen TV seamlessly.

We hope what you have learned in this post will come in handy when you are ready to make your selection of the best android screen mirror app for you.